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T.S.H Chapter 599: No Shock Force And No Swordsmanship

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On the shore of the Sabaody Archipelago, a huge warship slowly docked, and then four figures jumped down.

The first to land was Kizaur, then Sengoku, then Aokiji and Akainu.

The golden light dissipated, then Kizaru appeared with a serious expression.

Next to him, the ground under Aokiji’s feet silently had some signs of freezing.

The ice spread slowly under him but stopped when it reached Akainu, the hot steam was already rising from him, and there was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

“Although the Celestial Dragons are also a mess, Naito is a greater threat to the balance and justice of this world. This time, this annihilation is also an act of carrying out justice.”

This is what Akainu said in his heart. Under such circumstances, Akainu certainly wouldn’t casually comment on Celestial Dragons’ behavior because even if he was an admiral, he would get into trouble.

Sengoku wore a pair of round glasses, which exuded a strange light under the reflection of the sun on the bubbles.

“Anyone else stays here on standby, and when necessary, follow the order and help the wounded. The Admirals are all Logia users. As for this old man, there is no need to worry.”

Sengoku screamed at the warship in the rear. Facing Naito, ordinary marines or even Vice Admirals would be useless, and they will just end up dead. It’s better to leave the Vice Admirals behind to lead the fleet and prepare for bombardment.

After the marines saluted from the rear, Sengoku nodded, then turned his gaze firmly, took a step forward, and walked towards the island.

The three men, Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru, didn’t speak. And after Sengoku stepped forward, the three followed.

Before Sengoku could walk far, he saw a figure wearing a white cloak walking over in an empty street in front of him.

At the moment of seeing this figure, the three Admirals reacted differently, ranging from solemnity to firmness to killing intent and coldness. The only thing in common was that there was a hint of tension in everyone’s eyes.

Although it’s only a trace, they were indeed nervous.

After all, the power of Naito’s sword can cut half of the Grand Line, and this is something that has been studied by them many times, and even Akainu was extremely jealous of this in his heart.

However, seeing Aokiji and Kizaru next to him, and also Sengoku, the fear in his heart slowly subsided, and the coldness and fortitude in his eyes became more vigorous.

No matter how strong Naito is, even if he’s the strongest in the world, he’s only one person. And facing him are three Admirals and the Fleet Admiral.

Akainu naturally knew the strength of Aokiji and Kizaruo, and Sengoku.

With the four of them working together, even if Naito’s power is comparable to the Whitebeard in his peak, then what?!

Thinking of this secretly, Akainu took a deep breath, and his fist gradually turned into magma, then drops of lava began to drip slowly, and he suddenly seemed to look at Naito as if he was a dead man.

The three Admirals, Sengoku, stood there together. Although no one had spoken yet, a horrible aura seemed to suppress everything raised to the sky.

At this moment, if an ordinary person, or even a pirate in the new world, stood in Naito’s position, he might lose this fight before it could even start.

“You must be clear about our intentions, Naito.” Standing in front of the admirals, Sengoku looked towards Naito and said in a deep voice.

“But you’re still the ones who made this decision.” Naito looked at Sengoku faintly and didn’t seem moved by this terrifying aura.

When Sengoku heard Naito’s words, a complexed color flashed on his face, and then he said in a deep voice, “If you give up resistance now, I, as the Fleet Admiral, will keep you safe!”

This is a decision made by Sengoku. As long as Naito doesn’t rebel against the World Government, even if it means losing his position as the Fleet Admiral, Naito must be saved. After all, Naito defeated the Yonko and changed this era. This something that cannot be erased.

Sengoku couldn’t accept the fact that the World Government ordered to wipe him out just because he beat a Celestial Dragon.

However, if Naito insists on confronting the World Government, then he can only implement the will of the World Government and choose to obliterate Naito.

“Sengoku, although you’re a bit pedantic, you’re not a bad person.”

Naito was a little surprised when he heard what Sengoku said and instantly understood what he meant, so he commented lightly and then suddenly chuckled.

“As for giving up resistance…”

Although Naito didn’t finish speaking, the slight sneer on his face made it all clear. He didn’t know if he was mocking the world government or the Celestial Dragon, or maybe mocking him, but he really didn’t need to finish the sentence. That sneer made it already clear.

“Sure enough.”

Sengoku sighed. He already guessed this ending. If Naito would kneel in front of the world government, then he wouldn’t be Naito.

Although he hadn’t been in contact with him for a long time, he knew exactly what kind of a man he is.

Sengoku took a deep breath, then his expression suddenly looked solemn, “In this case, we will follow the world government’s order and kill you here!”


Almost as soon as he said that Akainu on the side burst out, wrapped his fists in the magma, and crashed down towards Naito.

Especially when he remembered how he was humiliated by Naito before in the Marineford Hq, the killing intent in his heart got more vigorous, and the magma seemed to become more hot and terrifying.

With a punch, the momentum became overwhelming!

Almost at the same time Akainu took the shot, Kizaru and Aokiji also moved. With Naito’s strength, Akainu is definitely not an opponent, and of course, they were gonna take advantage of their numbers.

Even Sengoku instantly used his devil fruit ability, took the form of a golden giant Buddha, and tried to slam Naito with his palm, bursting out a monstrous impact.

Instantly, the ice, flames, and laser beams were mixed together, bursting out towards Naito!

However, facing so many attacks, Naito just threw a light punch.

All of these attacks against one punch!


In the air, clear traces of crack appeared, then instantly spread in the distance.

At the same time, whether it was magma, ice, laser beams, or even shock waves from the Buddha’s palms, it all froze mid-air instantly, then suddenly twisted and finally shattered!

The magma disappeared, the ice splattered, and the laser shattered, and the impact rolled back.

Under this light punch from Naito, the tentative joint attack of the marines was instantly defeated in one blow.

“It’s really scary.”

“Although it was a tentative attack, a single blow blocked all the attacks of the four of us…”

Although it has long been known that Naito is very strong, the three admirals and the Sengoku couldn’t help but feel a bit shaky facing Naito’s ability that seemed a lot like the Whitebeard’s.

At the same time, some people who failed to escape from the island were trembling as they watching the conflict between Naito and the marines.

Rayleigh watched that move that Naito used to block the four people’s joint attack, and the wrinkly old eyes behind the glasses suddenly sparkled with a strange color.

“Sure enough, there’s a force that even surpasses the Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi.”

“But this is just the beginning.”

Shakuyaku beside him said, with a lit-up cigarette between her finger.

Ain stood on the far right with a worried expression. If Naito shows any sign of being suppressed, then she will ignore his order. Even if she’s not strong enough to fight an admiral, she won’t hesitate to rush up.

She will do everything she can to hold the admirals back, so he can escape.

And just when everyone thought that a real, full-scale battle would break out immediately, Naito’s faint voice made everyone dumbfounded and suddenly spread throughout the audience.

Naito, who stood there in the street, seemed motionless for a moment. After all of their attacks shattered, he maintained his punching stance for a few seconds.

Finally, Naito retracted his fist casually, glanced at the scattered ice that was destroyed by his fist, then suddenly shook his head.

“If you continue to fight like this, it would be boring. How about I do not use my sword or the Shock Force? What do you think?” Naito, who gently retracted his fist, spoke casually, looking at Sengoku and the other admirals.

This sentence made every stunned for a moment.

Whether it was Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu, Sengoku, the Dark King, or the marines who stared at this side from their warships, there were all shocked for a moment.

Everyone wondered if they misheard what he said.

What did Naito just… say?!”

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