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T.S.H Chapter 618: Nothing a Sword Can’t Cut


Kuina, who split Raigo in half with a slash, used the Soru to hover in the air, and while holding the middle of the scabbard with one hand, she gently moved the sword in front of her.

Kuina’s expression was a little cold.

As soon as she came out of the passage, she encountered such a big weird Thunderball. Of course, she would slash it without hesitation.

After cutting it, Kuina used her Observation Haki to perceive her surroundings and found out that this Thunderball wasn’t naturally generated but a man-made attack, and naturally, she didn’t receive that very well.

“It’s a man with the ability to create thunder.”

Ain glanced at the golden bell that fell in the distance, then at the field, and said, “It doesn’t seem to be targeting us. It should be just a coincidence.”


Kuina nodded. Her cold expression faded slowly, but when she looked down again, her expression changed again.

Luffy, Nami, and the others, didn’t know Kuina, and she didn’t know them either, so she didn’t care much, but when her gaze fell on Zoro, she recognized him instantly.

And she could tell that it was him just by her natural instincts as a swordsman.


Zoro was originally certain that it was her, but after he saw this, he was even more sure that the girl in the sky is Kuina.

“Look at that… it looks like you’re still the same weak boy from before, Zoro.”

Kuina stepped down from the sky and came to Zoro’s side, looking at him. Her eyes revealed the joy of a long-lost reunion, while the corner of her mouth raised slightly.

Originally when he saw Kuina falling, Zoro was a little at a loss and didn’t know how to deal with this, but when she heard what Kuina said, that sentence that he heard thousands of times when he was a child, he went crazy.

“Damn it! You little…”

After fighting for a while, Zoro couldn’t help but ask, “Kuina, aren’t you supposed to be…”

“This is a long story…”

And just when Kuina and Zoro began to talk, Enel, who was also cut in half, finally regained his shape and came back to his senses.

Enel didn’t show any fear, and a furious look was drawn at his face.

“Dam… Damn this!”

“You bastard, how dare you to do this… unforgivable!”

Enel, who was planning to take away the golden bell, threw it aside in rage, flew in the sky, and suddenly waved at the bottom.

God’s sanction!!

Instantly, a rumbling thunderbolt was suddenly shot out from Enel’s palm, piercing the sky directly, and headed straight to Kuina below.

Fortunately, Zoro was talking to Kuina could see this attack coming.


The speed of the lighting was so fast. Although he saw it coming, it was too late to give her a heads up. And he was too weak to stop such an attack.

The sword itself is electrically conductive, and Zoro isn’t armed with the Boushoku Haki. Enel’s devil fruit ability is simply Zoro’s nemesis.

Seeing the thunder rumbling towards Kuina, Zoro instinctively stepped forward.

But just when he did.

With an almost extreme speed, Kuina suddenly pulled out her sword and swiped the lighting that was falling from the sky.


A silver spike suddenly swept up, like a dragon, and after it clashed with the thunder, it directly split it into two halves.

“This is impossible!!”

When Enel saw this scene, his eyes almost popped out.

If the lightning he sent just now could be cut, then his body that could be transformed into lightning can also be cut, which is shocking!

How can a swordsman cut lightning?!

Enel stared at her in shock. At the same time, he saw the slash flying toward him and avoided it instinctively.


The silver sword energy shattered the thunder and continued to fly into the sky, chopping the clouds where Enel was standing and the Golden Bell by one-third, but there was no sign of stopping, and it carried on.

The sword energy continued to fly to the sky and finally reached the uppermost cloud layer, and then it burst apart and turned into a dazzling silver light that illuminated the sky.

When the silver light dissipated, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the sky!

This scene made the people who had just woken up from the scene of cutting the Raigo once again fall into shock.

This time, Kuina was on the ground beside them, and they could see everything clearly.

That’s it, with such a simple swing of her sword, she was able to cut Enel’s lighting and even make a hold in the sky.

What a shocking and incredible power this is!

“This… how did you cut the thunder?!” At this moment, even Zoro’s eyes were widened, looking at Kuina with shock.

The scene where Kuina cut the Raigo with her sword was shocking, but Zoro, who had seen Mihawk’s power, didn’t find it difficult to understand.

However, Kuina’s sword could even cut lightning, which was unbelievable.

Hearing Zoro’s question, Kuina looked at Zoro a little strangely and said without hesitation, “What’s so strange about this? Why can’t lightning be cut? Is there anything in this world that cannot be cut by a sword?”

These three sentences slammed Zoro’s heart like a huge heavy hammer and made his mind buzzing.

Why can’t lightning be cut?

Is there anything in this world that cannot be cut?!

These few words resounded like thunder in Zoro’s mind, making it go blank, and at the same time, he seemed to have vaguely grasped something.

Noting that Zoro seemed to be in a state of epiphany, Kuina smiled slightly and no longer looked at Zoro but raised her head to look at Enel in the sky.

“The power of lightning… is a really powerful ability.”

Kuina spoke softly, and the smile on her face slowly faded away, and the look in her eyes became colder.

“But I don’t like being struck by lightning.”

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