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T.S.H Chapter 596: War

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This sea has been in a state of turbulence even since Naito descended on this world.

Naito defeated Bigmom Pirates, then killed the Yonko, Kaido, defeated Rehead Shanks and Whitebeard, and finally killed the Golden Lion Pirates Captain, Shiki.

Such huge turbulence swept across the entire Great Line, and the huge impact cause by Naito could only be comparable to the death of Roger, the Pirate King.

The war between the marines and the remnants of the Beast Pirates and the remnants of the Big Mom Pirates didn’t calm down until Naito returned to the Red Line after the end of the war with the Whitebeard Pirates.

The final outcome is that under the command of Aokiji and the other admirals, the Beast Pirates were defeated, and the three disasters were chased down. One of them died, and the remaining one joined the Bigmom Pirates.

The Bigmom Pirates, the attack of Admiral Akainu and others, ended up with the death of one of their captain and a lot of other injuries to their ranks. Fortunately, the remnants of the Beast Pirates eventually joined strength with the Bigmom Pirates, and they managed to survive.

Moreover, the Marine itself suffered heavy losses. After all, even though they were fighting without their captains, who were defeated by Naito, it was still impossible to destroy them easily.

Seeing that the Bigmom Pirates merged with the remnant party of the Beast Pirates and continued to fight outweighed the gains, so the Marine temporarily retreated.

As a result, only three Yonko were left in the new world after Kaido, and his Beast Pirates were removed.


Marineford HQ.

In the highest-ranked meeting room, the atmosphere here is almost weird to the extreme. Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu gathered here, including Garp, Sengoku, and others.

Moreover, no one was sitting. Everyone was standing.

Just now, they received an absolute order from the World Government… Go to Sabaody Archipelago and kill Naito at all costs!

“Alala, this joke is a bit too much,” Aokiji said in a deep voice.

Naito defeated the Yonko. He should be treated as an absolute hero in the history of the Marine. Suddenly, they’re ordered to deal with Naito. No matter whether he could do it or not, even if he could, Aokiji didn’t feel at ease following this order.

“This is terrible. Can you explain the situation, Fleet Admiral?”

Kizaru’s expression wasn’t pleasing to look at. It doesn’t matter to him who he deals with, but Naito is a person who is completely terrifying to face, and an old man like him will not go after such trouble inexplicably.

Sengoku stood there with a gloomy expression, slammed the table fiercely, then said, “It was a request from Celestial Dragons, those bastards…”

At this time, even Sengoku was angry and couldn’t control his emotion. Deep inside, Sengoku, Aokiji, and the others couldn’t help but curse the Celestial Dragons deep inside.

Even Akainu, who didn’t really like Naito, knew that they were worse than the latter.

“Naito beat one of the Celestial Dragons, and they united in asking the World Government to impose sanctions on him. And since it’s Naito, a man who he’s once determined to do something, won’t stop until it’s completely obliterated. They didn’t have any choice but to eliminate him, right?”

Akainu lowered his head and said in a deep voice while lava was dripping from his body.

Sengoku sighed.

“It’s a direct order from the Gorosei…”

Naito defeated all the Yonko solely, forcefully suppressing the Great Pirate’s era, and if the World Government manages to wipe out Naito, it would be tantamount to telling the world that the World Government is still absolutely unshakable. An absolute power that is still the ruler of this world!

Even a man like Naito must kneel down in front of the World Government.

There is no doubt that if Naito is really wiped out this time. Then the prestige of the World Government will inevitably reach an unprecedented level, even surpassing its most prosperous period in history.

In this way, maybe the world can really become more stable… maybe.

After a sigh, Sengoku took a deep breath, raised his head suddenly, then, with a trace of firmness in his eyes, he finally made up his mind.

“Let’s go!”

“No matter what, the rules cannot be broken. If we, as the marines, break the rules, then the world will completely collapse. After all, we are servants of the World Government.

Hearing these words, Kizaru suddenly showed a wry smile on his face and said, “This is going to be really troublesome.”

“The World Government… the Celestial Dragons…”

Aokiji murmured a few words, not sure what he was thinking.

Akainu slowly raised his head with a solemn expression, then said, “The existence of the World Government is the core reason behind maintaining the balance of this world. Anyone who is an enemy of the World Government must be wiped out!”

Twenty years ago, in Ohara, he made his position clear when he said he would rather kill 10,000 by mistake than let one scholar sneak in.

Garp stood in the corner of the room with a hint of disappointment in his eyes. He sighed, shook his head, then turned around and left the meeting room.

Sengoku noticed Garp’s departure but didn’t stop him. After a pause, he also walked out of the room, but the direction was the harbor where warships had already docked on the standby.

Akainu was the first to keep up with Sengoku, and then Kizaru hesitated and followed, while Aokiji lowered his head. After a whole, the confusion in his eyes disappeared, and he seemed to have made a decision and also followed.






New one after another was cast on the sea, causing the sea, which had just calmed down a little, to once again fall in chaos.

Even the people who thought once that Naito is this world’s hope for peace are now trembling in fear hearing this name.

The many misled news from the World Government blurred the vision of the civilians. Naito has now become an evil man, who had evil intentions from the start, and tried to subvert the World Government and so on.

People with some common sense would understand that all of this is just nonsense, but ordinary people just believe what they’ve been told.

However, whether it’s smart people or ordinary people, they all certain of one thing.

The world government… is about to go to war with Naito.

The World Government that has ruled the world for eight hundred years is such a behemoth that no one can shake its authority. The Celestial Dragons have dominated the world for hundreds of years, and they still rule it as the World Nobles.

Whether it’s the era of the Pirate King, Gol.D Roger, or the Great Pirates era, it’s simply incomparable with the 800-year history of the World Government.

These so-called are a complete joke in the eyes of the World Government that has ruled the world for eight hundred years!

Until this time, countless people and countless forces suddenly discovered that they had always ignored the existence of truly the world’s strongest, the World Government.

Although Naito defeated the Yonk solely, what he will face now is a giant peak that none one has been able to surmount for 800 years!

Confronting the World Government is almost tantamount to fighting the entire world!

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