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T.S.H Chapter 600: Speed Of Light! Too Slow!

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There is no need for swordsmanship or Shock Force. With such a sentence, Kizaru, who originally envied Naito, felt a bit irritated.

He’s not taking them seriously!

If he was fighting him solely, it would be normal for Naito not to put much effort. Kizaru admitted that he cannot beat Naito, but he wasn’t the only one standing there, but the Fleet Admiral and all the three admirals joined!

Naito is so arrogant.

“Alala, this kind of joke isn’t funny at all.” Aokiji looked at Naito solemnly, but no one could understand what he was thinking.

The lava kept dripping from Akainu’s fist, and there were almost no bubbles within a kilometer radius, all of which were popped by the heat he radiated.

There was no angry on Akainu’s face, yet there was a cold start and a bit of indifference, the kind that you have when you look at a dead man, “It seems… that the title of the strongest made you so full of yourself! Yuu Naito!”

“Shoot him!”

Sengoku looked stunned for a while and didn’t speak, watching Naito, but suddenly he shouted sharply.

Along with this roar from Sengoku, a large number of warships outside the Sabaody Archipelago appeared in the distance. Then suddenly, cannonballs fell like raindrops toward the place where Naito was standing.

Although cannonballs are hard to shoot accurately, it’s still possible to air at the location of Naito. As for Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu, they’re all Logia users, and cannonballs will only go through them without hurting them.

With the beginning of the bombarding, Aokiji, whose inner thoughts have never been clearer, took the lead!

This time, Aokiji used all his strength, and almost instantly, all the ground with a radius of one thousand meters turned into a layer of ice.

Crack! Crack!!

Immediately afterward, the ice under him started cracking, then an overwhelming snowstorm that seemed capable of destroying earth and heaven rushed toward Naito!

“Ice Roar!”

Aokiji’s body turned into a half-human and half-ice state, with only half of his face calm and indifferent.

This is the strength of a rear admiral. The joint attack they used just now doesn’t, in fact, exert the power of any one of them.

Aokiji has directly covered the battlefield with a radius of nearly a kilometer!

Facing the snowstorm that was mixed with countless cannonballs, Naito stood there calmly, then extended out his hand gently.


This movement wasn’t followed up by Shock Force or airburst, it seemed as nothing has happened at first, but suddenly, they felt as if the speed of the snowstorm and cannonballs have slowed down.


No, that’s not an illusion!”

Soon, those who were standing next to Aokiji, Sengoku, Akainu, and Kizaru looked shocked as they watched this scene with shrank pupils.

Because it was clearer for them now that the speed of the snowstorm and the cannonballs were getting slower and slower. Finally, when the first piece of ice touched Naito’s palm, the entire ice storm stopped completely, and the sky was full of cannonballs.

“Fake, Kaguya’s Castle! The World of Ice!”

Naito’s white palms were lightly pressed in the air, and the world in front of him was suddenly covered by an endless layer of ice!

Whether it was the ice storm or the sky full of cannonballs, they were all suddenly frozen by the more terrifying ice!

This is the reason why they are getting slower because they were getting frozen until they could no longer move forward!

“I can’t take them to the actual dimension with only 10% of my power, but it’s possible to turn this world for a short time into and an Icy Realm.”

Looking at Aokiji, which was all frozen along with the cannonballs in the sky, Naito faintly withdrew his hand.

With a press of Naito’s hand, the area of thousands of meters in a radius was turned into an ice world instantly, but no change has occurred on his body.

Naito’s body was still like an ordinary person, without any weirdness.

“Aokiji… was actually frozen?!!”

Until this time, the shocked people couldn’t react. They just kept that astonished expression on their faces.

If Naito used other powers to block Aokiji’s attack, that would be normal. After all, Naito was expected to block Aokiji, but on the contrary, Naito used the same ability as Aokiji!!

Moreover, the moment Naito moved his hand, he didn’t just block Aokiji’s attack, but he froze him along with and turned the area within a radius of several thousand meters into ice!

This scene is breathtaking.

Even if Aokiji can freeze the sea. It’s absolutely impossible to create a world of ice that can cover a radius of several thousand meters on earth instantly.

And in the next moment, a wretched voice emitted in the field.

“This is terrible. His ice is even more terrifying than Kuzan…”

Kizaru is a person who ate the Glint-Glint Fruit. Of course, he’s not afraid of ice. It took Naito a moment to freeze Aokiji, and he only needs half a moment to turn into a golden glimmer, and that’s what he suddenly did, then flashed towards Naito.

Naito has the power of space, and Kizaru knows it, so he’s going to seize the gap between him and Naito and use his speed to attack.

Logically speaking, with Kizaru’s speed, he should be able to reach Naito instantly and kick him, then fall back.

But what is strange is that almost at the moment Kizaru turned into a golden glimmer and flew towards Naito, he felt a strange power that was invisible to the naked eye.

After Kizaur’s transformation into light, he should have become extremely fast, but it felt as if he was extremely slow.

“The speed of light… is it really the fastest?”

Just like this, Naito slowly retracted his hand, then walked towards Kizaru slowly, raised his leg, then kicked him in the stomach.

During the whole process, Kizaru couldn’t make any movement at all.

From Kizaru’s perspective, Naito’s speed was almost at the extreme, and even though he should be as fast as light, he couldn’t react at all. He could only watch as Naito kicked.

“Too slow”

When Naito kicked Kizaru, he even called him slow.


Instantly, Kizaru’s figure directly turned into a stream of light, flew backward, slammed on the frozen ice wall behind, and then broke it, and countless ice chips scattered everywhere.

If it felt so bizarre for Kizaru, it should feel even stranger for others who were watching.

At that moment, Kizaru’s speed seemed to have suddenly slowed down to the extreme, then Naito slowly walked to the front then kicked Kizaru away.

However, they also felt extremely slow, and they couldn’t react no matter how hard they wanted. It wasn’t until Kizaru was kicked and flew to the distance that the feeling finally disappeared.

This what Sengoku and Akainu felt. As for Rayleigh and the others far away, because they weren’t within the range of Naito’s power, they felt as if they were imagining.

They didn’t know what was going on. They saw Kizaru flying towards Naito. However, halfway through the distance, he flew backward at a faster speed.

Extremely fast and extremely slow, and the one who is as fast as light was completely crushed. There’s only one ability that can accomplish such a thing… time!

Slowing downtime! Time accelerates!

This isn’t about Haki. This is simply surpassing and crushing him in his game, speed!

Under the power of time, even the speed of light, even Kizaru, cannot do anything. Hell, he can’t even react!

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