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T.S.H Chapter 595: The Gorosei’s Decision

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The Celestial Dragons are the descendants of the twenty royal families who established the world government 800 years ago. The so-called Celestial Dragon status is actually equivalent to the World Nobles, similar to the status of a prince or a princess.

The Gorosie and the Commander-in-chief are equivalent to the Minister of the Interior, and the Minister of foreign affairs, the Fleet Admiral, and the admirals.

As for the CP, it is similar to the Janissaries.

To make it simple, the Celestial Dragons do possess various privileges, but it doesn’t mean that they can directly order the World Government.

Of course, they can ask and most of the time get their wishes granted but not this time.

The identity of Naito turned out to be the World Government Commander-in-Chief. This title made the Celestial Dragon have a headache.

If an admiral had beaten a Celestial Dragon, it would have been easier to handle, but the position of the Commander-in-Chief is only second to the Gorosei.

“The general of the whole army, why don’t I know about this… However, even if you’re the World Government’s Commander-in-Chief and beat my son, you must give me an explanation!”

The anger of the Celestial Dragon was slightly restrained, but it didn’t ease. Instead, he looked at Naito with a hideous expression, and his tone sounded threatening.

“Explanation…” Naito suddenly chuckled, looking at the Celestial Dragon, with a hint of ridiculousness in his eyes, and said, “What kind of explanation do you want?”

Naito’s attitude immediately ignited the anger in the Celestial Dragon’s heart. He couldn’t help but yell at Naito, “Is this the attitude you should have facing the world’s nobles?!”

“Even if you’re the Commander-in-Chief of the entire army, you’re so rude to me a World Noble. If this continues, maybe I should inform the other Nobles and go together to meet the Gorosei!”

The Celestial Dragon was obviously threatening. In fact, he only needs a few words to make all the World Nobles on his side.

It doesn’t need to be too many, as long as the Celestial Dragon are united, such pressure even the Gorosei won’t be able to withstand it.

“The Celestial Dragon thought so.

However, when Naito heard this, the chuckles got stronger, and he seemed to be looking at a beaming clown before he said, “Okay, then you can go moan to World Government, as for now… don’t get in my way!”

After all, Naito walked straight forward.

When Ain saw this, she didn’t hesitate to follow. When she saw how Naito blasted that Celestial Dragon to the walls because of her, she decided, even if he decided to leave the marine, she would follow him.

As for Rayleigh, he was smiling as if he had been playing. After touching his bread, he also took a step forward and followed Naito.

The three o them left in such a weird way, leaving behind two Celestial Dragons full of anger.

“Dam… Damn! Damn this, bastard!”

“How could the Gorosei make this kind of bastard become the Commander-in-Chief.”

The Celestial Dragon roared angrily, and everyone on the street lowered their heads. No one dared to speak, all with cold sweat on their faces.

In fact, it’s unbelievable that the people present have more hearts.

The Celestial Dragon that was blown away was still unconscious. That guy really scared them. But they’re heavenly dragons, and they shouldn’t fear anyone.

For hundreds of years, there will always be people who have dared to offend the Celestial Dragons. For example, more than a decade ago, the Fishman, Fisher Tiger entered the Holy war to release the slaves. In addition, there are occasional murderous attempts to kill anyone who dares to offend them.

But every time, they were suppressed by the admiral and even the world government.

After fighting the Celestial Dragons, he felt that Naito will be the only one for hundreds of years to do something like that and ran with it.



“Damn you!!”

The Holy Land Mary Geoise, the Gorosei almost all had a look of consternation after receiving the news from the Sabaody Island. In the end, the expressions on their face were getting more and more ugly, and some people even screamed directly.

Not long after, an order was issued to make Naito give up on his status as the Commander-in-Chief.

“The Celestial Dragons are completely angry this time. There are 18 clans of them living in the Holy Land right now. This time there are nine of them putting pressure on us. Damn it!”

“What should we do now?”

The Gorosei looked at each other, and their expression looked anxious and confused…

They have been in charge of the World Government for decades, and this was the first time they have encountered such a troublesome incident that cannot get any bigger.

If Naito was easy to deal with, it would have been fine, but he isn’t, and in order to keep him on their side, they didn’t hesitate to give Naito the position of Commander-in-Chief, which was simply like shooting themselves in the foot.

Naito is difficult to deal with, but the Celestial Dragons are as hard.

Although the Celestial Dragons are a group of waste rice buckets, when the World Government was established 800 years ago, the 20 royal families left the Celestial Dragons with the power to control the world.

The Gorosei are not Celestial Dragons. They have stepped into the core of the World Government power and all levels of authority. At this time, when the world conference isn’t held, the five of them have the greatest power and can absolutely control everything within the world government’s authority.

“I knew that we should mobilize that power directly and eliminated Naito immediately and at any cost. Even if he has the power of an ancient weapon, it won’t be impossible to stop him.” One of the Gorosei said while looking like he was suffocating.

As soon as he heard “that,” the Gorosei immediately retorted.

That thing can’t be used casually.”

“The order of Naito’s appointment has just been released, and now you want to revoke it almost immediately? That would weaken our position!”

Some people retorted, but others solemnly nodded in agreement after pondering.

“If you want to use it, all of the Celestial Dragons must agree, but… this time, it’s estimated that they will all agree.”

“As for Naito’s matter, we can cancel it and say it was misinformation.”

The five suddenly divided, and started arguing, then suddenly one of them who seemed to have a higher status said in a deep voice, “If this is the case, then vote.”

In the end, the result was that three to eliminate Naito and two to keep him on their side.

“If that’s the case, it’s so decided… Naito is dead!”

“No matter what kind of power he possesses, what kind of ancient weapons he possesses, there’s absolutely no resistance to that power!”

“It takes time to use that. If you want the Celestial Dragons’ agreement, we must also express our position directly. Then… withdraw the notice issued before, from now on, at all costs, obliterate Yuu Naito!

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