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T.S.H Chapter 619: Cut In Half

“Let’s see who’s faster, my sword or you lightning!”

Kuina looked up at the sky, grabbing her sword with one hand while holding the hilt with the other, taking the stance of drawing the sword.


Instantly, Kuina suddenly rose to the sky.

In a mere second, Kuina was tens of meters up in the sky, and then with one move, she pulled out her sword and flickered where Enel was standing.

At this time, Enel was standing on the deck of his spaceship with a stunned expression on his face. Until now, he couldn’t believe that his lightning was cut by Kuina’s sword.

If it’s Luffy’s rubber, it wouldn’t matter that much to him, but how can a sword that was created from metal ignore his lightning?

Enel, who ate the Rumble-Rumble fruit, has always claimed to be a god, but his ability has been continuously countered by two mortals.

“This is absolutely impossible. I’m a god. How can I be scared by mere mortal swordsman!”

Shaking his head vigorously, Enel calmed down and was about to launch a stronger attack, but his expression suddenly changed.


A dazzling silver sword Ki was heading toward him like a meteor.

The moment he felt it, Enel used his top speed to turn into lightning and escape, but the sword Ki still caught his long earlobe.

Instantly, his earlobe was cut off.

Along with his earlobe, the spaceship that was flying in the sky and took him many years to build was cut off!

In everyone’s eyes, they could only see Kuina leaping for tens of meters, draw her sword, swing it, shooting a Sword Ki that flew for nearly a thousand meters. Then the spaceship was in half instantly!

For the people of Skypiea, even though they have been shocked by the previous scenes, their minds were still buzzing, watching what has happened just now.

“You can’t hide from my sword.” Kuina looked at Enel above with a smirk on her face that came from both mockery and self-confidence.

Enel stood on top of a cloud, staring blankly at the spaceship he built with great hard work, cut in half.

Standing there for a while, he suddenly felt a little pain in his ear, and subconsciously touched it, to suddenly find blood.

The bright red blood dripped on the white clouds, dyeing it a little bit bright red.

Enel finally woke up suddenly.

Enel, who came back to his senses, felt a kind of crazy rage rising in his heart. It wasn’t because he was injured. It was because of the spaceship that was destroyed by Kuina!

This is the ship he was going to use to fly to the moon and to the infinite land!

“Ahhhhh! Damn this! Damn you, mortal! How dare you offend the gods, so presumptuous! I’m gonna turn you to ashes!!”

Enel looked at Kuina and roared like a mad man, then his body was instantly enveloped by lightning. This crazy surge of thunder resembled a wave that suddenly erupted.

Instantly, there seemed to be thousands of lightning flicks.

Amidst this rumbling thunder and lightning, Enel’s body suddenly enlarged, bathed in bright thunder light, and suddenly turned into a giant.

“Two hundred million volts!”

Under his fury, he naturally used his most powerful technique. For a time, the clouds in the entire sky seemed to have darkened, and the sky echoed the rumbling of the thunder.

For a time, there seemed to be a powerful aura crushing in all directions, as if there were truly a god.

However, under this momentum, Kuina didn’t show any fear. Instead, she became strangely calm.

She was as calm as sinking water.

Kuina lightly stepped forward, using Soru, causing her body to hover in mid-air, then she lowered her head slightly and suddenly spoke in a low tone.


“I’m the God of the sky, and you dared to anger me again and again. Thus, accept the sanction of the God!!”

Suddenly he rushed from the top of the sky to the bottom, to where Kuina was floating, and using his golden staff, he forcefully tried to stab Kuina.

Ding Dong!!!

With a soft sound, Kuina used her sword to stop his staff, and no matter how hard Enel tried to force his way toward her, he couldn’t make any further progress.

Even when he used his lightning, Kuina, who was shrouded with lightning and thunder, didn’t suffer any harm, as if her body has turned into a sharp sword that was piercing the sky.

Kuina finally raised her head, and without any clear emotions in her eyes, she looked at Enel indifferently.

“God… isn’t a guy likes you, who brags about it!”

Kuina has never been angry. Even when she was attacked by Enel, she was only playing. But now, she was.

Because when she heard Enel saying that he was a “God,” she felt offended.

For Kuina, Enel’s behavior is an insult to Naito!

In Kuina’s eyes, only Naito is a real god. Anyone else who claims to be a god is insulting the name of God, that is, insulting Naito.

Kuina doesn’t care about herself, but if someone insults Naito, she won’t stop until he’s properly punished!

Therefore, after she heard this, Kuina didn’t hold back anymore, and she let out her great swordsman’s sword domain, and a touch of extreme sharpness suddenly appeared on her blade.

This sword doesn’t have any bright rays, but it seems that thousands of rays are converging here.

Words seem to be unable to describe it.

A moment ago, her sword was in front of Enel, blocking his golden staff. The next, it appeared behind him.

At the same time, she suddenly inserted her sword back into the scabbard.

Enel’s whole body was already petrified, his expression was stagnated, but his eyes were full of shock!!


This was the sound of Kuina’s sword finally being fully inserted into the scabbard.

Accompanied by that sound, it was Enel’s body that was cut into two!

It was extremely strange that Enel’s body was cut in half without leave, not even a trace of blood, yet there were no signs of re-healing too.

It’s as if this sword has cut off his vitality!

This is Kuina’s strongest attack, and she used it because Enel angered her when he opened his mouth and said that he was a god.


Enel’s body, cut in two, fell from the sky, and when it fell to the island below, the blood was finally spilled.

Almost everyone was staring at this scene blankly. Even Robin, who had seen many strong men on the Grand Line, couldn’t help but feel amazed.

“Unexpectedly so powerful, can a person with a Logia type fruit be… so vulnerable?”

“I don’t know what the relationship between her and that man is, is it a servant, or…”

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