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T.S.H Chapter 612: The East Blue

It has been nearly a month since Naito’s blow blasted the Grand Line and pierced half of its first and second half.

In this month, Naito’s power quickly recovered, and he had fully recovered to its heyday a few days ago. And coupled with the swordsmanship, he understood in this world and the ability to control time, it can be said that Naito is much stronger now.

In the past, if he wanted to destroy a world, he might not be able to do it with one punch. Now, if he wants to, he can split the planet in half with a single slash.

A few days ago, Naito had already prepared to leave.

However, what made Naito a little surprised was that when he stepped out of this world and walked into the Turbulent Space, he suddenly discovered that there’s not time rule in there.

In other words, the time ability he comprehended is completely ineffective in the Turbulent Space unless he can create it out of nothing and forcefully create a time rule in there.

Naito couldn’t do this temporarily.

In addition, Naito’s comprehension of the power of time in this world can be worthy of using time backward, time accelerating, time decelerating, and time standing still.

Naito envisioned that if this time ability has reached the extreme, the omniscience and omnipotence derived from it… will be, to change the future, change the past, which wasn’t mastered yet.

After he fully understood the basic abilities of the time system, he had already determined that his prediction was correct. When the power of time came to an end, It was indeed the two abilities to change the future and changing the past.

His time ability has always been comprehended under the time rules of this world. If he leaves now, he may encounter some accidents.

Therefore, Naito simply chose to stay for a while.

It just so happened that he still has things he wants to do in this world. Although he’s already indifferent to many things now, he still has a little interest in many things that exist deep in his memory.


East Blue.

On an inconspicuous island, a man and a woman were strolling around. The girl, dressed in delicate clothes, was closely following the man in front of her.

The young man was Naito, and the young girl is Ain.

Ain made such a choice. Naito naturally couldn’t simply leave her in this world, Naito told her about how he came from another world, and Ain was willing to follow him everywhere.

Naito had decided to take away the Fishman Island when he finally decides to leave, so naturally, it wasn’t bad to bring Ain too.

At this time, Ain was looking around the island with a look of pure curiosity in her eyes; she didn’t know why Naito came here and what’s special about the East Blue.

It seems that there’s nothing unusual about it.

Naito didn’t speak, and Ain was also very well-behaved and didn’t ask. No matter where Naito goes, she just had to follow, and she had no other thoughts.

As they walked, they soon came to a place that looked like a cemetery.

In this empty sea, there was a person standing quietly in front of a tomb. When Ain saw him, her pupils finally shrank slightly, revealing a hint of surprise.

“This person… is definitely not an ordinary man!”

Before when Ain releases her Observation Haki, she couldn’t sense his presence; now, when she saw him in person, she suddenly felt that there was an extremely powerful aura hidden inside of him.

After all, Ain nowadays is considered to be a top powerhouse in the sea, and she can naturally tell if a person is at the same level as her or stronger.

“Well, a guest is here.”

The man standing in front of the tombstone, wearing a pair of glasses and a long braid hanging behind him, seemed to have noticed Ain, so he spoke gently.

“This isn’t a good place to entertain guests. Please follow me to my Dojo.”

As he said, the man slowly turned around; he was Zoro’s master and Kuina’s father, Koushirou.

Naito was very curious about the identity of Koushirou in his previous life. Judging from his various pointers to Zoro, his understanding of swordsmanship is definitely not of an ordinary swordsman.

In addition, even the sword his daughter held was one of the 21 Great Grade Swords, so as her father, it’s impossible for him to be worse.

Now it seems that he’s really a great swordsman.

When Koushirou turned around, he had a gentle expression on his face, but when he discovered that there were two people behind him, he was immediately taken aback.

Because, in his perception, there was clearly only one person behind him!

Undoubtedly, at a glance, he was sure that the person with this strong aura he just sensed was the girl, but he couldn’t sense anything coming from the young man beside her.

It’s like he doesn’t exist at all, like a phantom!


When he saw Naito, Koushirouu was startled, and then he seemed to think of something and suddenly looked shocked.

Although he lived in seclusion in his Dojo and doesn’t ask about world affairs, the news of the world government and the Celestial Dragons’ annihilation was something that cannot be avoided!

“I didn’t expect it to be you. I apologize. It was really rude.” After taking a deep breath, Koushirou suppressed the shock in his heart and saluted Naito.

The world treats Naito as a god now.

Even though he’s also a great swordsman standing at the top of this realm, he’s only a mortal after all. When facing Naito, a sense of awe rose in his heart.

Not only was he in awe of Naito’s strength, but he also respected Naito for destroying the world government and annihilating the world’s Nobel, the Celestial Dragons.

“Unexpectedly, in the East Blue, the weakest among the four seas, there is a strong man like you…”

Ain looked at Koushirou saluting Naito but wasn’t surprised. In her opinion, in this world, anyone who meets Naito should salute. She was just very surprised by Koushirou’s strength.

Although she won’t know how strong Koushirou is and what abilities he has, at least in terms of aura, he must be a top-notch powerhouse.

“Thank you, but my strength is really not worth mentioning.”

Koushirou was both humble and truthful. Even if his strength is twice as strong, of course, it’s still not worth mentioning in front of Naito.

Moreover, Naito was revered as a god, and Ain, who followed him, was also the goddess of the world. Koushirou naturally maintained respect and courtesy towards Ain.

“I don’t know if your Royal Highness Naito came here thinking…”

After responding to Ain’s sentence, Koushirou looked at Naito with a hint of anxiety in his tone.

Naito appeared all of a sudden before him, and he doesn’t know why. Although he wasn’t afraid of anything, this was his Dojo. Even if he didn’t care about his own life, he still cared very much about the lives of his disciples.

With such an existence as Naito, it’s possible to destroy an island or even a piece of the sea if angered. Facing Naito will naturally make him feel anxious.

“Don’t be nervous. I just here to experiment with something.”

Naito, who hadn’t spoken all the time, finally spoke, but his tone wasn’t icy high above, but the same light and gentle tone.


Even though his tone was gentle, these words still shocked Koushirou. he went to the island where his Dojo is to experiment. This is obviously bad.

Koushirouu’s expression stiffened when he thought of what happened to Marijoa.

“This is… Kuina, right?”

Naito didn’t directly say what he was going to do but suddenly took a few steps forward and looked at the tomb next to Koushirou.

Naito’s words made Koushirou a little surprised. His daughter Kuina has been dead for a long time, and there are not many people who know her name. Unexpectedly, Naito, a god, actually knows it.

But when he thought that Naito was a god, he knew that everything was normal.

“It’s my little girl.”

Koushirou also turned to look at the tomb with a trace of sorrow on his face.

After hearing Koushirou’s reply, Naito’s eyes fell completely on the grave, his eyes seemed to see through the timeline, and countless images crisscrossed them.

“Then, let me see if the connection between time, life, and soul is what I think.”

The thought in his heart flashed by, and Naito, who had been wanting to try this out for days, directly raised his hand and pointed at the grave.

“Time… rewind!”

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