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T.S.H Chapter 607: Kong

He was in the Sabaody Archipelago a moment ago, and it was a matter of a moment before Naito appears in Marijoa.

Even if Marijoa and Sabaody Archipelago are very close, the speed is still too scary. Even if it’s the ability of Kizaru, which is close to the speed of light at close range, he must rely on the refraction of light to cross a long distance. He can’t just flash directly from Sabaody Archipelago to Marijoa.

“He has come, so what would we do?”

An official of the World Government said while his forehead was overflowed with cold sweat.

The dignified world government is facing its biggest enemy, and ironically, it was just one person. This is simply unprecedented in history. Even the revolutionary army led by Monkey D. Dragon won’t dare to fight the world government head-on.

“This is the world government, and it’s also the holy place, Marijoa. This old man will never allow any damage here!”

A gleam of light flashed in Kong’s eyes, and a touch of fortitude was felt in his tone. Even though this incident made him feel helpless, a character like him has already determined that he will stand with the world government, and nothing will change his position.

For him, even though the Celestial Dragons are arrogant and disturbing world peace, the existence of the world government is the foundation for suppressing the peace and stability of the world.

If the world government doesn’t exist, then the world will be completely chaotic, and the order will be destroyed.

Naito came to Marijoa, and there was no doubt about his intentions, either to attack the world government or to kill the Celestial Dragons.

Either way, as the Commander-in-Chief, it’s impossible to let Naito act as he wants.

However, thinking of the strength that Naito had shown before, Kong’s heart throbbed. As he walked out of Marijoa, he couldn’t help but glance at the highest point of the world government behind him.

“I may not be able to stop him for long, I hope, if they started it sooner.”

After taking a deep breath, Kong walked directly out of the world government and then suddenly flickered a few times before coming to an open space in the Red Line and finally stopped.

The location where Kong was standing is behind the world government, and not far in front of him, a figure walking slowly, step by step.

“The world government, commander-in-chief, Kong?”

Naito looked at Kong faintly. Although this person didn’t make many appearances in the Original, he still left an impression in Naito’s memory, so when they met, Naito could recognize him directly.

The moment he set his foot on Marjoa, he had already sensed several powerful auras within the world government, one of which belonged to Kong.

In addition, they belong to the Gorosei and some characters that seem to have not appeared in the original.

The aura of the Gorosei isn’t much stronger than that of Kong, nor is it much stronger than the admirals. But their aura felt the same way as the old man Whitebeard.

Being able to sit at the core power of the world government, in this world where the strong is respected, the Gorosei are naturally not weak. In fact, some of the Gorosei are former Admirals and Fleet Admirals.

Relying on strength, step by step, they finally stepped onto the core of power.

However, they are also old, older than Garp, Sengoku, and others. At such an age, how much strength they can have, whether their strength was weakened due to aging, no one knows, because the Gorosei has been sitting since-ever in that position and never had to act on their own.

Naito can only roughly guess the strength of these people through the perception of aura. Their specific abilities and level can only be seen in actual combat, but the problem is that even if the Gorosei are strong, it doesn’t make any difference to Naito.

Unless they have stepped into the Six Paths level and have an immortal body that can ignore time, aging, they’re just ants.

“I wanted to see you a long time ago, but I didn’t expect us to meet in such a situation.” Kong took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

“Is that so?”

Naito stopped and spoke casually.

Kong couldn’t help but widen his eyes at that moment. The scene in front of him was completely bizarre. Naito was walking before but not on the ground; he was stepping on the void!

Naito can float in the air and can fly, but Naito was still more accustomed to walking while using the power of space to move forward.

If he takes one serious step, he can cross the end of the line of his sight.

“Do you know what will happen if you stop me?”

Naito looked at Kong lazily, as if he was looking at an ordinary person, instead of looking at Kong, the Commander-in-Chief, who is second only to the Gorosei in power and control of the world government’s entire army.

This lazy faint look on his face hid behind it unbelievable oppression, and the terrifying pressure has even made the ground under him crack!

