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T.S.H Chapter 615: 1 Year, Skypiea


This is an island located 10,000 meters above the sea. It seems to be opposite Fishman Island, which is 10,000 meters below the sea.

Like dreamlike heaven, everything is made of clouds, and here also there are sea and beaches, as well as houses and roads, which are made up of sea clouds and island clouds.

Fishman Island is like a dreamlike wonderland, and Sky Island is not inferior. Even in terms of scope, Sky Island is much larger than Fishman Island.

After all, Fishman Island is just a single island, but the sky island is more than one.

On this sky island, there are people who grow angel-like wings and have lived here for generations. And the name of their supreme ruler is “God.”

Many years ago, the former god, Gan Fall, was defeated by Enel, who had eaten the Thunder Devil Fruit, so to this day, the ruled of this sky island has always been Enel.

It wasn’t until a group of pirates rode on the sky current to arrive at Skypiea that a huge storm swept across the entire place.

Naturally, this group of pirates has already embarked on their journey in the Grand Line, passing by Alabasta, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy’s group was now fighting with Enel.

However, whether it was Luffy, his friends, or Enel, who had a strong Observation Haku, they never noticed that there is another island above Skypiea.

It was said that it’s an island, but, in fact, it was a space independent of Skypiea.

It was a small world created by Naito.

After leaving East Blue with Kuina, Naito chose Skypiea as a place for rest. The world below was rather chaotic. The Fishman Island wasn’t also a good place, Naito was experimenting with time and space abilities, and if anything goes wrong, it will be really dangerous.

Skypiea is suspended at an altitude of 10,000 meters. The range of this space is extremely wide, so it’s naturally a more suitable place.

This area is a space created by Naito. Naturally, only Naito can enter and exit freely, and only if he gives other permission can they go in and out as they want.

Otherwise, Ain would not be able to enter and would not even notice the existence of this space.

In addition… the time flow rate in this space is completely different from the time flow rate of the outside world!

Because he has been studying the ability of the time, the space created by Naito deliberately distorted time, causing the flow of time in this space to be ten times faster than outside.

In other words, if ten years have passed on the inside, and only a year will pass on the outside.


It is said to be a space, but in fact, it was a smaller world that is more complete than the world created by Naito before in the Shinobi World. In addition to having all the basic elements, the power of rules is also extremely complete, and even creating life is possible.

It’s no different from the real world.

In the center of this small world, there are a few thatched cottages that seem inconspicuous, but the surrounding environment of the thatched cottages is like a fairyland on earth, and even the scenery of the Fishman Island and Skypiea cannot be compared with it.

There seemed to be some kind of brilliant light surrounding the place here, and every flower and every grass seems to be glowing.

On the grass.

A girl with beautiful long hair, about seventeen or eighteen years old, is sitting cross-legged, her beautiful long hair is naturally draped on the grass behind her, and a sword is placed on her knees.

The girl was naturally Kuina.

A whole year has passed in the outside world, but the time that has passed in this small world was ten years. It has been a year since Naito left the East Blue with Kuina. Luffy went out to the sea and reached Skypiea. But in the inside of this world, more than ten years have passed.

However, what is extremely strange is that due to the time distortion, although ten years have passed inside this small world, Ain and Kuina felt that it was actually less than a year.

However, even though it felt this way, Kuina’s fully grown body shows the passage of time and feels completely different.

It was both fast and slow.

Two completely different times are flooded here, and the source of all this is naturally Naito. He has been studying the power of time. If you inadvertently move the timeline, it will have a certain impact on the world.

Kuina sat there quietly, comprehending the mystery of swordsmanship. There was a hidden sword intent brewing on her body. This sword’s intent was like a peerless sword without a sheath. Once it was out of its sheath, it would be so sharp, and a strike from it will be earth-shattering.

In this world, during the time of following Naito’s practice, Kuina truly realized what is called the vastness of the starry sky and the distance between the sky and earth.

When she just came here and first started training with Naito, she was like Zoro, who had never seen Mihawk. she didn’t know the concept of true power at all.

But now that she has a completely different vision from before.

Kuina’s true strength came from staying in this small world. She doesn’t really know how strong she is. The only people who knew how strong she was right now were Naito and Ain.

For Naito, Kuina’s strength isn’t a big deal. Even if it’s ten times stronger, it’s not a big deal, but things were different for Ain.

Kuina now is… stronger than Ain!

Although Ain’s strength has also improved a lot, she’s not thinking about becoming stronger at all or that her heart isn’t as strong as Kuina’s. At first, her strength crushed Kuina, but she was later defeated by her and overtook a little by little.

Kuina’s talent is extremely high, and she has a strong heart, especially after seeing Naito breaking the ground, creating a small world out of nothing, designing various rules. She understood what is called true strength and made great strides in the realm of swordsmanship.

Originally, Kuina’s sword was a gift from her father, but that sword is in Zoro’s hands, so when Kuina came here, she brought another sword that Koushirou gave her.

As a great swordsman, Koushirou’s sword is naturally one of the twelve Supreme Grade Swords.

However, even one of the twelve Supreme Grade Swords wasn’t enough in Naito’s eyes, so when Kuina realized the true meaning of “slash” and achieved the realm of the great swordsman, Naito specially made one for her.

When Kuina became a great swordsman, she asked Naito whether she could become the world’s number one swordsman now. The answer Naito gave her was to keep training, so she did.

Kuina just sat there with her eyes closed, her breath seemed to have been integrated with the sword, and her body seemed to gradually condense a sword intent that could almost cut through the sky.

At this moment, the door of one of the inconspicuous thatched hut in the distance was opened for the first time in a long time.


The door, which had been closed for an unknown period of time, was gently pushed open by a hand.

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