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T.S.H Chapter 594: Identity

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Wearing bubbles on their heads, the Celestial Dragons, who think they are gods and do not want to breathe the same air as mere humans, one of them is now looking at Rayleigh with an inexplicable expression.

The pistol in his hand also pointed directly at Rayleigh.

However, ignoring the pistol pointed at his head, Rayleigh didn’t stop laughing at all, which made the Celestial Dragon even more furious.

The scene became very strange.

Ain was stunned for a while and didn’t know what to do, logically speaking, she’s a marine and must obey the Celestial Dragons’ orders.

But… this command is obviously nonsense!

Yet Ain didn’t dare to resist, so she could only look at Naito, asking for help. With Naito’s identity, if he says something, both sides would surely try to work on a comprehensive agreement.

However, what made Ain a little confused is that Naito didn’t react, and when he talked, he said something different from what she imagined.

“Whether this was intentional or unintentional, this is indeed an eye-catching scene, Celestial Dragon…”

Naito stood there and glanced at the Dark King Rayleigh laughing, then turned his head to look at the Celestial Dragon with a look of disgust.


It was just a word, but it seemed to contain a terrifying shock that bombarded the Celestial Dragon instantly.

The Celestial Dragon subconsciously wanted to shoot, but before he pulls the trigger, the gun in his hands was smashed to pieces. Then, his whole body was suddenly blown away, and he was slammed on a wall of the building and didn’t stop until he broke it.


Strange silence.

The original atmosphere was very weird, but this one that replaced it was obviously weirder. Those who quietly raised their heads and looked at this scene were all frozen.

Even Ain beside Naito had a dull expression.

Originally, when she thought of Naito’s identity, she thought that the Celestial Dragon will just walk away, but she didn’t expect that Naito is the one that wouldn’t care to even give the Celestial Dragon a face!

He didn’t even hesitate for a moment!

Ain smiled bitterly. She should have guessed it based on Naito’s character. He’s the kind who wouldn’t speak nicely to the kind of Celestial Dragons.

Rayleigh, the Dark King, who had been laughing, saw this scene and suddenly stopped, without showing the slightest surprise.

If Naito would bend his knees to the Celestial Dragons, he would then be surprised!

Even the Yonko would rule the sea for years didn’t bend his will, nor the world government. There’s no meaning to the world surrender in his mind. He will never cease to these mere Celestial Dragons who only rely on the World Government to force their superiority.


The moment Rayleigh stopped laughing, the audience finally reacted, screaming in panic.

At this moment, everyone on the street was widening their eyes. Their jaws almost broke from slamming on the ground. Looking at the blasted Celestial Dragon and the collapsed building, they felt that this was the end of everyone who witnessed this scene.

A Celestial Dragon… got beaten!

“That scary guy has dared to hit a Celestial Dragon…”

“Wait! No way. Why does he seem so familiar? Could it be…”

The civilians living in Sabaody Archipelago, as well as the passing pirates and other people, all looked at Naito in disbelief.

Just now, everyone was bowing their heads, bending a knee to the Celestial Dragons, who were passing by. Naturally, no one noticed Naito’s appearance, but now, when they saw him, someone could finally recognize him.

It turned out to be him!

The strongest in the world, who changed an era with his own power… Yuu Naito!

“Yuu Naito… blasted a Celestial Dragon! This is big news!”

Many people watched this scene, and the thunder rumbled in their brains instantly, and they could feel nothing but their hearts shaking as if they had seen the next scene where the world fall in chaos!

The World Government, which has ruled the world for heigh hundred years, and the one who reigns over the sea with his own power, defeating the Yonko and gaining the title of the strongest in the world, Yuu Naito. Once the two parties collide, it will inevitably shake the whole world!

Not only this sea but the whole world may be changed for it!

At this moment, the remaining Celestial dragons also were in disbelief, looking at the beaten Noble, Naito, and the other two.

“Damn You!”

Among them, the older Celestial Dragon seemed to be the father of the one that got beaten and the other noble. He looked at Nait furiously, gritted his teeth, and said, “You dare to commit the following crime as a marine!!”

The Celestial Dragon was obviously angry, and he roared at Naito, Ain, and the others, “Didn’t your supervisors educate you, didn’t your Admiral teach you? We are the descendants of the world’s creator. How you dare do this to my son?!”

“Sorry, I’ve never been educated by an Admiral. But if I have time, I don’t mind educating an Admiral.”

Naito stood there, looking at the Celestial Dragon indifferently.

The Celestial Dragons in this world are certainly the descendants of its creator, the world nobles, who rule this world, even the World Government grant them privileges and cannot offend them, and the marines are the servant of these people.

However, Naito is a God who truly surpasses this world. How can he consider people like the Celestial Dragons or even the World Government? Since he’s so rude, Naito doesn’t mind cleaning him up.

As for the consequences, what will happen to the world government? Naito doesn’t care at all, or that it’s not qualified to make him care!

“You, you…”

The Celestial Dragon found it hard to answer Naito’s claims and only felt that Naito was too arrogant to even listen to his supervisors.

“Call the Marineford HQ. I want to teach those generals and admirals how to educate their subordinates!” The extremely angry Celestial Dragon shouted at the attendants beside him.

However, there was no answer to his shouts.

The Celestial Dragon realized that the attendant had ignored him and became even angrier. He turned to look at them, only to find that his attendant was standing there with cold sweat.

“Sir, he, he…”

“Who is he?!”

“He’s not a marine…”

This attendant, dressed in a black suit, seemed to be a person specialized in collecting intelligence. At this time, he was looking at Naito in a cold sweat, trembling.

“The World Government held a meeting earlier and decided to increase his position. He’s Yuu Naito, who was appointed as the World Government Commander-in-Chief!”

After this sentence was said, the audience was suddenly silent again.

After a few breaths, the Celestial Draong looked at his attendant with a stunned expression.

“What did you say?!”

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