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T.S.H Chapter 611: New Era

It seemed like a slash, but it wasn’t entirely a slash. Although he seemed to use the void as a sword, he actually used the Shock Force. The “sword of the void” used by Naito is actually an ultra-high frequency. A manifestation of the Shock Force in the void.

It stands to reason that under such a strong shock force, space should have been broke directly, but it happened that under Naito’s control of the swordsmanship realm, the space that should have been broken was condensed into the form of a sword.

Although this sword has no entity, it’s based on the power of the Shock Force!


As soon as this sword fell down, a wave mark suddenly rippled away.

Time seemed to have stopped abruptly. And in the eyes of countless people, this sword seemed to be moving in slow motion.

If the slash speed of a sword could exceed the speed of light, how would it look like?

It’s this scene that is now present before everyone’s eyes!

Using his ultimate shock force and swordsmanship, the speed of the sword of the void surpassed the speed of light, and the moment it was released, the action was completed.

But because the speed was too fast, surpassing the speed of light, the movement of this sword seemed extremely slow in everyone’s eyes.

Whether it was one of the Gorosei or a Celestial Dragon, everyone’s expressions were fixed on their faces, their bodies were completely unable to move, but their consciousness was still there.

In other words, they were dead, but due to their confusion of space and time, coupled with the existence of their souls, they could see the scene before their death.


The sword slowly fell, and the space it passed through seemed to be suddenly compressed, turning into a flat sheet of paper, which was then cut by a slash.

This scene was extremely strange as if the world has been directly transformed from a three-dimensional one to a flat surface, and then under this slash, the whole world was directly divided into two from the middle!

This weird perspective can be seen not only by people in the Marijoa but also by the cadres of the revolutionary army in the distance, and even Raleigh on Sabaody Archipelago!

It was as if it was a divine power, forcibly turning the world into a piece of paper and then torn it in half.


Where the sword passed, a dark space crack suddenly appeared. This dark crack widened inch by inch, seemingly slow, but in fact, it was above the speed of light.

The Gorosei and even the Celestial Dragons were still conscious at this time, but they couldn’t move. They could only watch the dark cracks that penetrated the sky spread down.

Everyone’s hearts were filled with fear and despair.

This is the fear that naturally appears in the body and mind when facing a higher level of power and when a mortal faces the power of gods!

It’s like being transformed into a flat world, and this crack is opening a portal to hell…

If that feeling from before could be felt even far away on Sabaody Archipelago, then this crack was clear to everyone under the sky!

Not only the Sabaody Archipelago, but even further afield, you could see this black space running through the sky!


“This, is this a dream?”

“The World… was cut into two pieces by him?!”

On the Red Line, the cadres of the Revolutionary army in the distance watched this scene, and almost all of them subconsciously swallowed. They were shocked and stunned, and a kind of awe emerged spontaneously from their hearts.

At this moment, they didn’t even try analyzing how strong Naito is in their minds.

Just by looking at the scene from a distance, they could know that such a power can only be in a God. This is no longer the kind of power a human can have.

This is… the power of God!

It doesn’t matter whether Naito is a human being who stolen the power of the gods or he’s really a god that descended into this world. In their eyes, he’s an irresistible god!

The pitch-black crack ran through the sky, and the moment it touched the Marijoa, the holy land was directly annihilated and turned into power, swallowed by the power of space.

At this moment, the last ray of light flashed in the Gorosei’s eyes. It wasn’t fear, anger, or despair. It was disbelief!

No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible to imagine that Naito’s existence has reached such a level, a god who is above the world and can destroy it!

If they knew Naito’s identity, they would have ever offended him!

Offending the god will naturally end with death.

As for the Celestial Dragons, apart from being in disbelieve, they were all terrified. They wanted to shout out that they were the descendants of the creators of this world, but it was all in vain.

Not to mention that they can’t yell, but even if they could, it would have been ridiculous and even funny to say such a thing now in front of Naito.

Creators? Gods?

That is just a name you have given to yourselves!

Only someone like Naito, who possesses the absolute power that can truly destroy the world, can be regarded as a true god!

After the Marijoa was swallowed, the black crack continued to fall and forcibly divided the Grand Line into two from the middle!

And what was extremely strange was that it was different from when Naito shattered the space before. This time even though space was also cut, there was no violent tearing force coming from the space cracks.

As if this black crack is just a crack.

In fact, this is what Naito has just been able to do after mastering swordsmanship, or the ability to condense the power of “Slash.”

This sword not only slashed the space, but if you look through the black crack, you can even see what within it; the chaotic Turbulent Space was also cut open!

Although Naito has only recovered one-tenth of his power, to a certain extent, this one-tenth of his power is even greater than when he was in his heyday.

In terms of quantity, it’s still one-tenth, but in terms of quality, it’s greater. Although Naito’s power was extremely concentrated, it wasn’t as high as the current level of concentration.

This is Naito’s today. This is the real power!


The power of the space within the turbulent space surged at a high rate, filling the abyss that had been cut. The cracks traversed the entire Red Line, cut it off, and even spread across, reaching the Sabaody Archipelago, then finally began to heal.

The healing speed was very fast, and in a flash, the black slash that had cut the world disappeared.

Those who disappeared together with it were the Marijoa and… part of the Red Line!


The moment the space crack disappeared, the seawater surged widely, setting off monstrous waves, quickly filled the gap in the Red Line.

With this slash, Naito cut the first half and second half of the Grand Line!

“Sure enough, as expected, I have already achieved this level…”

Looking at the missing part of the Grand Line under his feet, a strange light flashed in Naito’s eyes, and he muttered to himself.

After comprehending the realm of the so-called swordsmen master and learned the true meaning of “slash,” although he knew that his power had become stronger and his attacks had become more cohesive, he still didn’t know exactly what extent he could achieve.

This was a small test.

“Well, the world government has been destroyed by me. I’m afraid that the plot of this world will have to be completely rewritten, but that has nothing to do with me.”

After he came back to his senses, he suddenly chuckled, showing an indifferent look. After he shook his head, his figure flickered in the void and disappeared out of thin air.

What was left was the untouched look of the surviving revolutionary army cadres in the distance.

Including Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army, the shocked expression on their faces was still frozen.


After this day, even though the pirates were still roaming on the sea, more than 200 countries quickly formed a new world government, and the marines still suppressed the world as if nothing had changed.

Although the are still pirates chasing Roger’s One Piece, the name of this era was no longer the Great Pirates Era.

Many people started to call it… The Era of Gods!”

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