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T.S.H Chapter 620: Reaction

“Enel… is dead!”

Nami stood up, staring blankly at the sky, and looking at Kuina in mid-air, while her beautiful eyes were full of shock.

It’s completely unimaginable that this beautiful girl, who looks weak and unreliable, actually has a terrifying monstrous strength. She cut Raigo with one strike, penetrated the sky, and killed Enel with another.

Especially the last attack, her slash instantly killed Enel, leaving everyone in shock.


This time, even Luffy couldn’t help but open his mouth wide.

“So you have reached such a level?”

Zoro finally came back to his senses. Watching Kuina cutting Enel in half, Zoro couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

In the past, Kuina kept passing him, and even though she died and he kept practicing, she still managed to surpass him again. And watching how strong she was now, he couldn’t help but feel weird when he remembered their promise to get stronger together.

Because of Kuina’s words before, Zoro kept walking forward.

However, Zoro now understands that the gap between him and Kuina isn’t just a mere step like before.

The feeling Kuina’s aura gave him was exactly the same as Mihawk’s.

Although he knew that he was still weaker than Kuina, Zoro’s heart was still full of excitement, firmly believing that he would surpass Kuina and Mihawk.

As for now, he’s only happy that Kuina was alive, and her strength is comparable to Mihawk’s.

“How could such a guy dare to claim to be a god?”

Ain stayed where she was next to Zoro and the others.

At the time, Ain was just standing there with her arms folded, watching Enel falling down indifferently.

She didn’t care much before, but after she heard Enel claiming to be a god, she got angrier, and she would have taken care of him if Kuina didn’t move.

The guy just ate the Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit. Although it’s a very strong devil fruit, if you think this would make you equal to Naito, you’re just a fool!


After slaying Enel, Kuina floated from the sky and landed at the location where Zoro, Ain, and the others were.

“That’s guy’s body is formed from lightning… How did you manage to cut him, Kuina?”

Zoro now understands that anything can be cut, but he just doesn’t know how.

Enel’s body is just like Crocodile, whose body is sand.


Kuina knew the answer to Zoro’s question and directly replied: “This a special power. Although I learned it from my master, it’s said that in the sea, there are others who can use it. And if you’re one of those guys, then learning it will be very simple.”

In the second half of the Grand Line, every strong man with a bit of fame can use Haki. In many situations, battles will be decided based on who has a stronger Haki rather than the Devil Fruit abilities.

Since Luffy, Zoro, and the others reached such a place, they should be able to learn Haku; they just needed practice.

“Is that so…?”

Zoro’s listened to Kuina’s simple explanation of Haku with interest.

“Um, you’re already so strong, just how strong is your master…”

Usopp spoke a little timidly. He had been standing next to Zoro and listening to them the entire time, and he felt both confused and scared when she mentioned her master.

Kuina is already a monster, so he simply couldn’t imagine how strong her master is!

“My master…”

Kuina subconsciously touched her sword that was hung around her waist. And just when she was hesitating whether she should tell them or not, her eyes lit up and suddenly turned around.


Instantly, behind Kuina, a figure appeared out of thin air. With one step, the figure seemed to have turn into an afterimage and appeared beside Kuina.

“So fast!”

Zoro was about to draw his sword subconsciously, but fortunately, he couldn’t react, and a drop of sweat dripped from his forehead.

Usopp, on the other side, was even more shocked. Originally he was very afraid of Kuina. After all, she killed Enel with one strike.


Ain stood on the other side. After seeing Naito, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

“This guy just now… should be called Enel. I didn’t expect you to encounter him just after coming out. Well, I didn’t worry about you two either.”

Naito first turned his head and glanced around faintly, then turned around again, smiled at Kuina, and said, “Your blade got sharper.”

Hearing Naito’s evaluation, Kuina couldn’t help but feel happy.

This was the first time he compliments her. After all, for Naito, even if her performance was astonishing, in his eyes, it is just normal.

But this time, Naito gave her a pretty good comment, which was enough to make Kuian feel satisfied.

“You can go to see Mihawk, or you can just follow me to do one more thing.” Naito smiled at Kuina.

Hearing Naito’s words, Kuina suddenly hesitated.

Although she really wanted to fight Mihawk and take the position of the world’s greatest swordsman, she couldn’t help but hesitate when she heard Naito say that there was still something to do.

Finally, she took a deep breath and said, “I will follow you, master.”


After he nodded, Naito turned to look at Zoro, who was aside, then a strange color flashed in his eyes.

Zoro was also examining Naito at this time. Naito wasn’t releasing his Aura, and as long as he’s not deliberately showing it, others can’t feel anything.

Zoro’s expression on Naito was only the feeling of natural noble temperament, yet he couldn’t feel any strength in him.

At the same time, Zoro felt that Naito’s appearance seemed to be a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember when he has seen him. The same was true for Usopp on the side.

This kept going for a few seconds until Robin walked over from a distance.

After she came over, she could recognize Naito in a moment.

He’s the man who solely destroyed the World Government, completely wiped out the Celestial Dragons, along with the ugly history of this world. He’s the man who’s respected by countless people as a God… Yuu Naito!

Since the time Naito destroyed the original world government, he has never appeared again and became a legend that countless people fear.

Now, Naito suddenly appeared on Skypiea.

Even with Robin’s strong character, after seeing Naito, her body trembled slightly, and she didn’t know how to act.

At that moment, a bright voice emitted.

“Robin! You’re here!”

When she came over, Luffy noticed her and greeted her with his sweat bright smile.

After giggling, Luffy noticed how Robin didn’t even react and kept looking forward with a slight tremor.

Following her line of sight, Luffy saw Naito, wearing his loose white cloak, standing there quietly.

“This guy… who is he?!”

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