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T.S.H Chapter 597: All Forces, The Marines Are Dispatched

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“Doffy, things are ready. When will they be delivered to Naito?”

Trebol walked to Doffy, trembling, then said with a flick of his nose.

But at this moment, Trebol discovered that Doffy was holding a newspaper, with his other hand covering his forehead; his head was down there, and his body was constantly trembling.

When he looked closer, he realized that Doflamingo was smiling.

“Fufuruffur, Furfurufurfur… I know it. This guy isn’t normal. I thought he wouldn’t do anything bigger, but here’s the unexpected, more intense drama.”

Doflamingo stood up suddenly, opened his arms, and his laughter echoed in the palace, “Fufufufuf, This is… the last big show of this era!”

“Those guys in the Holy Land, their rule on this world will end because of this, or is it Naito, the man who completely changed this era with his hands, will get completely suppressed and wiped out by the World Government!”

The newspaper floated down amidst Doflamingo’s weird laughter and stopped in front of Trebol. The latter glanced at it, then suddenly felt dizzy.

The World Government and Naito… are about to go to war!



“That guy, after all, is still at odds with the World Government, but… I’m more optimistic about him than those bastards of the World Government.”

Crocodile threw the newspaper in his hand onto the seat, then his hand suddenly trembled slightly, revealing that his heart wasn’t as calm as his appearance.

A complete war with the world government!

What a big event this is. Strictly speaking, even a Yonko isn’t qualified to declare war on the World Government. At most, he can go against the Marines.

Even if one unilaterally states that he wants to destroy the World Government, it’s only treated as an unliteral statement. For example, the incident of Luffy on Enies Lobby in the original is nothing more than pediatrics in the eyes of the World Government.

But this time, Naito has surely made the World Government move!

Crocodile has received the news that the World Government has ordered to wipe out Naito at all costs!

This is equivalent to the fact that World Government truly regards Naito and an enemy and one that need to be taken seriously. This is absolutely unprecedented for 800 years.

Such a big event. Even Crocodile couldn’t just watch it happen and sit still.

Similarly, in another room of the Baroque Works, Nico Robin, the devil child, was sitting there with a blank expression the whole time.

Designated by the World Government as the Devil Child, she barely survived until now because of the protection of Aokiji. She knew a little about Ohara, and she knows exactly what the World Government really is.

After a long while, she came back to her senses, looking reluctant.

“The World Government… can anyone really fight the World Government?”

There are many people who dared to face the World Government, such as the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey.D Dragon, and others.

However, to truly oppose the World Government is definitely a fantasy. In at least 800 years of history, there has never been a force or person that could oppose the World Government.

Even the shell of the World Government, the Marines, is an insurmountable giant!

Although Naito defeated the Yonko and accomplished something almost unthinkable, it’s probably impossible for him to fight against the World Government and overthrow the history of 800-year rule!


A marine warship sailed out of the Marineford Hq and sailed towards the Sabaody Archipelago at top speed.

The atmosphere on the warship was extremely depressing. Almost all marines didn’t dare to take a breath, and drops of cold sweat fell off their foreheads from time to time.

Because, on the deck, there were four people standing at the pinnacle of the Marines ranks.

The Fleet Admiral, Sengoku!

Admiral Aokiji, Admiral Kizaru, and Admiral Akainu!

“How far are we?”

Standing there, Sengoku, looking ahead, said in a deep voice.

“We’re almost there, Sir!”

A marine saluted Sengoku, then responded while looking anxious.

The Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals… were actually all dispatched together!

This is incredible. Even the Vice Admirals on the warship were trembling. Even they never witnessed such a scene where three Admirals and the Fleet Admiral attacking together.

This is definitely a major event that has never happened in history. Even if they have to deal with the Yonko, they wouldn’t need such a luxurious lineup. Everyone knows the reason because the person to be dealt with was even bigger than all of the Yonko combined!

Yuu Naito, who has the title of the Strongest in the World, and can even be considered now as the Invincible!

If you want to deal with Naito, I’m afraid that only when the Fleet Admiral and all the Admirals are dispatched, the marines can be qualified to take him on.

Because of the sudden need to deal with Naito, a huge disagreement emerged within the marines’ ranks. After all, he was the man who defeated the Yonko, and his reputation was already very high. Just like the Marines hero, Garp.

Throwing a hero suddenly to jail, most marines felt that it was a bit too much.

And the people on this warship are either extremely rational or absolutely obedient to orders, similar to Akainu, which beliefs in absolute justice.

“Really, if this old man knew about this, I wouldn’t have played with the Bigmom for so long. This time I’m completely dragged into the water…” Although Kizaru’s words are still silly, his tone was indeed deep.

“What’s the point of saying this now?”

Akainu spoke in a deep voice, his fists clenched, and there was even some lava dropping off of it.

Aokiji didn’t speak but looked at the sea solemnly, looking at the Sabaody Archipelago in the distance where its outline had appeared.

“All get ready!”

Looking at the Sabaody Archipelago in the distance, Sengoku said in a deep voice.

“Although Naito is only one person, we must not be careless. We are not sure of victory, nor do we know if we’re going to walk alive after this. This will be an unprecedented battle!”

Hearing these words coming of Sengoku and looking at all the Admirals standing on the deck of the warship, the marines didn’t seem afraid. Instead, the fear subsided and was replaced by a kind of passion.

The Fleet Admiral!

The three Admirals!

Watching the big “justice” symbol on the back of their cloaks, fluttering slightly in the sea breeze, confidence grows bigger in everyone’s heart, and felt that even if they were about to face the strongest in the world, Naito, in the end, he’s just one person!

Almost half of the marines’ top combat power was concentrated here. Even if Naito have defeated all of the Yonko, one person would definitely break facing all of the Admirals and the Fleet Admiral together!


Sabaody Archipelago.

The Sabaody Archipelago has completely fallen into chaos. The eyes of the entire world were locked on that island. Everyone on it knows what will happen next, so they all flee it desperately.

No one would dare to stay on this island, even the lawless pirates!

Maybe if someone else beat the Celestial Dragon, these lawless pirates would dare to stay and meet the so-called Admirals, but this time, the person who clashed with the Celestial Dragons was Naito.

And it’s the World Government who issued the order!

In other words, what is coming this time is definitely not as simple as one Admiral. It’s very likely that the entire Marines Hq will be dispatched!

In this case, even the bravest pirate wouldn’t dare to stay on Sabaody Archipelago.

But despite this, the Sabaody Archipelago is so prosperous, and it’s not so easy for everyone to escape from here in a short time.

Therefore, the island is already in chaos.

However, there was a bar, at this time, in which there wasn’t any flustered atmosphere, but as calm as a frozen lake.

“It turned out to be so.”

Naito held his cup, took a sip of wine, then said lightly.

Rayleigh sat next to Naito, also took a sip, smiled at Naito, and said, “Looking at you, it seems that you’ve already known.”

“I didn’t, I was just curious, but now that I know, it’s not interesting… The World Government, the Celestial Dragons, the ancient weapons, the One Piece…”

Sitting there, Naito shook his head calmly. The secrets that were enough to shake the world, Naito just heard them but didn’t move him an inch.

Ain, who was standing behind Naito, was still shocked. Naito could remain calm after hearing all of this secret, but of course, she couldn’t.

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