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T.S.H Chapter 606: Marijoa

Both Shakuyak and Rayleigh know what kind of power the world government has, but Naito is the strongest in the world, after all. They thought that as long as Naito doesn’t pick a head-on fight with the world government, it would be difficult for them to stop Naito.

But looking at it now, it’s clear that the strong world government has encountered a stronger Naito.

One person has set up a posture that is almost evenly matched to the world government that has controlled the world for eight hundred years. This simply something no one has ever thought would happen!

Shakuyaku lit up another cigarette and took a puff.

“Could it be that their 800-years of legacy will be overthrown by him alone?”

“It might happen…”

Rayleigh calmed down slowly and took a deep breath.

Although Naito’s strength turned out to be completely beyond his expectations, the world government that has ruled the world for hundreds of years isn’t a soft persimmon.

No one can predict what will happen next.

Compared with the complicated thoughts of Shakuyaku and Rayleigh, Ain’s thoughts were much simpler. Apart from joy, there was worship in her heart.

She is a disciple of Zephyr. Of course, she has always been in awe and admiration for the trio, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu. And now, after she saw how Naito easily defeated them, Ain wasn’t at unease; on the contrary, she admired Naito even more.

This world is a world where the strong respect the stronger. Although some people will sympathize with the weak, more often, they respect the strong.

After he blasted the four away with one move, Naito’s figure appeared again.

But it was no longer in the same place but floating high several hundred meters in the air, looking at the direction of the Marijoa from a distance.

And there was an evident hint of interest in his eyes.

“This power fluctuation… is a bit interesting. Is this the king? One of the three ancient weapons? Or some other power?”

After he murmured, there was a touch of mockery on his face. No matter which strong weapon the world government hides, it’s nothing more than a toy in his eyes.

Although his power hasn’t reached the level he once achieved, he’s a God who is above all in this world. Even if he only recovered less than 10% of his power, it’s enough to crush everything.

Therefore, even though the Marijoa at this time exudes a terrifying aura of horror, there’s no trace of fear in his eyes, nor any thoughts of retreating in his mind. Instead, he took a step forward.


Instantly, Naito’s body disappeared in the void, and when it reappeared, he had already descended on the Red Line continent!

I front of Naito is the center of the world government, Marijoa!

Those who were still in a daze of the marines’ defeat only woke up when Naio was already gone.

No one spoke.

But everyone’s eyes were filled with deep shock and fear.

It’s not just them, the movement of this battle was really big, and there were still many civilians and pirates who couldn’t escape, so they witnessed this battle.

As early as when Naito easily crushed Sengoku and the others, the news had spread all over the world. The Shichibukai and even the remaining of the Yonko in the new world all received the news at the same time.

For a time, countless people lost their voices.

With his own strength, Naito defeated the strongest main force of the Marines, which is almost equivalent to defeating the entire Marines solely!

They originally thought that even if the world government couldn’t suppress Naito completely, this will take more than a battle over the years to finally solve the conflict.

After all, Naito is the strongest in the world, and the world government and the marines will inevitably end up in a lot of trouble fighting with him.

However, no one expected that Naito would easily defeat their main force.

This is simply incredible!

The storm is getting worse and facing Naito, whose personal strength has pierced through the sky and reached an almost unbelievable level. What can the world government do next?

Many people’s gazes began to shift from the Sabaody Archipelago to the Marijoa.


The Red Line, Marijoa.

At this time, the world government was expecting chaos, and the Marijoa, seemed to be under heavy pressure.

This pressure didn’t come from Naito but seemed to come from within the Marijoa. It felt as if a wild beast that had been sleeping for hundreds of years has suddenly woke up.

Not to mention those ordinary officials within the world government, even those who had extremely high status, and others who are equivalent to admirals had an extremely solemn expression.

“Is it going to start?”

“The Ancient Weapon… once used, the weather on the entire Grand Line may be impacted, and even the windless zones will become stormy.”

One of them anxiously looked up at the depth of Marijoa.

“Once the windless zone is affected, and all the Sea Kings come out, the situation will get serious, but the current state of affairs has reached the point where it must be used.”

The other person spoke in a deep voice. Of course, those who stayed in the Marijoa were paying attention to the battle of Sabaody Archipelago, and the result there shocked everyone.

This kind of terrifying strength has long surpassed the Whitebeard at his peak, and it’s kind of ridiculous that he managed to fight entire Marines on his own!

Can human beings have such power?

Obviously, Naito isn’t a human being. He’s a complete monster!

To deal with this kind of monster, it’s impossible to deal with it without using your ultimate weapon. If Naito isn’t dead, the threat he will cause may be far more than affecting the weather of the Grand Line.

Besides, the ancient weapons are only mentioned in the legends. Many people haven’t seen it. They have only heard of it—the talk about how it can affect weather might also be a legend.

“Where did this Naito get such terrifying power? It’s unbelievable. He’s completely a humanoid monster.”

“Even the Whitebeard wasn’t this strong.”

Several officials took a deep breath, yet there was still a trace of fear in their eyes.

But at this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed, looking at the live video of the Sabaody Archipelago, a look of panic appeared on his face.

“Look! Naito… is gone.”


Everyone was taken aback and quickly looked at the screen. Sure enough, they couldn’t see Naito there.

They searched the entire Sabaody Archipelago, but they couldn’t find Naito. It seemed as if he left the place instantly.

“He… Where did he go?!

“He’s already here.”

Suddenly, a calm and deep voice emitted.

Everyone looked back together, and they saw an old man with a very strong body, a bit like a Garp, in the hall.

The world government, commander-in-chief, Kong!

Kong used to be the former Fleet Admiral. At that time, Sengoku was only an Admiral. Later, he was promoted as commander-in-chief, and Sengoku took the position of the Fleet Admiral.

Because it was long ago, even before the Great Pirate Era, before Roger, the Whitebeard, and Shiki, no one knows how strong he is.

But the only thing that is certain is that in this world where the strong are respected, the person who was the Fleet Admiral that ordered Sengoku and Garp around is definitely not weak!

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