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T.S.H Chapter 601: I Can Do It Too! Amaterasu

With one move to freeze Aokiji and another attack to send Kizaru flying, Naito made it very clear for everyone and showed his overwhelming strength.

“He’s faster than Kizaru… No, this must be a time-type ability?”

Sengoku saw Kizaru flying from Naito’s kick, and his heart sank all of a sudden, feeling the true heavy pressure of going against Naito.

He remembered back when Naito first came to the Marineford Hq, he seemed to have a special interest in collecting information about Time-type devil fruits… it seems that he ended up finding one!

Without using his Shock Force or his Swordsmanship, he suppressed Aokiji with ice and Kizaru in speed. The strength he showed in this short brief made Sengoku’s heart sink.

Even without his Shock Force or Swordsmanship, he’s still strong!

The attack that they were originally supposed to have part of was stopped earlier because of Naito.

Going against such a man, such a pause should have been more than enough to finish a few of them, but after he kicked Kizaru, Naito didn’t launch an attack but stood there calmly.

Akainu and Sengoku both froze; however, they were experienced combatants, and soon they recovered.

Although they felt that Naito’s strength was incredible, it was impossible to retreat now.

Since Naito has the time-type ability, which is faster than Kizaru’s speed, they will use a wide range of attacks to block all directions so that Naito has no chance to evade!

Both Akainu and Sengoku thought of this instantly.

So the next moment, Akainu shouted, and the magma burst out from all of his body, and the hot stream spread out instantly.

The terrifying heat radiated, causing the ground under his feet to make a squeaky sound.


The orange-red hot magma has already covered Akainu’s whole body. The man was like a volcano about to erupt.

Suddenly, Akainu rushed forward, clenching his fist at Naito.

“Dain Funka!”


With his fist, the volcano finally erupted.

Akainu’s fist looked no longer like a human fist. It has expanded dozens of times in size and was entirely composed of magma. Before it falls, the terrifying heatwave has swept in all directions.

Ordinary people would evaporate directly if they were even just standing on the sidelines!

The monstrous magma fell towards Naito because the magma fist was huge, much larger than Naito’s body, so even though it came head-on, it seemed to be about to crush him from above. Like a meteor about to hit the ground.

In the face of this erupted volcano, Naito’s expression stayed calm. He stood there indifferently, looking at the magma that struck, then directly raised his hand.


With such a simple move, the magma fist, which was much larger than Naito’s body, was stopped forcibly, unable to make an inch forward!

Naito’s palm was covered with a layer of jet black Busoshoku Haki. Feeling the power of the Busushoku Haki brewing out of Naito’s hand, Akainu’s expression changed behind his magma fist.

“Is this… Busushoku Haki? How could it be so strong!”

Usually, people can’t stop such an attack relying on their Busushoku Haki, not to mention Akainu’s attack himself.

Naito’s armed hand, in Akainu’s perception, felt as if it was an iron wall.


The moment Akainu’s attack failed, Sengoku, who had been standing behind, finally jumped high and flew in the air shouting.

This loud roar was enough to shock people’s minds. The average pirate might not take action from Sengoku; they would shudder and lose the will to fight just by looking at him in such a form.

But Naito is obviously not an ordinary pirate.

Therefore, almost at the same time he shouted, Sengoku’s palm fell instantly. He was originally a big man. And after taking this form, he became a gigantic golden Buddha that seemed to have descended to the world of mere mortals.

That fall of this palm directly caused a shock wave visible to the naked eye, and crushed down, inches from hitting Naito and probably destroying the entire island!

Sengoku didn’t care about Akainu because he didn’t use Haki, even the strongest physical attack won’t hurt a logia user, but Naito is a different story.

“The power of the impact isn’t bad, but…” Naito held Akainu’s magma fist with one hand, and at the same time, raised his head to look at Sengoku, then said faintly, “Mine too!”

Shinra Tensei!


The moment Naito said those words, a similar shock wave visible to the naked eye burst out of his body and swept in all directions.

Akainu’s magma fist, under the impact, almost instantly, like ruins, suddenly burst.

Immediately afterward, this shock wave directly collided with the shock Sengoku’s palm created, as if two meteors collided head-on in the air.

The airwaves caused by the impact formed two crescent-shaped arcs.

“This is…”

A look of horror suddenly appeared on Sengoku’s face, and before he could react, the two crescent arcs formed by the impact suddenly exploded between the two of them.


There was a loud roar that sounded like the sign of the world’s end. Even those who stood far away had their eardrums humming.

Those ordinary people who failed to escape the islands immediately fainted out by the sound of this roar.

Between the two, a bright and dazzling white light burst out, forcing everyone to close their eyes.

This white light, like a sun, erupted in the center of the battlefield.

No one knows how long it lasted, it was a moment, but it felt like an endless era before the bright light finally dimmed and then suddenly dissipated.

However, when they could finally open their eyes, the two crescent-shaped arcs were still there, as if time has been frozen.

However, the one from Sengoku’s side suddenly cracked, then along a stronger shock wave, it finally collapsed!

After defeating Sengoku’s shock wave, the Shinra Tensei continued to bombard him, and since it was too late for Sengoku to evade, it directly blasted him.


Under the strong impact of being hit by the Shiran Tensei, Sengoku suddenly flew out in mid-air, heading toward the rear. Just like Kizaru, he also hit the ice world where Aokiji got frozen.

However, unlike Kizaru, a few blocks of ice didn’t stop him. Sengoku was like a golden cannon, hitting the ice world with a series of bangs. Sengoku slammed the ice words and didn’t stop until he destroyed nearly a few kilometers.

The ice world that stretched for thousands of meters was completely shattered before it came to a halt.

Sengoku was directly blasted, and the result was similar to Akainu. Fortunately, the shock wave wasn’t targeting him, Sengoku blocked it from the front, and his magma protected him, so he only flew back for tens of meters before stopping.

Looking at Naito, who was only a few tens of meters away from him, there was an inexplicable in Akainu’s heart.

The distance between the two of them could be crossed with one step from him, but the man at the end of it felt unreachable, like the sky.

It’s was a complete gap in realms!

“An impact stronger than Sengoku’s… how could this be possible, damn it!”

Akainu looked at Naito with a hideous look on his face, clenching his teeth. He still couldn’t believe that Naito could be so strong that he could fight three admirals without using the Shock Force or his Swordsmanship. There’s also the Fleet Admiral!

Therefore, Akainu shouted angrily, opened his hand abruptly, then aimed it at Naito.

“Meteor Volcano!”

The terrifying magma was brewing wildly and then burst out, like thousands of bombs, targeting Naito, looking more terrifying than those cannonballs fired from the warship.

The scorching magma swept in like a monstrous flame.

Seeing this mad eruption of so many bombs, Naito just waved his backhand, and the monstrous volcanic bombs suddenly froze in his air, then suddenly twisted and disappeared out of thin air!

“On such a lively island, it’s better not to set fire so carelessly, justice boy.”

“But since you started it… maybe I will set fire too.”

After Naito directly wiped Akainu’s volcanic bomb out of existence using his space ability, he suddenly pointed at Akainu.


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