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T.S.H Chapter 602: All Out

Just when Akainu was about to continue his magma release attack, and when he was about point out at Naito, a strange flame suddenly erupted on his magma hand.

Although this black blaze had a very strange aura, and it wasn’t so eye-catching. Compared with the crazy eruption of Akainu’s Magma, it was just a cluster of flames.


Akainu frowned and ignore it. He was a Magama Human. He couldn’t get burned by some flame.

However, almost instantly, the black flame suddenly rose up against the wind, like a matchstick thrown into gasoline, causing a monstrous blake inferno instantly!

This black flame, almost instantly, wrapped Akainu in.

And it was only at that moment that Akainu shockingly discovered that his Magma couldn’t protect him from burning. In fact, the Magma was like fuel to these black flames!

His Magma was turned into fuel?

How could this happen?!

The pitch-black flames of the Amaterasu wrapped Akainu in it, and even when he madly released out more Magma and struggled wildly, he was still unable to extinguish the black flames.

Even those Vice Admirals who commanded the warships couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong.

“Admiral Sakazuki is burned by fire?!”

“Impossible! Is a Magma Human, and flames can’t harm him, but… this flame is clearly causing damage!”

All the Vice Admiral looked stunned, looking at Akainu, who was struggling crazily.

“It’s just ordinary Magma. How can it be compared to the fire of the sun?”

Naito seemed to hear the unbelievable voice of the marines in the distance, staring at his black flames indifferently, he faintly opened.

It’s just as the Magma of Akainu can burn Ace’s Fire.


Just as Akainu was struggling frantically, feeling that he was about to be burned to death, cracks started to appear and spread in the frozen world Naito created.

Suddenly Aokiji, Sengoku, and Kizaru’s figures appeared out of the broken ice.

Aokiji didn’t seem to be as embarrassed as Kizaru and Sengoku looked, but the shock in his eyes was more evident.

Naito froze him instantly, which he didn’t expect, and the ice created by Naito couldn’t be controlled by him, which is surprising!

As a man who ate the Logia-type Ice-Ice Devil Fruit, Aokiji can even turn his body into ice and can effortlessly manipulate it.

However, the ice Naito used contained a strange aura, which was extremely puzzling to him. It felt as if it contained life in it.

Aokiji was unable to have any effect on such ice. And he had to use his physical strength to get out of that ice.

Of course, the strange aura he felt was natural energy.

The power that Naito has recovered was less than 10%. It’s very difficult to use such a high-level attack with what strength he has, so he has to use Natural Energy to compensate.


When Sengoku saw Akainu wrapped in the black flames, he didn’t seem to care much about it, but when he noticed how Akainu was struggling, he suddenly shouted.

He’s struggling against flames?!

He should be completely immune against fire since he’s a Magma Human. At that moment, Sengoku’s heart sunk to the bottom. After taking a deep breath, he slammed his palm against Akainu’s back, and just before he touched him, Akainu’s body turned into pieces by the shock wave.


The shock wave suddenly smashed Akainu’s body and caused the Magma to splash around, along with the fire that was also blasted in all directions.


The Magma suddenly gathered again, and Akainu’s figure slowly emerged, but his whole body was marked by burns!

Burned by flames, this is an experience that Akainu never thought he will have again in his life.

Enveloped by the horrifying black flames, he couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried, get rid of it.

If Sengoku didn’t help him, he would have been burned to death by now.

With lingering fear, Akainu glanced at the black flames scattered in all directions.

Even though it was dissipated by Sengoku’s shock wave, these flames showed no signs of extinguishing, as if it decided to burn the entire island to ashes!

Naito watched this scene faintly, then waves his sleeves casually, and the flames went out.


For a time, there was only silence along with the sizzle of the flames.

In this silence, Naito stood with his arms crossed, ignoring the four in front of him, and looking at the audience around the island from the first to the last one.

The Marines in the distance have long been speechless, and they stopped firing cannons, while the Vice Admirals are completely stunned, with cold sweat running on the side of their cheeks.

Is this the strength of the World’s Strongest, Yuu Naito?!

The Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals were defeated one by one, and even though they were using all of their strength, it felt as if they were treated as kids.

No one could understand Naito’s abilities before, but now, people started to feel that Naito was more like a god, omniscient, omnipotent!

“Is this your true strength?”

There was great bitterness hiding inside this interrogative sentence. Sengoku simply couldn’t believe that Naito this powerful.

However, it was Sengoku, after all, the Fleet Admiral of the Marine. He has been riding the sea for decades. He even fought Roger, the King’s Pirate, and the Whitebeard at his peak, and he even suppressed the likes of Shiki with Garp.

Sengoku took a deep breath, and the look in his eyes looked firm again, then said in a deep voice, “In this case, only a joint attack…”

Sengoku didn’t need to say that. The other three were already thinking of that.

Naito is really too strong. The power he just demonstrated, whether it’s his flames, ice, speed, or shock waves, he could crush every single one of them if he wanted.

Then, only a joint attack can be difficult for him to handle.

However, their power is too great, and it’s easy to accidentally injure other people with an all-out joint attack in such a small area. This is the reason why they haven’t tried it earlier.

But now it seems that there’s no other way!

They need to give it a go!


Suddenly, Sengoku, Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji moved together, and the four’s terrifying auras burst out, seizing Naito in the middle.

And along with these four horrifying auras… is the joint attack of the three Admirals and the Fleet Admiral!

An all-out attack!

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