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T.S.H Chapter 598: Doomed Ending

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Rayleigh was startled at first, laughed, then shook his head.


Before, the Whitebeard wasn’t interested in finding the one piece. Today, Naito isn’t surprised to hear these secrets behind the existence of the World Government.

People like Naito, standing on the top of the sea, are, of course, not as simple as most people, and they don’t think like them.

After he drunk the wine in the glass, Rayleigh chuckled and said, “However, since you beat that Celestial Dragon, I’m afraid the World Government won’t let you go.”

“Your existence has seriously threatened the World Government. The World Government chose to draw you in before. But after this one, I’m afraid that they will completely break any connection with you.”

If Naito was an ordinary person they can control, the World Government will naturally not fight, but no force can ignore Naito, the strongest in the world, including the World Government.

The World Government is afraid of Naito, so it made him its ally, but Naito beat a Celestial Dragon. In this way, that alliance got instantly turned into enmity.

Sure enough, Rayleigh’s voice fell. Shakuyaku walked over with two glasses of wine, put them in front of Naito and Rayleigh, then said.

“While you were chatting, the World Government has issued an order to kill you, Naito. This isn’t a rewarded order. This is a destruction order that is one level higher than the demon-killing order. Only the highest authority of the World Government can issue it.”

Shakuyaku is not an ordinary person. Although she said something that scares most of the people in the sea, her expression was still very calm, “It’s estimated that at this moment, the entire Marines Hq should be on their way to this island.

As soon as her voice fell, Shakuyaku suddenly heard the ring of the Den Den Mushi and took it out from her chest.

“The warships of the Marines are about to arrive at the Sabaody Archipelago. On one of the warships is the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, Admiral Aokiji, Admiral Kizaru, and Admiral Akainu!”

“There are also a large number of other marine warships in the rear, lead by the Vice Captains!”

This was obviously someone providing, Shakuyaku with information. Of course, it’s a bit hard to get everything you need, but the situation was clearer now to Naito and Rayleigh.

“So, what are you going to do, Naito-San.”

Shakuyaku hung up the Den Den Mushi, lit a cigarette, took a puff, looked at Naito, and asked with a smile.

“Since they have made their decision, their end is inevitable.” Naito put down the wine glass gently, then said lightly.

Even after hearing the secrets, Rayleigh told him, the origin of the World Government, and the secret behind 100-year of missing history, Naito still didn’t care.

Since the Celestial Dragons chose to wipe him out, let this eight hundred years of history turn into dust.

The Celestial Dragons’ ancestors were great people who created an entire system to rule the world. They might be evil but still very smart. However, 800 years later, their decadents are just far pigs.

Naito is different from these people. He wasn’t born with power. He struggled step by step from the bottom, gained power, and reached his current position, so even as an immortal, he cannot be touched by dust.

It doesn’t matter if your body is immortal. If your soul and will aren’t strong, it will just mean that you’re dying slowly.

“It’s not so easy to fight against the World Government. The incident in Ohara 20 years ago proved that they won’t hesitate.”

Rayleigh’s expression gradually became serious.

Now that the World Government had decided to take action against Naito, the latter won’t back down and seems ready to fight them back. Even the Vice-Captain of the Pirate King, Rayleigh, can no longer remain calm.


Ain no longer adresses Naito by Sir. Since she chose to follow him to death, then the affairs of the World Government and the Marines have nothing to do with her.

And she seemed worried as she looked at Naito. Of course, she could hear the piece of information received by Shakuyaku just now, standing behind Naito.

The Fleet Admiral, and the three Admirals!

Even though Garp didn’t come, but Sengoku and the other three, such a luxurious lineup, were enough to shock countless pirates.

“Zephyr didn’t come, so you won’t be embarrassed, Ain.”

“Naito-Sama, that’s not the problem!”

When Ain heard Naito’s words, she was first happy that he was considering her feelings, and then she pouted her lips.

Even if the admirals are weaker than the Yonko, they’re still not weak and cannot be underestimated. They’re at least stronger than the caders of the Yonko. The Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals, such a luxurious, even the Whitebeard at his peak would find it difficult to handle on his own.

“If Rayleigh is willing to make a move, he will definitely be able to block an Admiral, and I may be able to block one now, but…”

“What are you calculating, Ain.”

Naito watched Ain calculating there so seriously, and couldn’t help but chuckle, then stood up directly, patted her on the shoulder, and said, “Just stay here and watch.”

With that, Naito turned around, took one step, and left the bar.

Although Ain has long been used to Naito’s character, when she saw this, she couldn’t help but have black lines on her face. When Naito faced the Yonko, he dealt with them solely. Now he’s facing the Fleet Admiral and three Admirals. And still want to solve this by himself.

Fortunately, Ain was already used to this, but Rayleigh and Shakuyaku were both taken aback for a moment.

The Fleet Admiral!

The three Admirals!

He wants to face them all alone?!

After all, this incident has something to do with Rayleigh, and he was prepared to warm up the muscles that hadn’t been used for 20 years. However, it seems that Naito wasn’t waiting for his help at all.

After reacting, Rayleigh couldn’t help but smile wryly.

Before, Naito had beaten the Bigmom Pirates alone, but now it’s more than half of the Marines Hq, and the Fleet Admiral is personally leading them, which is far more terrifying than the Yonko!

In the face of such a lineup, Naito didn’t even hesitate. He went to greet them personally, which made Rayleigh smile wryly.

“Perhaps, he really has the power to suppress the entire marines alone.” Shakuyaku was taken aback for a while, then took a breath out of her cigarette and looked out of the window deeply.

“Perhaps… well, since he’s doesn’t need our help, at least we can go and watch.

Rayleigh shook his head, stood up, and walked directly of the door of the bar, stood in front of it, and looked in one direction.

Shakuyaku and Rayleigh also followed. Although Ain was very worried that Naito is going to face the marines alone, she had to follow the orders and stay away since he asked her to. After she hesitated for a while, she still caught up.

She felt that with her strength, she will end up slowing him down. Moreover, Naito was still very strong, and in the worse case, he can still escape easily.

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