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T.S.H Chapter 62: Exposed

At the wide open of the Land of Fire.

A rich country.


Due to the big alliance between the Uchiha and the Senju, a great land has been created.


As time went by, more clans joined the alliance and the size of the country went bigger and bigger.


The victory that the country had in the third war wasn’t only because they had Minato the flying thunder god by their side.


The resources and the amount of the information that they were providing were a lot bigger than any other village.


Naito and Dai we’re advancing more and more, after leaving Konoha, most of the places they passed by we’re jungles.


The scenery didn’t change until they gradually we’re far away from Konoha.


The woods decreased.


But it’s still a lot.


Well, of course, these sceneries will always be better than any other land.


The mission Naito and Dai took, was to track and detect a suspicious caravan.


However, they will have to carefully tag in to investigate any kind of suspicious actions.


And if they find anything they will only need to report back to the Land of Fire and they will deal with them immediately.


Naito and Dai don’t need to fight, they just need to investigate the matter.


Once there’s a problem with the caravan they will have to report it immediately.


However, although this mission doesn’t require fighting, even if there’s a fight, it won’t be the fight of Naito and Dai.


But if they got exposed by the enemy troops, then Naito and Dai may be attacked at any time.


And because of this, Konoha classified this mission as a special one, after considering this case, it was still placed as a C-Class mission, but the reward was comparable to a B-Class mission.


Naito and Dai advanced all the way.


A few days later, they found themselves in a small town far away from Konoha.


They’ve changed into civilian clothes and dressed as ordinary people.


The information they had said that the last destination of the caravan was to this town.


When Naito and Dai arrived the caravan was ready to leave.


The two naturally followed quietly.


At the same time, they were observing them in secret.


The caravan looked so ordinary, it had dozens of people, no one exposed any strange actions, they seemed to be normal people.


But after a period of time, Naito discovered something.


“There’s something wrong with this caravan.”


Naito whispered this but his tone was quite certain.


“What did you find?”


Dai looked slightly puzzled, he didn’t understand the reason after Naito’s certain.


Maito Dai is a very strong Shinobi, but in other areas, such as investigation he’s very weak.


This is also another reason for his failure.


Of course, the main reason was they didn’t know his true strength until he died.


“I think you already noticed that these folks seem all like ordinary people.”


Naito’s eyes flashed while he was looking at the caravan ahead of him.


“And what’s wrong with that?”


Dai didn’t understand, so what if they were ordinary people, is that a problem?


Naito shook his head seriously: “Of course it’s a problem, this is an abnormal place!”


“The whole world is in chaos, war is everywhere… how can they wonder like that without hiring a ninja to protect them?”


The caravan has a total of twenty or thirty people, it’s not a small caravan.


How did they survive until now without anyone attacking them while they are wondering in the wide open like this!


What’s wrong with them is that they look so ordinary!


Dai isn’t good at investigation, but he’s no fool.


Hearing such a thing from Naito, he immediately responded.


“This is a good point…”


“Yes, since they look like that, then the fact should be the exact opposite, there’s no doubt, there are Ninjas hiding between them!”


Naito was extremely certain.


Even the routes that they were taking was shifted from the main road.


Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to take these kinds of roads.


“A troop of ninja successfully sneaked into the Land of Fire, this is a serious matter!”


Dai’s expression became extremely serious after he took a deep breath.


“Yeah, I don’t know their purpose, but just confirming their identity is enough.”


Naito nodded.


Dai nodded back then said: “Well, our task is to investigate, our job is completed here, but delivering this information is the main problem…”


Dai scratched his head and said: “We can’t let them disappear from our sights, if by any chance they disappear or hide, it will become a big problem, they must be followed.”


“Well, you will need to go back alone to the village Naito, and I will continue on following them.”


Listening to Dai’s words, Naito suddenly shook his head.


His mouth twitched slightly.


“It’s no longer needed.”




“They found us.”




Naito showed a hint of helplessness.


Dai is really bad at tracking and investigating, he left a lot of traces in the tracking process.


Although Naito covered for him, they were still exposed.


However, this is only mean that they are really not ordinary ninjas too.


At this moment, the caravan has stopped, and some of them stared at the rear where Naito and Dai are standing.




Several of them dushed forward with an extraordinary speed.


That completely exposed the identity of this caravan.


There are more than thirty people in this caravan, there are indeed some ordinary people, but the number of ninjas is at least ten.


“What should we do?!”


Dai looked at those people who directly rushed toward them and then he suddenly stood up in front of Naito.


Judging from the speed of these people, they should at least be at the level of a Chunin!


And the leader of such a troop should be a Jonin


“Yuu Naito, I will cover you, you need to retreat.”


There was no hint of fear in Dai’s eyes, but sure he was worried about Naito.


He knew that Naito is so good, but his knowledge was based at the time Naito fought against Samui.


When Naito opened the second gate, Dai started doing missions again so he couldn’t track the improving of Naito.


“Don’t bother, now that they are already here, they will be all killed.”


Naito seriously said that while he was stretching his muscles.