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T.S.H Chapter 616: Raigo

Naito’s figure strolled out of the inconspicuous thatched hut.

His body seemed to be covered in dust, and his hair looked messy, but in the next instant, a light flashed, and Naito’s appearance quickly transformed, and within a few breaths, he returned to his previous image.

It was no different from when he arrived at this world and when he left the East Blue. It was still plain and lose cloak, silver-white hair, and a handsome face.


The moment Naito stepped out of the thatched hut, Kuina opened her eyes and stood up immediately, looking at Naito with some joy, and at the same time, saluting him.

“Don’t move.”

Hearing Naito’s words, Kuina naturally immediately stood motionless. Although she didn’t know what Naito was going to do, she completely complied with his instructions.

In the next moment, Naito suddenly stretched out his hand and swiped lightly in front of her, as if crossing a strange arc, touching a certain mysterious trajectory and context.

A strand of light rippled from Naito’s fingertips.

Kuina’s beautiful long hair fluttered gently, and several strands of it fell between Naito’s fingers.

Naito pat Kuina’s head, then retracted his hand and smiled at her slightly, “You’re beautiful again, Kuina.”


When Kuina heard Naito’s words, she was startled for a moment since she didn’t expect such words from him, and then a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

Naito’s image in her heart has always been noble and cold, and he suddenly was laughing at her, and even teasing her, which immediately made her feel a little overwhelmed.


Seeing Kuina, the great swordsman, who was about to become the world’s number one, getting overwhelmed by a word, Naito suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

The actual reason why he laughed so happily is… Naito finally completed the cultivation of the power of time!

The ability to change the future took about a few months for Naito to completely comprehend, but the difficulty of changing the past was somewhat beyond Naito’s expectations.

It took nearly ten years to finally master the ability to change the past.

Just a slight flick in front of Kuina helped her blend with time and erased the rejection on her body. Now Kuina will no longer be repelled by the time and space of the One Piece world.

“Go and wake Ain up. It’s time to leave this place.” After he chuckled for a while, Naito smiled at Kuina and said.


As if she hadn’t reacted yet, Kuina nodded subconsciously and then was about to go to Ain, but then she was stunned.


“Yeah, didn’t you… say that you’ve always wanted to get the title of the world’s number one swordsman?” Naito nodded and said with a smile.

Hearing these words, Kuina suddenly got excited, and her hand holding the hilt couldn’t help but tighten.

“Is it finally possible to go to sea?”

Naito smiled and nodded and then stretched out his hand to wipe the void next to him, and a black hole appeared there. This was a space channel, and the outside was naturally to Skypiea.

“You and Ain go out first. I have to do something. Wait for me outside.”


After she nodded, Kuina ran to another thatched cottage with excitement and called Ain, who was still sleeping out. After waking up Ain, the two stepped into the space channel created by Naito.

Seeing Kuina and Ain leave, Naito stretched out his hand, and the space channel disappeared.

Immediately afterward, Naito waved his hand again, and a spatial crack suddenly appeared. Then Naito tore it with his hand to make it larger, and then he stepped directly into it.

Outside this Space Channel was naturally not Skypiea, but the Turbulent Space.

In this Turbulent Space, the small word Naito has created was like a small bubble, tightly attached to the diaphragm space of One Piece world.

It is said to be a bubble, but it was actually a small world, but from the perspective of the Turbulent Space, it’s like a small bubble attached to the One Piece World.


Naito stood in the Turbulent Spac,e ignoring the impact of the chaotic space. His eyes flashed sharply, then he pointed directly at the bubble.


In the next moment, this bubble trembled.

Because this is a small world created by Naito, he naturally had complete control over it. In fact, in the Hokage world, the space created by Naito could also be carried at will. But at that time, Naito wanted to chase and kill Momoshiki, so he didn’t think of bringing it with him.

Naito poured his thoughts into the structure of this space. He naturally won’t throw it in the One Piece world.

Under his control, the bubble continued to shrink, and finally, it truly became a bubble of the size of a finger, which floated to Naito’s palm.

Naito stretched out his hand and held it, and the bubble disappeared and merged into his body.


Naito smirked, then turned to look at the diaphragm of the One Piece World, and after taking a step out, he passed through the diaphragm again and returned to the One Piece World.



A huge vine stood between the clouds as if it was directly connecting the sky and earth, and beside the Vince, a ship flying between the clouds was hovering there.

“How do you like it now? Climb up if you think you can!”

Enel stood on the deck of his ship, looking down at Luffy, who was desperately trying to climb up the vine with a painful expression.

Luffy was a rubber human being. Of course, he’s the best at jumping and climbing, but the problem is that after Enel melted the golden bell on his hand, Luffy got a huge golden ball stuck on his hand.

The golden ball was so heavy that it was difficult for Luffy to climb up.


Luffy looked at the arrogant Enel, feeling very angry, but there was nothing he could do with him.

“Yeah, hahaha, just stay there. I will show you some interesting things…”

A weird smile appeared on Enel’s face, and then the whole person suddenly turned into lightning and suddenly disappeared.


A huge cloud in the sky suddenly rumbled, and began to twist and deform, and finally turned into a huge Thunderball comparable to an island!

“Ahahahaha, tremble, now you will know what the power of God is!”

Enel’s figure emerged, his arms outstretched, surrounded by lightning; he laughed loudly.



A huge Thunderball dropped.

Above Skypiea, there are two islands, one is half-section of Jaya Island, which is brought up into the sky by the soaring currents, which is the so-called holy land, and the other is the Angel Island, which is close to the holy land.

A huge Thunderball was thrown at Angel Island.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth faded, and the endless thunder and lightning burst out with an extremely brilliant light, like a sun that suddenly descended there, making everyone unable to see.

The terrifying air wave swept in all directions, causing the clouds to set off monstrous waves.

When the light and airwaves dissipated, what appeared in front of everyone was a huge cloud hole. The Angel Island was located there before was wiped out into ashes by this blow!

Everyone was stunned by the shock of this scene, and their eyes were dark to the extreme with horror, and their bodies were trembling.

“Angel Island… Has it been wiped out?”

“It disappeared.”

Under countless people’s horrified expressions, Enel flashed again on the deck of the ship, kicked Luffy’s hand that had managed to hold on to it, and then he opened his arms and laughed loudly.

“This island of mankind should completely disappear. As a god, I will use Raigo to wipe out this so-called holy land, and no one will be able to escape!”

Luffy was furious when he heard Enel’s words but still failed to rush to the ship, and almost in this short moment, under Enel’spower, the thunderclouds in the sky once again gathered.

And another huge Thunderball suddenly appeared in the sky.

This Thunderball was even many times larger than the one from before. It traversed the entire sky and was suspended above the holy land!

Seeing this scene, the people who have barely managed to awaken from their shock couldn’t help but watch this scene in despair.

“Oh… Are you kidding me? This one is several times bigger than before…”

“Is this the power of God?!”

Below the huge Thunderball, there was nothing but desperate voices.

However, almost at this moment, between the huge Thunderball and the holy land, a black hole suddenly appeared in the emptiness of the sky, like a passage.

Immediately afterward, two figures emerged from the black channel.

The two figures had just walked out of the passage, and they seemed to have no idea about the situation outside the passage, and one of them suddenly made a surprised and strange sound.


“What is that?”

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