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T.S.H Chapter 610: One-Tenth

On the Red Line.

Under Dragon’s leadership, the cadres of the revolutionary army have gradually sailed away; everyone’s hearts were heavy, and their expressions were also low.

But at this moment, one of them glanced at the back inadvertently and widened his eyes.

“What is that?!”

Although they were far away from Marijoa, these people were the best of the best at using the Observation Haki, and even their simple eyesight isn’t comparable to ordinary people.

The cadre of the revolutionary army looked at the direction of Marijoa in astonishment; the sky above the Marijoa seemed to be distorted strangely!

To be more precise, there seems to be a distortion in space!

The void suddenly rippled like water, and then under the shocked gazes of countless world government officials, including the Gorosei, space was distorted and turned into the shape of a person!

It’s like a completely transparent person, suspended mid-air, surrounded by space distortions, or that this person is completely integrated with space!

The cadres of the revolutionary army who were left couldn’t help but stop to watch this scene.

Even their leader, Dragon, stopped abruptly, turned his head, looked at the top of Marijoa, and locked his eyes on the transparent figure while his face was full of shock.

“Could it be that…”

Instantly, under the gazes of countless people in shock and disbelieve, this transparent figure, abruptly condensed, separated from space and seemed to be born again out of nothing.

It was Naito!

The loose white robe was inlaid with tomoe, but this time there seemed to be more than last time. Naito’s aura wasn’t weakened from this attack. In fact, this time, he was much stronger than before.

Suspended above, his aura seemed to replace the sky, and the dark clouds all around him seemed to tremble and surrender to his presence!

“How is it possible? How is that bastard not dead?!”

“Are you kidding?!”

The Celestial Dragon that was hit by him and others originally thought that Naito has shattered under the mighty power of that light.

But now they suddenly saw him appearing again, unscathed!

When Naito’s figure completely appeared, even the Gorosei couldn’t stop themselves from exclaiming.

“Such a devastating smite, he… he’s unscathed?!”

The Gorosei looked shocked and in disbelief, not to mention the other officials of the world government; almost all of them were stunned.

The cadres of the revolutionary army in the distance were also left dumbfounded.

Even their leader, Monkey D. Dragon, looked at the floating Naito in disbelief, he’s not only unscathed, but his aura seems to be even stronger.

This is impossible!!

It’s incredible that Naito came out unscathed after facing that kind of attack with a human body, unless… Naito is not a human!

Countless people looked at Naito with pale faces, but Naito ignored all of them. Instead, he floated quietly in mid-air. He didn’t look angry, nor did he looked excited, yet the smirk on his face was clear to everyone.

“This was unexpected. It was made from Natural Energy.”

The smite that was meant to kill him just now contained a lot of natural energy.

Natural Energy is the only kind of power that can merge and be used with the Six Paths Mode. If natural energy is added to a Ninjutsu, it will be a sage technique.

Moreover, the power of the Six Paths is actually constant compression of Natural Energy.

After he came to this world, and in order to recover his strength, Naito has been absorbing the Natural Energy between heaven and earth constantly.

The power of that beam of light just now was so powerful that it can even be compared with Gai’s Evening Elephant, and it can cause damage to a Six Paths person.

But… Naito’s realm is above the Six Paths Level!

Naito’s body has already reached the point where it could be ever-changing and could even be directly integrated into the void. Even if it contained Natural Energy, it could only be regarded as a Six Paths’ attack in the Shinobi World, and it has no effect on Naito.

Not only did it not work, but the Natural Energy contained in it was directly absorbed by Naito and became a tonic for him to restore his power.

Natural Energy cannot be extracted in the Turbulent Space. Once you attack with all your strength there, your energy will continue to wear away, but in this world, even if you attack with all your strength, your energy will not wear out, but it will still maintain the balance.

Now that Naito has recovered his power and has almost reached one-tenth of that of its heyday, his recovery rate now will be greatly increased, and it will not take him long to fully recover.

In fact, as long as his power isn’t lost to less than one-tenth, he can quickly recover.

Naito chased Momoshiki in the Turbulent Space, and in the end, he almost exhausted all of his strength, so it took him some time to recover.

“It’s really an unexpected gift. I didn’t think that you would help me recover some of my strength. Now I have to thank you all for it.”

Naito hovered in the air, lowered his head to look down, and his eyes fell directly on the Gorosei.

It was just a simple look, without the slightest power, but the Gorosei felt as if hell opened its gates and swallowed them in!

Naito said that lightly, but all the Gorosei could hear him clearly.

The five of them were almost stunned for a moment, and then they all showed a look of horror and disbelief while looking up at him.

He restored some of his power?!

What does this mean?!

In other words, he’s not even in his ultimate form?!

If someone else said something like this here, the Gorosei wouldn’t have believed it; Naito was unscathed after facing their smite head-on. This alone let everyone feel chills in their hearts.

It’s impossible for human beings to resist that kind of attack, let alone survive it unscathed!

Recalling the power Naito showed, if that is not his true strength, then how strong Naito really is?!

Thinking of this, the Gorosei looked horrified. After glancing at each other, they knew that there was only one answer for this situation.

Regardless of whether what Naito said is true or false, they had to fight back!


The five roared in unison without caring about how much energy they were mobilizing, and the sky above that was filled with thick dark clouds split again, and there seemed to be another golden beam of light brewing.

Naito raised his head slightly, glanced at the sky above, and then suddenly shook his head as if completely losing interest.

“You’re going to do it again? It’s a pity that I don’t need to absorb that little amount of natural energy anymore.”

Upon saying this, Naito lowered his head again and looked down at Marijoa from above with an indifferent stare, as if a god was overlooking the world of the mere mortals.

“I’ll let you know what real power is.”

The moment his voice emitted, Naito suddenly raised his hand and grabbed the void.


Silently, the void that seemed to have become in the grasp of Naito’s hand, distorted, then transformed into the shape of a sword that was lightly held by Naito.

He seemed to be holding a sword, but it gave people a feeling that he was actually holding the substance of the world!

In the next moment, Naito, grasping the void, waved his hand, slashing down the Marijoa below!

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