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T.S.H Chapter 608: Smite


It was a magnificent place, with jasper bead curtains everywhere, golden shining buildings; it was a true paradise.

This is not the office of the world government officials, but the place that belongs to the world’s nobles, where the Celestial Dragons lived.

“What? The three admirals and the fleet admirals were defeated by that arrogant guy?! What a bunch of trash!!”

A Celestial Dragon with bruises and bandages all over his body was lying there with a furious expression, accidentally opened his wounds by shouting, and suddenly groaned with pain.

He was naturally the Celestial Dragon, who was beaten by Naito.

Although these Celestial Dragons are all waste, their physical strength and vitality are very good. Although Naito didn’t use any strength, it was enough to kill many people. If it was an ordinary person, he would have died.

“What’s the matter? Can’t the entire marines stop him?”

Besides the lying Celestial Dragon, a much older noble looked shocked.

“No wonder the Gorosei chose to use that thing to obliterate him. He’s an extremely dangerous guy who dared to ignore our world’s noble status, and he shouldn’t exist in this world at all.”

“Father, what is that thing you’re talking about?” His other son next to him asked.

He fell into deep thought, then turned his head to look at the sky above, and said solemnly, “This is what makes us rule the world. It’s the ancient weapon left by our ancestors, the creators of this world!”

“Although the entire marines can’t take down that guy, who offended us, he’s still going to kneel down before us. It’s impossible to threaten us the descendent of the creators of the world!” He said proudly.

According to the legends left by the ancestors, unless it’s a god, no one can fight against this ancient weapon they left behind.

Is Naito a god?

This kind of thought didn’t even flash in his mind. At this time, he had already sentenced Naito to death.

Compared to him, his two sons are obviously not quite clear about the power of that ancient weapon, but from their father’s tone, they could also tell that it’s very powerful.

“It sounds like it means that the pariah who offended us will soon face a miserable end.”

The Celestial Dragon who was standing next to him had a strange, cold grin on his face, which looked extremely evil.

Lying on the bed, the wounded Celestial Dragon opened his mouth with a hideous smile, “I, I must cut that pariah with a thousand words and turn his corpse into pieces of rotten flesh!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll see it soon.” He turned to his son with a dark sneer on his face.

It seemed that Naito, who dared to offend them, was already killed.

At this moment, outside Marijoa.

The dark clouds covering the entire Red Line were so dense. At this time, you could feel a heavy pressure in the air, even from the Sabaody Archipelago, which is still far from the Marijoa!

The terrifying aura seemed to have enveloped the entire world, causing countless people to feel inexplicably anxious.

In the Marineford, Garp, who didn’t go to attack Naito with Sengoku, was sitting there with a low face, but the next moment, as if he felt something, he stood up suddenly, and the expression on his face changed drastically while looking at the sky.

To be more precise, while looking at the sky above the Marijoa.

“This feeling, is it?”

Sabaody Archipelago.

Aokiji and the others, who were bombarded by Naito and flew out of the Sabaody Archipelago, were originally going to fall directly into the sea. Fortunately, Aokiji barely managed to not lose his consciousness and froze the sea before diving into it.

Among the group, Sengoku’s situation was the best, but he was also wounded, still immersed in the horror he just experienced facing Naito’s overwhelming power.

Suddenly, a depressive and heavy aura enveloped him, causing Sengoku to raised his head and look at the distant sky.

“Could it be?”

As if thinking of something, the expression on his face changed drastically.

Red Line.

In the distance, standing in this position, you can only see a dark shadow of the Marijoa.

But at this moment, there were a dozen people standing in this place, and a powerful aura was surging out from all their bodies.

The leader was the most powerful.

Surprisingly, it’s Garp’s son, Luffy’s father, leader of the revolutionary army, Monkey D. Dragon!

“Unexpectedly, he managed to push the world government to such an extent, and the power they had hidden for eight hundred years was finally used.”

With a solemn expression, Dragon looked at the Marijoa in the distance, and at the same time, looked at the sky that was enveloped by thick dark clouds that were exuding a strong depressive atmosphere.

Standing next to Dragon were some cadres of the revolutionary army.

“Sir! Isn’t this the best opportunity?”

“Yes, taking advantage of the world government situation and how they’re fully focused on Naito, we can…”

“We can’t!”

Dragon said solemnly, “In such a situation, it’s better not to do anything. It’s not yet the right time.”

“Look carefully. The world government is going to use their absolute powerful weapon. I don’t even think that Naito can survive this.”

His voice was matched with a clap of rumbling thunder, and the scene was controlled by silence for a while. Everyone stopped talking and looked at the Marijoa in the distance.

And almost at the same time.


The thick dark clouds in the sky trembled abruptly as if the entire sky was about to explode!

Immediately afterward, a bright, almost indescribable light flashed in the sky and then fell suddenly!

At this moment, even if you’re in the Sabaody Archipelago or in the Marineford, you can see it clearly, as if the light was tearing the sky and shattering the ground.

“This is the world government.” Seeing this scene, Sabo, who stood beside Dragon, couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Even if it was far away, he could feel its mightly force that seemed to penetrate the sky and earth.

“Sir, is this the king of three ancient weapons?” One of the other cadres of the revolutionary army was also shocked and couldn’t help but ask.

“Who knows?”

Dragon didn’t answer but shook his head.

There seemed to be a trace of excitement in his eyes, and all kinds of emotion were gathered in his heart.

“What happened in the lost hundred years in history? How could the world government rule the world? What are the three ancient weapons, and how did they get lost? I’m afraid not many people can answer these questions.”

“But it will eventually be revealed one day!”

Looking at the bright beam of light containing terrifying power, Dragon took a deep breath, then shook his head and said, “Let’s go!”

This sentence immediately made the others stunned.

“Are you leaving now?”

“Don’t you want to watch?”

Several cadres immediately asked subconsciously.

“No need.”

Dragon shook his head and said, “With this level of power, unless Naito is a god, there is no possibility of survival.”

“But don’t lose your faith because no matter how strong things are, they still have weaknesses. Once the time is right, all history, together with this sky, will be completely overturned!”

Taking a look at the dark clouds above their head, Dragon directly turned and walked away.

The cadres glanced at each other, then they all followed, but some people kept turning back, looking at Marijoa in the distance and the beam of light piercing through the sky and earth.

Such a scene is too shocking. Even if they are all strong people, their hearts couldn’t help but tremble.

“This kind of power is indeed no longer something a human can resist.”

“It’s a pity that we haven’t had time to contact Naito. His power could have been a decisive point in overthrowing the world government, but it’s all over now.”

Many cadres sighed in regret.

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