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T.S.H Chapter 613: Changing The Past

After coming to the world of One Piece, although most of the abilities have not been invalidated, some special abilities related to the soul couldn’t be used.

For example, the Shiko Fujin cannot be used in the One Piece world. Similarly, the Edo Tensei and other Ninjutsu like it cannot be used.

Naito tried it personally before.

But now, Naito, who has mastered the method of turning back time, wants to try it to see if this ability can be used the same way as the Naraka Path.


As Naito pointed out, the void suddenly trembled slightly, and ripples appeared instantly around it.

Immediately afterward, in everyone’s eyes, the area around the tomb suddenly appeared shocking and strange changes.

They saw the weeds that had originally grown on the edge of the tomb gradually shrinking, as if it is growing backward, all retracted into the ground.

“This is…”

When Koushirou watched this scene, a flash of astonishment suddenly flashed in his eyes. Originally, he was wondering what Naito wanted to do to his daughter’s grave.

From what it looks like now, Naito is using the ability to go back in time.

The ability to use time backward on Kuina’s grave, coupled with what Naito said before about he wants to do an experiment, made Koushirou’s eyes instantly reveal an incredible look.

Could it be that… Naito’s so-called experiment is…

When he thought of this, Koushirou could no longer keep his calm expression, and finally, he looked very nervous.

He didn’t know how Naito would choose Kuina or whether Naito could succeed. Because of this, he was extremely nervous and even a little hopeful.

In this sea, various devil fruit abilities emerge in an endless stream, and there are also many time systems, such as Ain’s Return-Return Devil Fruit, which can make time go backward.

But Ain’s devil fruit cannot bring the dead back to life. Otherwise, she would have been arrested by the world government long ago, and she would be specially used as a tool to make all Celestial Dragons immortal.

Resurrecting the dead is absolutely impossible in this world.


The person who uses this ability now is Naito!

Resurrecting the dead is a taboo domain, but Naito’s existence is also a god standing in that domain. Life and death are irresistible to mortals, but for the god-like Naito, it may still be reversed!

The void is distorting, and the waves are constantly rippling.

The image in the wave mark is constantly inversely transformed, just like a video playing backward. Soon, as the tombstone suddenly disappeared, the tomb begins to return to its unbuilt state.

Ain stood there beside Naito, watching this scene, and couldn’t help feeling shocked. She didn’t expect Naito to understate the so-called experiment as actually wanting to see if he can reverse life and death.

In fact, she can do everything he did up to now, and she can even make the tomb turn back to its unbuilt state instantly, but she cannot rewrite life and death.

Reversing life and death is definitely impossible.

Even Ain couldn’t help but watch with extreme nervousness at this time. Although Naito’s identity had been placed in the position of a god in her heart, she was still very nervous about things she couldn’t be sure of.


Soon, a light flashed, and the tomb had completely disappeared.

But at this moment, Naito’s eyes flashed abruptly, and suddenly he pointed at the image in the wave mark again.


Back in time is an ability that Naito has already mastered, but the ability to resurrect the dead isn’t actually the ability to go back in time. It should belong to the ultimate power of time and change the past.

Naito has always wanted to master the two abilities to change the future and changing the past, and he’s now trying to break the limitation of time rule to achieve this.

At this time, Naito, while using his time ability to fight against the rule of time, seemed to be fighting against the whole world.


Suddenly, Naito’s body surged with a powerful aura that suddenly spread in all directions, causing cracks to appear on the ground instantly.

Under this terrifying pressure, even Ain and Koushirou couldn’t help but step back, unable to withstand the terrifying pressure.

“Is this… the power of God?”

Looking at Naito’s back, Koushirou couldn’t help but look shocked. Just be sensing a little bit of it. It felt like the vast starry sky!

Under this kind of power, even he can only feel his own insignificance.

The aura that Naito showed was as if heaven and earth were about collapsed on each other.

Naito, at this time, had already returned to his heyday, and his power was enough to smash the world. If he hadn’t been forcibly controlling it, the surrounding space would have been shattered long ago.

It’s not difficult to crush an egg, but it’s extremely difficult to mix the yolk and egg white inside without crushing the egg or destroying the outer shell.

He’s doing such a thing now.

His power can easily destroy the world, but it’s very difficult to break the rules of time and rewrite them without causing damage to the world.


The picture in Naito’s eyes was different from anyone. In his eyes, the world seems to have become a strange plane, and this plane is composed of countless lines.

Among them, the most complicated line that touches all the lines is the line representing time. At that moment, Naito, with a low roar, forcibly suppressed all the other rules.


A short section of this line was suddenly distorted under Naito’s power.

“Is it still not broken? But this should be enough…”

Seeing that this line was only distorted for a short period, a ray of light flashed in Naito’s eyes, and then suddenly, he stretched out his hands.


This time, the frozen picture suddenly changed strangely.

In that scene, a short-haired girl with her eyes closed suddenly rose in the air, her whole body wrapped in a strange power, bathed in a golden stream of light, while floating upwards.

After floating in the air, Naito’s gaze also became very solemn, and suddenly he grabbed the void and pulled back.


It seemed that the space and time of the past and the present have been directly torn apart, and the figure of the short-haired girl Kuina has directly crossed the boundary of time, from the past to the present.

If you simply want to restore Kuina’s body, then, of course, you don’t need to go through some much trouble. You just need to simply used the time-reversed ability on the grave; even Ain can do it.

However, if you want to resurrect her, you must change the past, the past that represents her death, so you can also bring her soul back.

This process, even for Naito, was a bit troublesome.

But after all, it was done successfully.

“If we weren’t in this world, I could have used the Narak Path without going through so many troubles…”

Naito stood in the chaotic wave marks of time and space, allowing the power of those terrifying wave marks and space distortion to hit him, but his body didn’t change at all.

“This is the power of changing the past. It’s indeed a kind of ability that is almost taboo. In a sense, if it can be fully mastered, it’s even more power than my Shock Force and Swordsmanship.”

Seeing the girl, who was abruptly brought back to the present from the past, Naito muttered while she was closing her eyes tightly.

What he did just now was changing the past.

However, he did it by forcibly suppressing all other rules of this world with absolute power and then forcibly destroying space and time.

When he completely masters the power of changing the past, he would be able to do this kind of thing with just one thought.


The void wave mark continued to ripple around as if it was about to turn all the surrounding areas into chaos and then affect the entire world.

But at this time, Naito suddenly waved his sleeves, and the chaotic power of time and space that permeated the surroundings instantly calmed down, and with that, the unstable time and space were instantly suppressed.

More than that, as Naito’s sleeves flicked lightly, the broken ground in all directions began to heal quickly.

In the end, except that Kuina’s tomb had completely disappeared, everything around him returned to its original appearance.


Koushirou looked at the face that had flashed countlessly in his memory while floating in the air. He didn’t know when the corner of his eyes became moist, and his tone trembled slightly.

Kuina, who was suspended in the air, was only about ten years old. There was still no sound, no movement, and no reaction to Koushirou’s voice.

Seeing that Kuina didn’t react, and there was no sign of life, Koushirou’s face was full of sorrow.

Sure enough, even Naito couldn’t reverse life and death.

Not only Koushirou, but even Ain couldn’t help but look at Naito, showing a look of disbelief, “Did it fail?”

If Naito could do it, she wouldn’t be particularly surprised. On the contrary, if Naito couldn’t do it, she would feel doubtful. After all, in her heart, Naito was an almost omnipotent god.

Naito stood there, looking at Kuina, who was floating in the air, and without turning around, he said faintly.

“No, it worked.”

“It’s just the last step.”

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