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T.S.H Chapter 617: Kuina’s one strike

A black passage suddenly appeared in the sky. Because of the thick dark clouds and the battle that was actually going on, no one could notice that two women, Kuina and Ain, were coming out of the passage.

On the contrary, Enel, who has a strong Observation Haki, noticed and felt a bit surprised, but he quickly pressed it.

No one can resist the power of God. Everything will be destroyed by his thunder!

After taking a glance, Enel completely ignored them and turned to look at the other side of the sky, where there was a huge golden bell.

This was the remains of the ancient city of Shandorian, the Golden Belfry Bell, and it was what Enel has been looking for. Seeing this huge golden bell, Enel’s eyes were full of excitement, feeling that this huge golden bell is a very good match for a god.

He was planning on taking this golden bell and travel to the endless land, that is, the moon. It must be perfect for him.

However, almost as soon as Enel was about to walk towards the golden bell, his figure suddenly froze, and his foot that was about to take a step stagnated in mid-air instantly, and his head turned around in disbelief.

The rear.

Far in the sky, Kuina’s soft and beautiful long hair fluttered as her body was slightly bowing, maintaining the stance of sword drawing.

Having long hair isn’t suitable for swordsmen. For a swordsman like Kuina, a long hair should be considered a burden, but now after she stepped into the realm of the swordsmen masters, and she understood the true meaning of the sword, she learned that nothing can disturb her blade.

The so-called mastery isn’t about how strong or long the sword aura is but about cutting everything that one wants to cut.

The strength of the sword Ki is only a measure of strength for the ordinary swordsmen, but a master can swing his swords casually and cut thousands of jagged cannonballs from the middle.

A master can swing his sword in front of a person without harming him while splitting a mountain behind him into two halves.

“One Sword Style…”

Kuina was lowering her head slightly, no one could see her expression clearly, but Ain, who was standing next to her, could hear her whisper softly.

After groaning softly, Kuina didn’t completely draw her sword, but she inserted it back into the sheath.

In other words, she has already drawn the sword, swang it, and put it back!

They could only see her inserting it back into the sheath.


With a crisp sound, Kuina’s sword was completely unsheathed.

That is to say, at this moment, a silver-white pike pierced the entire sky instantly, like a meteor passing by the end of it, and reach the other end instantly.

Under this basic move, the Raigo, which was huge enough to destroy an island, was cut into two pieces from the middle!

Luffy, who was desperately trying to rush back, froze for an instant.

Nami looked stunned.

Robin, Usopp, and others were all shocked.

The huge Thunderball, which was as huge as an island, was directly split in half by a silver pike that was shot from the further sky!

It’s as if the entire sky was cut in half with a single strike!

At this moment, someone finally saw the figure of Kuina and Ain floating in the sky, as well as the Kuina, putting back her sword.

Everyone was widening their eyes in disbelief.

No one has spoken. They all felt shocked, but no matter how much this looks like a dream… it’s undoubtedly true!

That huge Thunderball was cut in half by a sword!

“This is amazing.” Luffy was the first to react.

“That Thunderball was… what a joke!” Nami was shocked. She looked at the one that was cut away by Kuina and couldn’t help but feel scared.

This scene is too overwhelming.

At least for the Straw Hat Pirates, who had just left the First Half of the Grand Line, this was too shocking.

Even Nico Robin, who had an extraordinary experience, looked at this scene, and there was a touch of shock in her beautiful eyes.

“What kind of swordsmanship is this… Who is she? Why haven’t I heard of her before?”

Looking up at Kuina in the sky, Robin’s eyes showed a look of uncertainty, but shortly afterward, Robin noticed Ain next to Kuina.

At this moment, Robin suddenly felt that she was extremely familiar, and immediately after that, she thought of something, and then her eyes widened with a touch of shock.

“It’s her! It turned out to be her?!”

“If she here, that person… no, that god, is also here?!”

Robin used to word in the Baroque Words under Crocodile. She knows all kinds of intelligence very well. Maybe others can’t recognize Ain, but not Robin.

In addition to her, Usopp was also looking at the sky with a trembling body.

“I… I must be dreaming…”

While trembling, Usopp looked at Zoro beside him, only to find him also trembling, which immediately stunned Usopp.

He has never seen Zoro like this before. Is he afraid too?!

“Hey, Zoro, stop being afraid, come on…”

Usopp swallowed, then couldn’t help but walk towards Zoro while trying to joke around, only to find that Zoro was still staring at the girl in the sky.

“Impossible… Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!!”

Zoro’s eyes were filled with unprecedented disbelief; this was even more shocking than when he first met Tashigi!

Although Tashigi is very similar to Kuina, in terms of personality and other aspects, they are completely different. They are completely two different people. Especially for Zoro, he can tell just by feeling her Aura.

Watching the sky and how Kuina cut the Raigo into two pieces with a single swing.

Zoro was determined that the person floating in the sky is Kuina!

This is a kind of instinct from his swordsmanship. He had been working desperately when he was a child, trying to surpass Kuina, but was always overwhelmed by her until her unfortunate death.

He will never admit it!

But… Kuina clearly…

Zoro’s body was constantly trembling, but the expression on his face wasn’t fear; it was excitement, shock, disbelief, and other emotions that intertwined.

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