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T.S.H Chapter 614: Resurrection And Rejection

In this lonely place full of wild grass.

Koushirou and Ain both stood far away from Naito because they couldn’t bear the sudden explosion of his aura, and neither did they rush closer to him when everything finished.

In front of Naito, Kuina was floating in mid-air.

She closed her eyes tightly, and in the eyes of both, there was no sign of life at all, but from Naito’s perspective, whether it was her body or soul, he could see that she was in an unstable stage, and that’s because she had come from the past to the present.

To make the body and soul completely unite and stabilize, Naito has many ways, so Naito directly chose the simplest one.

In the next moment, Naito suddenly raised his hands, making a hand sign in front of her.

“Outer Path: Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth!”


A white light suddenly radiated from Kuina’s body. Under the effect of this force, her body and soul were completely merged and restored.

Finally, after the light gradually dissipated, Kuina, who was suspended in the air, her eyelashes trembled slightly, then she slowly opened her eyes.

“Here it is…”

Looking at the surrounding scenery, Kuina still had a trace of confusion on her face, as if she couldn’t remember who she was for a while. The memory in her mind was still a bit fragmented, so she couldn’t help but close her eyes again.

The countless images in her mind flickered quickly and finally merged together completely, and she finally remembered everything.

When she opened her eyes again, the confusion was wiped off her face. At first, she saw the nearest Naito. Although she didn’t know him at all, she felt an extremely noble aura coming out of him.

She could even feel inexplicable respect for him in her heart.

Her gaze hadn’t been attracted off Naito for a long time. And when she saw the familiar figure of her father behind Naito, she was suddenly astonished.

Her memory was from many years ago. Although she could recognize her father at a glance, Koushirou’s appearance was different, he was older, and to her, this aging of ten years was over a night, which made her puzzled.

“Kui… Kuina!”

Koushirou originally thought that this experiment has failed, and even Nait cannot reverse life and death. This sudden change left him stunned; thus, he could only react now.

At this time, Kuina was no longer suspended in the air but had already fallen back to the ground. She first glanced at Naito with a somewhat puzzled look and then rushed toward Koushirou.

Naito just watched quietly and didn’t do anything.

In fact, Naito was quietly experiencing the power of time he just touched and experienced now.

It can be said that Naito was trying to look at flowers in the middle of the mist before, but now after he comprehended the power of changing the past, the door was half-opened!

This could not help but immerse Naito in it.

Even at this moment, Naito seemed to be lost in another world and forgot everything happening on the inside. It wasn’t until some time has passed in the outside world, and when the sky was about to dim, that Naito came back to his senses.

Ain and Koushirou never bothered Naito, or you can say they didn’t dare to.

And during this period, Kuina finally learned from Koushirou what had happened, and she was still in disbelief.

She died a long time ago?

Then, life and death were reversed by the god Naito, and she was resurrected from the past to the present?!

If it wasn’t for the wrinkles on Koushirou’s face, she wouldn’t have believed it at all. Kuina has even thought that her father was just pranking her.

After all, this kind of thing is really incredible!

After coming back to his senses, Naito’s gaze fell on Kuina again, and he looked at her carefully. To be precise, Naito couldn’t help but look at her since there was an unstable time force surrounding her.

After all, Naito had forcibly changed the past instead of having the special ability to change the past, so Kuina didn’t seem to be abnormal, but in fact, she was being rejected by time and space.

Kuina’s own realm is too low to feel abnormal; even Koushirou and Ain couldn’t detect it, only Naito can.

“Is it the rejection of time and space? Forcibly changing the past is okay, but if you bring the past to the present, it will be rejected by time…”

Naito looked at Kuina for a while.

Seeing Naito suddenly turning to look at her, Kuina was a little bit lost in her heart. She was suddenly resurrected by Naito, and she knows that he was a god. She naturally didn’t know what to do, so she stood still.

Naito’s eyes were especially deep, as deep as an endless abyss, sweeping across her body as if he saw everything clearly thoroughly, making her wonder how to deal with it.

Originally, Koushirouu was going to thank Naito, but when he saw Naito staring at Kuina and noticed the expression on his face, he stopped and couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Naito-Sama, what’s the matter?”

Compared to Koushirou, Ain looked less restrained, and when she saw Naito’s appearance, she couldn’t help but ask in a light tone.

“It’s nothing.”

Naito shook his head and withdrew his gaze from Kuina. After pondering for a moment, he suddenly said: “It’s just because I forcibly changed the past. Kuina is still being rejected by time. there’s no problem in the short term, but she may gradually disappear.”

“Disappear? What do you mean?!”

Hearing these words, Koushirou finally asked aloud; he was unable to remain calm.

Naito said lightly: “It’s just ostensibly.”

These words made Koushirou’s expression slightly became solemn, and Kuina, who was lowering her head, turned pale instantly.

She wasn’t afraid of death, but she couldn’t accept it. She died without fulfilling her dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman. Besides, she had already died once, and she didn’t want to be gone again.

It’s like coming from hell to heaven suddenly. How can you be willing to go back to hell again?

“But it’s not unsolvable. I can suppress the rejection of time…”

Naito looked at the pale face of Kuina, thinking in his heart that since they have already done this, there’s no reason to give up halfway.

In fact, Naito cannot only suppress the rejection of time; as long as Naito fully comprehends the ability to change the past, he can completely erase the rejection of time on Kuina, but it’s impossible now.

“So… Kuina, are you willing to leave with me and worship me as a Sensei?” Naito looked down at Kuina and gave her a choice.

In the original, Kuina was able to defeat Zoro many times. Naturally, her talent is beyond doubt, and her heart is indeed the heart of a powerful swordsman.

With such talent and a strong heart, Naito didn’t mind accepting an apprentice in this world.

This turn of events, whether it was Kuina or Koushirou, couldn’t help but feel surprised.

They originally thought that she would inevitably die again in the end. They never expected that death can be avoidable. What’s even more incredible is that Naito was even willing to accept Kuina as a disciple.

What is Naito really?

Some people may dare to think about how he’s the strongest in the world; others will think about how he’s the greatest swordsman of all time, but… Naito is something that many people won’t even dare to think about!

This choice was an easy one.

“I… I d…”

Kuina subconsciously wanted to agree, but then she paused and looked at her father next to her, who solemnly nodded his head in agreement.

Seeing how Kuina expected, Naito smiled at her slightly. Now that she has decided to be his disciple, Naito’s attitude towards her is naturally different.

Kuina had just been resurrected, so naturally, she should be given some time.

After pondering for a while, Naito said, “Then, three days from now, I will come here again, and you will leave with me.”

The moment his voice emitted, Naito and Ain’s figure suddenly became illusory and dim, then they disappeared out of thin air.

It’s not impossible to stay in the East Blue, but Naito doesn’t like being disturbed. He just wants to quickly understand the two abilities to change the past and changing the future.

Besides, since Kuina is already his disciple, when Naito decides to leave this world in the future, he will give her the opportunity to leave with him.

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