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T.S.H Chapter 61: Team

The Ninja in charge, of course, is aware of the statue of Naito, the name of Naito the genius of Konoha has been known for a long time.

But the news about him being an Anbu is absolutely confidential no one has been informed about this except for the Anbu members.


Dai patted Naito’s shoulders and with a heavy tone he said: “Naito, it’s too early for you to perform missions, don’t worry, shortly you will have your chance once you graduate from the ninja school.”


Dai didn’t think for a second that he will get dragged down by Naito, he was confident they can finish this off together.


Without mentioning that Naito is strong too.


But Naito is an ungraduated student, he’s still not an official ninja, he still cannot perform missions.


When Dai patted Naito’s shoulders, his expression suddenly changed.


Without saying any word, Naito put his hand in his pocket and dragged out something.




It’s Konoha’s forehead protector.


Only a formal Ninja can wear it.


Seeing this, the ninja and Dai got really surprised.


Dai helplessly smiled, then he said:”Naito, you little devil, a forehead, you don’t mean…”


“Check number XXXXXX.”


Naito looked at the Ninja in charge.


The ninja got shocked, but he needed to confirm so he started looking for any folder according to the number.


Konoha Genin: Yuu Naito


Age: 9


Number: XXXXXX


Outstanding achievements: early graduation


In a flash, he raised his head and looked at Naito with a bizarre expression.


This is…. early graduation?!




Even Orochimaru didn’t graduate early, even Minato didn’t have that!


The first person to graduate early from the school was Kakashi.


And he’s not even born yet.


Naito, become the first Ninja who graduated early from the school in Konoha!


The Ninja was so shocked he’s mouth was wide open.


Dai felt that something was off.


How can Naito have a forehead protector?


Looking at the Ninja’s expression, he couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.


At this time, Naito smiled slightly then looked at the Ninja in charge and said: “Did you find it?”


“I found it…”


The ninja responded sluggishly: “Yuu Naito, Konoha’s Shinobi, No.XXXXXX.”


“What did you say?!”


Dai couldn’t help but yell.


He looked blankly at Naito, then he looked again at the forehead.


Then he finally understood.


This really belongs to Naito.


Naito is already an official ninja!


So Naito graduated early, he doesn’t need to stick to the school until the end of the year.


“Naito… Yuu Naito, you really…”


Dai looked incredibly at Naito.


Naito laughed then nodded, “Yup, am a formal Ninja now.”




Blood came out from Dai’s mouth, he was literally vomiting blood.


Not a while ago he started training Naito, and he’s already at the same grade as him now!


But he was so happy so he didn’t care about this and suddenly he hugged Naito so tight.


“This is really youth!!”




Dai’s blood was all over Naito.


What a pain!


In these kinds of situations, you will really need to let go of Dai because he will never do…


Everyone weirdly looked at them.


Naito coughed a bit, he let go of Dai, then he asked the Ninja in charge: “Then there is no problem now, we two can handle this mission.”


“Yes… ….”


The Ninja unconsciously responded, then he reacted at the next moment.


“Wait, what? No, you two can’t join together!”


Are you kidding, Maito Dai, is q Genin for years now, he’s a slag.


Naito is really talented, he even got graduated early, but he’s immature, and he doesn’t have any experience.


This combination won’t succeed to do a mission close to the B-Class difficulty!


“Didn’t you just said that two people can do it?!”


This time, Dai didn’t stop Naito again, he’s an official ninja, and he complies with the regulations, he has all rights.


Naito got angry, he took the missions list and left with Dai, ignoring the Ninja in charge.


Are you kidding!


Although currently, Dai can open only seven gates of the Hachimon Tonkou, but who can dare to stand against him knowing this?


Opening the seventh gate, even an Anbu can’t do it!


Although it gonna stress his body out and the pain will be unbearable, but when he opens it, even the White Fang won’t have a chance against him.


If he doesn’t go out and do missions, he won’t even think about surviving the upcoming war.


And for that reason, Naito wanted to experience more battles by himself.


Even though he had few battles with Samui and in the Anbu camp, but this is not enough.


If you don’t experience real fights you won’t get stronger.


If you don’t meat strong opponents you won’t know where you really stand.


“Hey! wait, you two…”


Then Ninja in charge anxiously chased Naito and Dai.


“No, Am gonna report this to the Hokage.”






The Hokage Office.


Sarutobi was smoking his pipe.


“Sakumo, what do you think?”


“Let him do it.” Sakumo smiled and said: “A genius who didn’t experience blood and fire isn’t really a true genius, he won’t grow up.”


“In this world, the danger is everywhere, if we won’t let him go out, the little bird won’t learn how to fly, he will never grow up to a strong eagle.”


Sarutobi nodded.


“Yeah, moreover, Naito is better than most of the Shinobi, there won’t be any problem.”


“Well… after all, it’s his choice to either go or stay.”




Konoha Police Force.


In the Captain office.


Kageyama sat there quietly, drinking a cup of tea.




A ninja carrying a sword appeared in front of him.


“Captain, Naito is leaving Konoha.”


“I already know.”




“Tsuki, you know what to do, go.”




Once again the ninja disappeared silently, Kageyama looked very calm.


His eyes also looked very calm.


Uchiha Tsuki is one a captain of the Police force and ranked second after him.


This time, there won’t be any surprises.


As for Dai who is with Naito, he’s a complete trash.


He’s an Eternal Genin, who cannot even use Chakra, he won’t be a problem, they will both die.


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