Is this caused just by his imposing?!

Sensing the aura surging out of Naito’s body, it felt as if it is above everything else, like a huge mountain towering over the clouds. Even though he has seen countless strong people, Kong’s heart couldn’t help but throb again.

Watching something on-screen and experiencing it yourself is completely different.

Although in all kinds of intelligence and reports, Kong knew that Naito was very strong, he was still shaken by Naito’s aura when he faced him.

However, he was still the commander-in-chief after all. He instantly calmed down, and with a firm posture and solemn expression, he spoke awe-inspiringly.

“The existence of the world government is the foundation of peace. No matter who it is, this old man will never allow him to threaten the world government!”

“In that case…”

Naito’s aura was originally as heavy as a mountain, but the moment his voice emitted, it suddenly changed from heavy to fierce!

It felt as if aura have controlled the field, turning it into hell!

If ordinary people stand here, they may even directly experience various horrible hallucinations and get scared to death.

Even King was affected by it.

Of course, it’s impossible to overwhelm a character like Kong with aura alone, so in the next moment, Naito moved his hand, and a Truth-Seeking Ball hovering beside him flew directly toward Kong.


Kong watched Naito’s battle with the Admirals in Sabaody Archipelago until the end. These black balls ignored the mentalization and completely wiped out Akainu’s arm. So he knew that he shouldn’t let these black balls touch him.

Without hesitation, Kong dodged it sideways, then went forward without retreating, and with a dashing jump, he was already in front of Naito and then blasted him with a fierce punch.

However, in the face of Kong’s punch that was enough to smash a big mountain, Naito didn’t even look at it. He just glanced at the world government in the distance casually. At the same time, the second Truth-Seeing Ball beside him moved forward and turned into a curtain separating him and Kong.

Kong reacted extremely quickly, and immediately retracted his punch, and then used Soru and flicked behind Naito, and another fist fell.

However, Naito didn’t mean to turn around at all, and the third Truth-Seeking Ball instantly turned into a curtain blocking him again.

The Truth-Seeking Balls’ speed movement and transformation rate weren’t fast, but it was enough to block him before he launches an attack.


This time, because the distance was too close, although Kong reacted and immediately tried to retract his arms, he still scratched the edge of the Truth-Seeking Balls.

With just such a light wipe, the Busoshoku Haku covering his fist dissipated. Although both were black in color, they were two completely different things.

One is made by condensing all-natural elements in addition to the Yin and Yang Release, and the other is just an application of the body’s aura.

The two aren’t comparable at all.

Instantly, Kong’s fist disappeared out of thin air, and not a trace of blood did fall on the ground.

This time, Naito wouldn’t be merciful to Kong like he did with Sengoku and the others. He suddenly raised his arm and elbowed him backward without turning his head back.


His elbow smashed the void, but it seemed to have smashed it into pieces as if it was a mirror. The void shattered instantly, and the curtain of the Truth-Seeking ball naturally shattered too.

A horrible Shock Force blasted out like a ruin.

What is shocking is that the void didn’t crack only, but it also shattered, revealing a dark dimension behind, which are, in fact, spatial cracks!

Naito used all of his strength just now, and it seems that with the power he just recovered, he could already shatter the space!

Under the power that surpassed the Whitebeard and directly shattered the space, even though Kong covered his whole body with the Busoshoku Haki, there was no resistance at all.

At the moment he was exposed to this terrifying Shock Force, what moved in Kong’s heart wasn’t horror but bitterness.

Such terrifying power.

If the world government was destroyed by Naito, would this be good or bad…


Kong was destroyed by a single blow and turned into nothing!

After directly blasting Kong, Naito ignored the horrified world government officials in the distance and gently raised his head to look at the sky above with interest.

“I didn’t expect this world to have this level of power. Just simple fluctuation would affect the weather?”

At this moment.

The sky above the Red Line was already covered with dark clouds.

Thick dark clouds enveloped the entire Marijoa, the aura that was brewing was extremely terrifying, and it felt that once it broke out, it would completely destroy the world!

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