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T.S.H Chapter 60: Missions

“Well, I can use the information system in the Anbu department to look for any kind of information on The Kusanagi sword, if not, I can always look for another one.”

Naito looked at the sword in his hand then put on his back and walked away.


Konoha street.


Naito was walking through the town toward the Anbu department to investigate the matter.


The Kusanagi sword is a rare item, even if he was an official Anbu member, they won’t give him the information for free, he has to think of a way for himself.


However, after wondering here and there, Naito couldn’t find any kind of information.


In other words, Naito’s status is too low to be given by these kinds of information.


What a pain in the ass.


Helplessly Naito start wondering in the street of Konoha again until he found himself in front of the equipment shop.


Although this shop is a normal one, who knows maybe he will find something!


After he became an alternate member of the Anbu, Naito daily expenses increased by Konoha, in short, he won’t worry about food, clothing, housing or transporting anymore.


When he was walking down the street passing by some people Naito noticed that the look on their faces wasn’t any familiar to what it was before.


Although the fact that Naito defeated Samui in the duel was covered and it didn’t reach the village.


But Naito won the first place in the Ninja school qualifying exam, and everyone heard of how he had beaten Minato.


“The genius Yuu Naito.”


“Oh, I heard he’s an outsider…”


“Oh yeah, but in fact, he’s village got destroyed, he grew up in Konoha, he’s one of us.”


Their eyes looked differently to Naito, it was no longer a look of hatred.


Naito didn’t expect that, but it seems Sarutobi secretly did something.


For a Hokage, a word can change the atmosphere in the village.


At the equipment shop.


The owner’s attitude has also changed from the last time.


When Naito asked about the sword, the owner felt uneasy.


Even though he had some weird stuff there but it wasn’t the same as the Kusanagi sword, and Naito couldn’t use it.


In the end, Naito left helplessly again.


He walked out of the store, and start walking toward the Anbu department again, but he saw something made him wanna take a turn, it was a lively place.


“Missions Hall?”


He was Slightly surprised.


Looking at the sign above the door of the building, Naito immediately thought of the one at the Anbu department.


The types of the Anbu missions are, of course, different.


But in general, the Hokage’s work gets easier every time someone takes a mission.


Although there are thousand of Ninjas in Konoha, there’s also countless of tasks to deal with each day, how could each one of them be dealt by the Hokage personally?


That’s why there was always teams like the seventh team to deal with these missions.


Naito slightly shook his head, he didn’t plan to go in but he was a little bit curious so he wanted to take a glance.


However, Naito didn’t know that he will encounter an unexpected scene.


There was a desk where the ninjas come to accept or submit missions.


In one of the corners, Naito saw a familiar figure.


Maito Dai!


“Didn’t see him for a long time, so he was doing some missions.”


Naito stopped and smiled.


In fact, most of the times when Naito went to the practice, he will find Dai and they will train together.


And from time to time they will end up having a spar.


But recently, Dai wasn’t there, so he didn’t witness the developing of the Brutal Force and the Haiko.


But that’s only natural, after all, Dai is not an Anbu, he needs to do missions to get paid in order to meet his daily needs.


At that time, Dai was arguing with some guy at the missions hall.


“This a C-Class mission but the difficulty is compared to B-Class missions and for that reason, you won’t give it to me!?”


Dai expression was incredibly angry.


He’s of course very confident about his strength, for that reason he picked this task to get the biggest amount of money.


However, he can only get a C-Class mission.


Dai picked the most rewarded mission but the person in charge told him that he cannot do it!


“Although this task is classified as a C-Class and it doesn’t require combat, but it’s very likely that an unavoidable battle will occur, the grade is C, but the difficulty is B.”


“This is no sense, you placed it as a C-Class mission, then am more than qualified to pick it up! Otherwise, why didn’t you just placed it as a B-Class mission?”


Maito Dai was insisting on picking up this mission because after completing this one, he won’t have to worry about life for a short time.


“Because this mission needs to be performed by a team, and you’re alone, it will be very dangerous.”


The ninja in charge didn’t show any pity for Maito Dai.


In his opinion, Dai will need million years before he will be able to do this difficult mission, the failure rate was too great.


And for that reason, the fail will end up with his death.


Even if the ninja in Konoha looks down on Dai, they won’t throw him to his death.




Dai had a sad look.


At this time a voice came from his back.


“Two people count as a team?”


“Yes… wait, what!?” The ninja in charge respond subconsciously, but at the next moment, he reacted after he stared at the figure behind Dai.


“Hey, is that you, Yuu Naito?”


Dai turned back to see a familiar figure, he got surprised for a moment, then he greeted Naito with a smile.


Naito smiled back and nodded to Dai, then he walked next to him so he could see the ninja in charge, and said: “So we’re two now, there won’t be a problem right?”


As soon as he said this sentence not only the ninja but even Dai got surprised.


“Of course not!”


The ninja refused without hesitation, then said: “You haven’t even graduated from the ninja school, we’re busy here don’t disturb us, get out of here.”