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T.S.H Chapter 609: Disappear

Marijoa, the Gorosei were gathered together at this time, looking at Naito in the distance.

Among them, there is a group of lights shining with strange colors. It seems that its power has affected the weather and gathered that bright beam of light that penetrated the sky and earth.

“Let’s start.”

One of them spoke sharply.

Although it’s too close to the Marijoa, there’s no other way. There’s no way to keep Naito away from this land. Moreover, even if it’s close, the destructive power of the Nirvana (the ancient weapon) will cause no aftermath.

Nirvana with wipe out everything it touches completely from heaven and earth, just like water evaporating into gas, but even gas won’t exist.

“It’s ready!”

The other four Gorosei also knew that there was no delay. Although Naito had stopped outside Marijoa for now, he has already dealt with Kong. And no one knows when Naito will rush into the Marijoa.

Therefore, in this case, there’s no time for hesitation.

Almost in the next instant, a slender light suddenly split from that bright beam of light.

After this slender light split out, it rose up against the wind, began to grow bigger and bigger, and got more and more dazzling, and then was instantly shot toward Naito’s direction.


After this beam of light burst out, the luster of the previous beam that was penetrating the sky seemed to have dimmed a lot, and its width also seemed to have shrunk and finally disappeared completely.

It was like a big river that was suddenly stopped flowing in one direction and completely changed its course.

And this source of this stream rushing towards is undoubtedly the place where Naito is.

The speed of this light burst isn’t fast, not even as fast as Kizaru, but the frightening thing is that when it erupted, it contained a force that seemed to be able to suppress the heavens, making it feels impossible to hide from!

At the moment when the beam of light erupted, a strange light suddenly flashed in Naito’s eyes, and there seemed to be a hint of surprise on his face.

This is…

Although it was far away, Naito’s astonishment still fell into the Gorosei’s eyes, but their eyes were full of cold stares.


No one knows who said between the five, but at the same time his voice emitted, that bright beam of light finally completely enveloped the place where Naito was standing and instantly bombarded it.


This is not the sound of a roar of an explosion but a horrible annihilation force that seemed to cause ripples and waves to appear in the void. When this beam of light touched the Red Line, there was no explosion in that area, but it was an instant smite!

Wherever the light goes, almost no force can stop it. The water, the ground, and even the air were smitten. It wasn’t shattered into pieces or turned into dust. It got completely disappeared.

It’s the same case when something touches the Truth-Seeking Ball!

At this moment, almost everyone near the Red Line was looking at this bright beam of light. Even the people in the Sabaody Archipelago could see it clearly.

“This is bad. I really underestimated the determination of the world government… I didn’t expect that they would do this for the sake of the Celestial Dragon.”

Rayleigh’s expression was extremely solemn, and his tone has become extremely low.

Shakuyaku had already thrown her cigarette away, the look in her eyes was deep, and she said in a heavy voice, “No, maybe, it’s not because of the Celestial Dragons, but because the world government has long wanted to get rid of Naito.”

“This power is absolutely unstoppable…”

Seeing this bright beam of light, Rayleigh shook his head and remembered that the black material that Naito used before could swallow all kinds of attacks.

That black substance seemed to be able to block any attack, but under this kind of power, could Naito really be able to block it?

Rayleigh didn’t know the answer.

Finally, the beam of light between the sky and earth broke out completely, just like the sun above the clouds, it suddenly fell down, and wherever that dazzling light went, it turned it into a silver-white world.

This light is far more dazzling than Kizaru’s ability, and one can’t help but close his eyes looking at it.


There were no roars or explosions. When everyone opened their eyes again, the beam of light seemed to have completely disappeared.

The scene just now seemed to be an illusion, and some people even wondered whether it really existed.

However, in Marijoa at this time, all the officials opened their eyes, and they all saw the real horror that was caused.

They saw the area in front of Marijoa, with Naito as the center; tens of thousands of meters around him have disappeared out of thin air!

On the Red Line, there appeared a huge hole that almost completely penetrated the ground. The depth was bottomless, and the ground and stones in it had been completely gasified!

As for Naito, it seems that under this power, there wasn’t a piece of him left.

“Is this the power… of the ancient weapon?”

One of them looked at this scene in shock, his mind went blank, and he couldn’t help but mutter these words to himself.

On the other side, Moneky D. Dragon and his cadres, who were already preparing to leave the Red Line at this time, couldn’t help but stop.

All the cadres took a deep cold breath. If this has caused a roar of an explosion, it wouldn’t have been so terrifying, and many devil fruit abilities would have been able to stop it or at least evade it.

However, this kind of vaporization energy seemed to be able to wipe out everything, and it’s not something that humans can resist!

Naito’s figure has completely disappeared, and it looks like he has been annihilated by the world government.

“Let’s go.”

Dragon couldn’t help but look back and take a deep breath. After that, he turned around and took a step forward without looking back.

At this time, the Gorosei were also looking at the tens of thousands of meters of land that had directly disappeared in the distance with cold stares.

“Did he die?”

“Under this kind of power, no matter what ability he possesses, there’s absolutely no resistance.”

“This is the end he chose.”

“Next, it’s time to clean up the mess.”

The five spoke to each other, and then each took back their gazes, ready to quickly clear up the turbulent situation that had occurred due to Naito and take this opportunity to expand the power of the world government.

However, almost when the Gorosei stopped paying attention and were about to turn and leave, one of them inadvertently glanced at the area that was wiped out and suddenly widened his eyes.

“Wait, what is that…?!”

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