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T.S.H Chapter 63: The Chunin Hunt

Naito made Dai a little bit dazed, how can he be more confident than him?!
Does that mean that the baby calf is no longer afraid of the big tigers?
“Yes, the guy over there shouldn’t be forgiven.”
Naito looked very confident while the enemy was taking action.
At this moment, all the ninjas of the caravan moved including their captain.
After all, they are not sure how many people were following them, they need to be cautious.
“More people?”
Dai looked very anxious.
It was his idea to stay and let Naito go.
But now there are more people!
He’s not afraid of them.
However, he can’t stop a whole team with a Jonin captain.
The only thing he can do is buy some time by blocking them.
Although he can always open the seventh gate and kill them all.
But if a single person got away, Naito will fall into a big crisis.
And this is really bad!
At this time, Naito seemed like he became a burden on Dai, but he didn’t think like it was Naito’s fault.
He wouldn’t bring Naito with him in the first place if he wasn’t ready to protect him if anything wrong happens.
Under the high speed of the enemy, Naito and Dai got surrounded quickly.
This situation is making more and more nervous.
But at this time.
Naito stepped forward.
This action made Dai terrified.
How can he be this brave!
“That Jonin, can you handle him?” Naito asked.
Dai looked very surprised but still subconsciously nodded.
“That’s good, leave the rest for me.”
Naito smirked.
The next moment
Naito’s figure disappeared and rushed directly to the nearest Ninja!
“Wait!! What?!”
Dai couldn’t respond.
He was frightened by Naito’s action, and he couldn’t read the situation, but he opened the fifth gate immediately and tried to stop Naito.
What are you doing!
These are elite Ninjas!
How could you rush recklessly like this?
The power of the Hachimon Tonkou exploded in a moment and got everyone’s attention.
Even the captain of the unit got his eyes widened.
“This is….”
“Is there only two of them?!”
“But this guy isn’t a normal one.”
In a moment everyone knew that they need to join their forces and attack Dai immediately.
Maito Dai raging with furious speed and power toward those Ninjas and blocked them.
However, this is didn’t last long!
In a flash, the Captain and Dai clashed together.
With a high-speed, Dai punched him, but his body turned into water.
“Waterbody replacement? No, it can’t be!!”
But the water didn’t disappear after that and tried to attack Dai again.
This technique exposed the identity of the Ninja.
The captain is a Ninja from the Mist!
And he’s using, The Hydrification Technique!
On the other side, when the rest of the team saw their captain blocking Dai easily they stared back at Naito.
“Well, there’s still this little devil here.”
“How can this little guy be able to do missions.”
“But that guy looked like he was trying to protect this kid, if we kill him, am afraid he will get really angry.”
Now that they already knew that these two are alone.
Dai looked very uncomfortable, but Naito instead looked very calm.
Crushing Naito should affect the mentality of Dai, which will help their captain’s a lot.
As a result, the Ninjas made a quick judgment and rushed immediately toward Naito.
Watching this scene, Dai got more anxious.
In desperation, He opened directly the Sixth Gate.
However, his opponent wasn’t this easy to avoid, he broke out his waterskin Ninjutsu and gathered a great amount of water, then he clung to Dai to stop his movements and seal him out.
Although Dai is much stronger, it will take him a little time to pass through this opponent.
Dai got more nervous and the more he got nervous the more he thought about opening the Seventh Gate at any moment.
His body was stopped but his soul was with Naito, he didn’t care, he only wanted to rush there and help.
All of his focus was on Naito’s fight.
But suddenly, two bodies got dropped in front of Naito!
In this short time, Two elite Ninjas got killed by Naito!
Dai’s eyes were wide open, his face revealed an incredible look.
Although, in this state of using the Hachimon Tonkou his face won’t have clear expressions and his eyes will always be wide open.
But this couldn’t hide the shock he had.
He managed to kill two elite Shinobi so fast!
Even if you’re a Shinobi, you wouldn’t be able to do it this fast!
Naito just how much did you got stronger!
It’s really incredible.
The captain of the team was also surprised.
He thought the same thing, this is really incredible.
He didn’t think that the midget who was with this guy was this strong!
His expression suddenly became more serious.
Originally Villages would send ordinary people to investigation missions like this, they won’t send these kinds of guys!
far away.
Naito finished off two more people with the power of shocks.
Around this time, seven people left.
All of their faces are shocked.
“Damn it! this kid…”
“He suddenly did all of this… What kind of power he’s using?”
“Beware, he’s coming again!!!”
Naito rushed toward one of them with a Kunai in his hand.
It seemed ordinary, but there was something wrong with that Kunai.
The Ninja was shaking from fear, he had a sword at his back so he didn’t hesitate to pull it out.
“Block!! I must block it!!”
He had just witnessed the death of his teammates by only the fists of Naito.
At this time, The power of the shock was enormously charged into the Kunai, after all, it was really a bad idea to try and block him.
Ignore him and you will suffer.
So he died.
Of course, even if he didn’t ignore the Kunai, he would have ended up dead too.
Nothing will block him, nothing will stop him.
Simply because these fists, that kunai, it contains the power of A nightmare, the power of an A-Class Ninjutsu!
This is the power of the earthquake release!
For a moment, everyone felt the presence of Naito, the unbearing power.
And suddenly, the sword in the hand of the guy got cut into half, including his body that couldn’t resist the power.
The whole man got cut into two-halves by Naito!
Blood was everywhere on the ground.
It looked like the hell flower bloomed here.
Blood, demon, terror!
“This… What kind of power was this? What the hell is this??”
Even if they were Chunin, they are the elites of their Village.
After they saw this kill, their eyes exposed the fear in their hearts.