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T.S.H Chapter 603: Black Ball

Naito wasn’t in a hurry to take the first shot. He was the only one with no slight stress on this field, and his heart was indifferent.

Even the heart of Rayleigh, the Dark King, was tightening looking at how the Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals were working together to make this all-out joint attack.

Even him, under the siege of these four, he won’t be able to block it.


Ain couldn’t help but exclaim. At first, she saw Naito crushing the four at ease. She was extremely happy and relieved, but when she saw that Naito didn’t take the opportunity to finish off one or two of them and even let them freely launch this all-out joint attack, she couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Even though the combined attack of the four isn’t matched, since Magma, Ice, Light, and Impact will weaken each other, there’s no doubt that the power of this attack will be absolutely unprecedented!

Even the Whitebeard at his peak wouldn’t be able to block such an attack.

Kizaru was the fastest, and he was expected to take the lead. Suddenly flickered behind Naito and crossed his arms in front of him.


In the glittering golden light, countless lasers burst out all of a sudden.

“Buddha Palm!”

“Ice Storm!”

“Meteo Volcano!”

The attacks of Aokiji and Akainu were launched almost immediately, and for a moment, it seemed as if they didn’t even wait for Kizaru to reach Naito’s back.

Akainu and Aokiji were standing next to each other, so although there’s a conflict between ice and magma, it wasn’t serious, and the core of the attack was still Naito.

As for Sengoku, with a loud shout, he launched an all-out attack in the form of a Big Buddha.

Light, Ice, Magma, and Shock Wave…

For a moment, the various elements seemed to have already brought an end to this world.

At this moment, there is not a single sound that could be heard between the heavens and earth because the sound has exceeded the range that human ears can hear.


The magma is overwhelming, the ice froze the world for thousands of miles, and the golden light was dazzling!

Every kind of attack was enough to crush a Vice-Admiral or one of the Yonko’s cadres!


The bright golden light exploded continuously, and ice and magma splashed around. No one knows how long it lasted because it seemed like a moment but also like a moment of eternity. Finally, there was a humming between the sky and earth.

Accompanied by this buzzing sound was the airwave that swept across the Sabaody Archipelago.

The shock wave instantly swept the entire island, and crushed the nearby building, and even nearly shattered it.


A big wave was set off in the sea too. However, it wasn’t big, so the warship wasn’t damaged by it.

It’s just that the marines on the warship have not time to care about the waves. They are all looking nervously at the Sabaody Archipelago ahead and at the center of the battlefield.

After the storm, the field finally became truly silent.

Yuu Naito… is he dead?

This idea emerged in everyone’s minds, and under their gazes, as the dust dissipated, the Fleet Admiral and his three Admirals’ figures first appeared in the field.

Aokiji, Akainu, Kizaru, and Sengoku, just stood in four corners.

And the area in front of the four people, for thousands of meters, disappeared!

It’s like if it has never existed!

As the dust gradually dissipated, a huge pit appeared in the field. There was still a little magma and ice remaining in the pit. The ice was melting, and the magma was gradually solidifying.

At this time, even Aokiji, Akainu, Kizaru, and Sengoku were staring at the field intently, even they didn’t know whether Naito dead or alive.

Because Naito’s presence was completely gone in the field.

In other words, they couldn’t sense him using the Observation Haki. Naito should be dead according to their senses, but Naito was so powerful before; thus, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Sengoku were a little hesitant about this.

“There’s no sound. That guy must have been arrogantly trying to take our joint-attack head-on and ended up dead.”

Looking at the dust-filled area where he still couldn’t see clearly, Akainu’s expression gradually calmed down, and he spoke coldly.

Aokiji immediately shook his head when he heard these words.

“Don’t joke around, Sakazuki. You know how powerful Naito is. Even if our attack can hurt him, it’s absolutely impossible to kill him directly.”

On the other side, Sengoku also frowned, yet he really couldn’t sense Naito’s presence. Could it be that Naito was really killed by their combined forces?

However, Naito possesses the ability of the time, so he should be able to easily avoid it.

Perhaps what Akainu said is true. Maybe he really tried to block it directly and got caught in it.

Pondering for a moment, this made sense to Sengoku.

Not only Sengoku and Akainu, but others who were watching from a distance, like Rayleigh and Ain, reacted simultaneously, and their expressions changed.

Ain was stunned watching the dust in the field, looking around with despair but couldn’t see anything.

However, using her Observation Haki, she couldn’t sense Naito’s existence too.

Is Naito really dead?!

Ain’s face was pale. She couldn’t believe this. She couldn’t accept that Naito would die this easily.

Under the nervous and shocked gazes of countless people, the dust in that area finally dissipated.

When the sight of vision was finally clear, everyone was taken aback, with a look of surprise on their faces.

What was there is a huge pit of a kilometer in radius, with nothing at its bottom. However, above it, there was a weird black orb suspended. This orb wasn’t big. It was just enough to fit a person inside it.

This black sphere seemed to possess some kind of strange magic power!

“What is that?!”

“A black… ball?!”

Everyone looked at the black sphere in shock, especially the people who could use the Observation Haku, including Sengoku, who was the closest to it.

The eyes can see it, but sensing it with Observation Haku was impossible as if it doesn’t exist!

“Don’t tell me that Naito is…”

Sengoku was first shocked by the sudden odd appearance of this black sphere, and then, as if he realized something, the stare in his eyes suddenly changed.

At the same time, the expression on Aokiji and Kizaru’s faces also changed. The expression on Rayleigh became tense, and the tensest one was Ain.

Under everyone’s anxious and shocked gazes.

The black sphere finally looked changing. And the moment ago solid black ball suddenly turned into a weird flowing liquid state.


The black sphere quickly shrank and flowed, revealing the unscathed figure of Naito within it, and then shrank into a fist-sized sphere, quietly floating beside Naito.

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