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T.S.H Chapter 64: Hiding in Mist Technique

“Water release! Water Bomb!”
“Wind release! Wind Cut!”
“Water release! Breakthrough!”
The moment they saw the ninja get cut in half by Naito, they didn’t hesitate to launch their Ninjutsu.
In the blink of an eye, they cast three Ninjutsus.
A stream of water slammed with the wind, and a storm of water and wind was trying to swallow Naito between them.
But Naito didn’t even fall back, he clenched his fist and throw a punch.
Space cracked like a mirror and spread out in all directions.
The terrifying storm broke out, letting behind drops of water falling from the sky, this scene looked very strange and horrible.
Three Ninjutsus got shuttered by Naito.
Next moment.
Naito looked at the rainy sky, then suddenly the look in his eyes changed.
And with two fists he broke the space.
Naito became very powerful in controlling his power, and since he’s already capable of starting an earthquake, a seaquake won’t be a problem!
The drops of the water that were falling from the sky transformed into one big wave under the power of Naito’s technique!
In a flash, it was reversed and transformed into a big wave above the ninjas of the Mist.
“Are you kidding me? he can also reflect Ninjutsu!”
Once again their hearts sank in fear the moment they saw this scene.
This Tsunami wasn’t really big.
But this is originally was their water Ninjutsu and it was returned back to them by Naito.
This is what amazed everyone.
The massive wave smashed the ground where everyone was standing.
But the Ninjas we’re too experienced in Water Releases so they could predict the right moment to escape and they’ve made it out of there without no injuries.
However, it wasn’t enough, Naito appeared behind one of them and crashed him.
The power of the shock burst out.
The ninja didn’t make it out, he got killed immediately by Naito!
A hint of despair appeared in his eyes at his last moment.
 This is the only expression you will have after facing such a speed and power!
“Damn it! it’s impossible!”
“We’re going to lose!”
There was a total of eleven ninjas, Naito killed six of them.
The remaining is five ninjas who looked very troubled.
They couldn’t resist the feeling of danger and they attacked all at once.
“Hiding in Mist Technique!”
“Hiding in Mist Technique!!”
The fog spreads out all over the place.
Instantly Naito lost sight of his surrounding.
This white fog is conjured with Chakra so the density is really high. 
Naito completely lost his sight, but he wasn’t afraid.
You’ve blocked my line of sight, then what?!
At the next moment, Naito slightly leaned forward, put his arms against his chest, then hammered the two sides.
The white fog and the air suddenly burst away from both sides.
under the madness of the shock power, Naito’s vision became a little bit clearer, suddenly a sound came out for the right side.
Naito smirked, then he clenched his fist and throw a punch in the direction of the sound.
Earthquake release! Brutal Force!
The sound of shock roared horribly.
In that direction, there was one of the Mist’s ninja.
He wanted to sneak attack Naito, but he got shocked by Naito’s Technique.
His body was still trembling.
And before he even realizes, another strong shock came at him.
The panic in his eyes turned into desperation.
He got crashed directly by its enormous power, he fell on the ground, his blood was all over the place, his bones got crushed, he didn’t even know how many ribs he broke.
He didn’t even know whether he will die or live.
“The Mist ninjas are really annoying.”
Another one got killed, and more to go, Naito tried to move, but his vision got blocked again.
His Shocks didn’t help him a lot with this fog.
In this case…
He took a deep breath, and with open hands, he pressed the ground.
“Earthquake release! The Art of Moving!”
The ground under his feet start to wave, the sound of the ground getting shattered and destroyed was terrible.
Suddenly he sensed several movements in different directions.
“Very good.”
Naito smirked, then he disappeared into the fog.
Maito Dai and Itsuki Hozuki we’re having a fierce fight.
He’s from the Hozuki clan, but also he’s a Jonin, his Hydrification Jutsu is a secret Technique in the clan, it doesn’t consume chakra, and also doesn’t get affected by physical attacks.
Although Dai is only a Genin, also he has the Hachimon Tonkou technique.
Even if he only open Six Gates he will still be so powerful to scare any opponent, in his current state he can even fight a Kage.
Therefore, Dai took it easy against Itsuki.
And because of this, he didn’t open the Seven Gate.
The side effects after opening the Seventh are so big.
Gai will only get tired after opening the Seven Gate because he reached the level of opening the Eight Gates, for that reason he didn’t get seriously injured when he opened the Seventh.
But currently Dai can only open Seven Gates, the Seventh is his limit.
Although he won’t die after opening it, his muscles will tear and his bones will break then he will get seriously injured.
It can only be said, that currently, Dai didn’t reach his peak yet.
“Are you sure that this little devil can win?”
Itsuki said that with confidence, but his heart was full of anxious, he didn’t let that change his expression, with a calm tone he tried to distract Dai.
Dai got a little bit distracted, because Naito was lost in the fog, and he couldn’t see him anymore.
However, these continuous roars of shocks made Dai find his peace.
These roars are the proof of him being safe.
“Of course I’m sure he can win because he’s the most talented kid I’ve ever seen! and now you should care about… yourself!”
With the rage of the Hachimon Tonkou, Dai’s words had a strong momentum.
“Is that’s so?!”
Itsuki snore and said: “He’s really good, but he’s just a kid, you know when we use the Hiding in Mist Technique even the strongest ninja should be careful for his neck to get cut by an invisible sword!”
Listening to Itsuki’s words, Dai’s confident got shaken.
That white fog does seem dangerous.
Naito surely wouldn’t have any sight inside that fog, perhaps he’s only throwing helpless punches all over the place.
In this case, with him being in the open like this, he could easily get caught, or maybe he already got surrounded.
With a worried heart, Dai’s attacks start to get more furious, while he was clenching his teeth he wanted to end this fight quickly and help Naito.
In fact, this is what Itsuki was looking for.
He knew that Dai has a limit, and having him attacking recklessly like this should consume him even more.
In the end, the victory will be his!
While the two of them was having this fierce battle, the movement at the fog stopped.
There weren’t any roaring sounds anymore.
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