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T.S.H Chapter 593: The Encounter

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On the sea surface, almost all the pirates fell into the sea as the ship broke. Those who were lucky enough to survive were all looking at Naito’s back on the shore with a horrified expression.

Smashing a large sailing boat with one foot is a joke.

On the shore, Naito didn’t pay attention to the ship fragments and the pirates who were lucky enough to survive but looked at Rayleigh in front of him with a smile and said, “I’m sure that you have already collected your payment before anything happens, so, why would you care about the ship? It has nothing to do with you, after all… you’re a pirate.”


Hearing Naito’s words, the Dark King Rayleigh laughed.

At this time, Ain, who was standing next to Naito, was able to react and looked at the old man in front of her in shock.

“You’re… Dark King, Rayleigh!”

“How is it possible! The Vice-Captain of Gol.D Roger…”

Ain was full of shock. Rayleigh was the Vice-Captain of Gol.D Rager Pirates. According to her knowledge, his crew members were executed at the same time Roger was executed.

But Rayleigh, the Dark King, is alive and well, and he lives under the nose of the Marine, living in Sabaody Archipelago near the HQ!

Ain even couldn’t help but doubt whether Rayleigh in front of her was real or not, but judging from Naito’s attitude, he’s the real deal!

“Hahaha, little girl, I’m just an old man who wants to spend his last day in peace, don’t call my name casually. It will cause trouble…”

Rayleigh was facing Ain and Naito but didn’t have the slightest fear. Instead, he stood there extremely relaxed, showing a smile on his face.

Navigating the sea, accompanying Roger to conquer the Grand Line, becoming the Vice-Captain of the Pirates King, and then living in seclusion in the Sabaody Archipelago. After so many decades, Rayleigh was indeed just an old man.

Ain was still unable not show hostility looking at Rayleigh. After all, she was a marine, and he was the Dark King, Rayleigh, a pirate.

On the contrary, Naito stood there calmly. Even though he currently is a marine, neither the Marine nor the pirates have any meaning to him.

Naito didn’t care about any of these matters from the start.

“Then, do you want to have a drink, Naito?”

Rayleigh smiled at Naito. If he was facing another marine, it would be impossible for him to issue such an invitation, but Naito was different.

Rayleigh has been paying attention to Naito since Naito fought Mihawk. After he watched him for so long, he came to the conclusion that Naito’s character belongs to that kind of people who are extremely arbitrary.

He likes to do whatever he wants. Although he’s a marine now, if he feels like it, it wouldn’t be too surprised if he just destroyed them.

Se even if Naito is currently a marine, Rayleigh understands that this identity has no meaning at all and cannot restrict Naito from doing anything.

“Do you have any good wine here?”

Naito didn’t refuse but instead smiled at Rayleigh. In fact, Naito still wanted to ask Rayleigh about something, such as the One Piece, such as the 100-year of history missing.

Although the curiosity has weakened over the many years, when he goes back to that long-term memory, Naito still feels a little interested in knowing these secrets.

“Of course.”

When Rayleigh heard Naito’s words, he felt more relaxed. And after he smiled, he turned around carrying his coating tools.

Naito stepped forward following. When Ain saw this, she also shook her head helplessly, gave up the idea of fighting Rayleigh, and followed.

The group quickly left the shore and walked into the Sabaody Archipelago.

Ain has been here before, so the scenery here isn’t particularly amazing to her, but Naito watched the various bubbles floating with interest.

The existence of Fishman Island must be connected to these bubbles. Without the Sabaody Archipelago, Fishman Island surely wouldn’t have been existed.

As they walked, there was a loud noise on the street before them.

There was a wide street with people coming and going, but in the next moment, everyone stopped, and all knelt down.

Whether it was the pirates, the residents here, or even the businessmen from all over the world, even though some of them showed extreme dissatisfaction, they still gave up and knelt on the ground.

At the end of the street, a few people with bubbles on their heads walked, overlooking everyone on their knees as if they were gods that descended to the world of mortals.

The world nobles, the Celestial Dragons!

“It’s the celestial dragons.” Rayleigh watched this scene, but a strange light flashed in his eyes.

“It’s them…”

Ain was obviously familiar with the celestial dragons, and her expression changed slightly.

Naito swept his gaze randomly and saw them, then looked at Rayleigh next to him deeply.

Although the Sabaody Archipelago is the back garden of the Celestial Dragons, it’s not common to encounter them a lot. Yet here they are, and at the end of the road is Rayleigh of all people, it’s really difficult for such a coincidence to happen!

However, when Rayleigh was watched by Naito, his expression didn’t change at all; he couldn’t tell whether it was intentional or not. Maybe it was really a coincidence.

The three Celestial Dragons walked over, then one of them happened to see Naito, Ain, and Rayleigh standing in the lane at a glance.

Neither Naito, Ain, nor Rayleigh knelt down. Of course, it was very conspicuous to stand there.

Just as the Celestial Dragon frowned, feeling a bit annoyed, he suddenly noticed Ain’s marine uniform.

They turned out to be the Marine.

The Celestial Dragon shook his head and continued to walk forward.

The Marine is equivalent to guards and subordinates to the Celestial Dragons. After all, their status is a bit different from slaves and ordinary people on the street.

Naito, who used to hate the Celestial Dragons so much, now sees this scene, but on the contrary, chuckles. It’s said that he has become a god in the world of Naruto, yet he has never swaggered like this and made everyone kneel.

These Celestial Dragons are really…

Just as the first Celestial Dragon passed by, the second came over, and what was unexpected is that this Celestial Dragon suddenly stopped in front of Ain.

After looking at Ain, the Celestial Dragon raised his head, then said, “You, follow me, you’re going to be my wife.”

This was an order, and he seemed like he wasn’t going to wait for an answer. The expression on those kneeling on the ground and the attendants following him didn’t change at all, as if they had become accustomed to it.

The atmosphere in the field seemed to have frozen for a moment.

Ain obviously didn’t expect that this Celestial Dragon would suddenly say such a thing and was immediately stunned.

The atmosphere became a little weird for a moment.


A burst of laughter broke the strange atmosphere.

Originally, Rayleigh watched the Celestial Dragon pass by indifferently, but when he heard what he actually said, after a moment of shock, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Rayleigh’s laughter made the Celestial Dragon somewhat annoyed.

People usually cry and scream at their cruelty. This was the first time he met someone who actually laughed.

“Hey, what are you laughing at!”

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