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T.S.H Chapter 604: Unshakable Truth Seeking Ball

Naito was floating quietly in the air, without any change in appearance, but the loose white cloak worn by him was surprisingly different from before.

The original loose white cloak turned into a gown studded with Tomoe, worn on Naito’s boy as if a simple and mysterious atmosphere permeated.

Moreover, although Naito’s appearance hasn’t changed in any way, his aura was completely different from before!

If Naito before looked like an ordinary person, then now he seems to exude a vague aura that is above all things!

Looking at Naito from a distance feels like facing a huge mountain that cannot be climbed or a vast expanse of sky that cannot be reached.

This is incredible… it’s exactly the Six Paths Mode!

And that black sphere, there’s no doubt that it’s the combination of all elements of wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth, plus the power of the Six Paths, the Yin and Yang, it’s the Truth-seeking Ball!

Naito was floating there quietly. His eyes seemed to have become more indifferent. In other words, the aura exuding from his body now matched this indifferent gaze more.

It’s like standing in the clouds, overlooking the mere mortals.

“This power just happened to be usable, but… is there only three? Naito glanced at the floating Truth-Seeking Balls beside him, and when he saw that there were only three, he muttered inwardly.

At that moment, Naito discovered that the Six Paths power could be used, and then when his thought moved, the Six Paths Mode was naturally activated.

However, with less than 10% of his strength, there are only three Truth-Seeking Balls condensed.

“This may be the weakest Six-Paths awaken ever.”

Feeling his own strength, Naito chuckled secretly.

Because the Six Paths Mode can be used, that means his recovery speed will be increased several times, and he won’t need to wait longer to fully recover.

Moreover, even though it’s only the weakest Six Paths Mode, it’s still a true awakening of the Six Paths powers, and he can use its power!

Using the Shakujo, all the basics elements will be useless against him unless the Natural Energy is combined with it!

If Naito’s power was ten before, and the power of Aokiji is one, then ten of him would be able to block Naito.

But now, even if it reaches one hundred of him, he won’t be able to harm Naito.

Because this is no longer a gap in strength but a gap in realms!

At this moment, almost everyone looked at Naito in horror, especially the admirals on the warship in the distance.

They knew in their hearts that the three Admirals and the Fleet Admiral’s combined attack was strong, strong enough to destroy an island instantly!

“Unbelievable… an attack like that has no effect.”

“What on earth is that black thing?!”

Some Vice Admirals swallowed, staring in horror at the three Truth-Seeking Balls beside Naito.

Almost every Vice Admiral fought against Naito. At that time, they felt that they understood Naito’s strength, but now, they suddenly discovered that what they saw is just a glimpse!

The mist shrouding Naito’s body is endless. When Naito first joined the Marines, his swordsmanship was at most ordinary, but now, Naito can cut half of the Grand Line at ease!

If this is Naito’s growth rate within a few months, then this would be too terrifying.

However, Naito here wasn’t using his swordsmanship or his strange Shock Force. He was using various abilities and almost crushed the marines while standing in the center of the field.

“It’s his aura…”

Unlike the others, the moment Ain saw Naito’s appearance, she suddenly felt extremely familiar, as if she had felt this aura before.

Then she immediately remembered that when she first met Naito at the Marien HQ, Naito seemed to unknowingly reveal a similar aura to her.

Its vastness is like an endless abyss.

“Is this the real power of Naito-Sama?”

Ain looked at Naito from a distance with worshiping eyes.

Facing an all-out joint attack from the Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals, Naito was unscathed, just how strong he is?!

Many people didn’t even dare look for an answer.

Including Sengoku, Aokiji, Kizaru, and others, they all looked at Naito in disbelief.

The dignified Admirals and their Fleet Admiral would face the Yonko standing together and won’t flinch, but everyone felt under pressure facing Naito and his aura.

However, the people present were all top powerhouses on the sea. After feeling frightened for a moment, they came back to their senses, and even without communication, everyone teamed up to attack again.

Even if we destroy this island or even this sea area, we must desperately fight back!!

This is the end. There’s no way out.

“Meteor Volcano!”

“Ice Roar!”

“Light Beam!”

The trio and the Fleet Admiral shoot out their abilities, and once again, the magma, ice, and light exploded wildly, bombarding Naito, who was floating in the air.

At the same time, Sengoku slammed him with a visible shock wave.

For a time, the world roared and echoed again.

But what was shocking is that Naito facing such an attack didn’t move an inch. He was still floating there in the air looking at them.

At will, the three Truth-Seeking Balls next to him flowed and transformed instantly, then directly turned into a black semi-circular curtain, blocking the bombardment of the monstrous magma, ice, and light.


These attacks were powerful enough to shake the sky and earth, but they didn’t even make a sound when they touched that black ball.

Even Kizaru’s light, which has explosive properties, didn’t explode and just disappeared when touched that blackball.

And Sengoku’s shock wave couldn’t even shake it. Even though the Truth-Seeking Balls have transformed into a curtain that seemed as thin as a layer of paper, it was still more solid than any material in this world!

The monstrous attack of the three admirals and the fleet admiral was instantly wiped off the moment it touched the Truth-Seeking Ball!

If no one understood how Naito blocked their previous attack, it was clear to everyone this time.

The Marines saw it.

Ain looked dull.

Even Rayleigh, the Dark King, couldn’t keep calm, and he also looked astonished.

That black thing… what is it?!

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