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T.S.H Chapter 627: Ace And Blackbeard

The Great Line, Banaro Island.

This is an island near the middle of the first half of the Grand Line, and on the island at this time, a world-shattering battle was taking place.


Fiery golden flames rose into the sky, and as if they were going to burn the entire island to ashes, it swept in all directions.


The monstrous pitch-black flog rose up on the horizon like a curtain, deiying the sky in black.

“Ace, it would be a pity if you die here. Join us.”

Blackbeard Titch, who was covered in black mist, said while laughing out of the madness.

The White Beard Pirate still encountered the Darkness Devil Fruit. The difference is that person who found it wasn’t the captain of the fourth division, Thatch, but an ordinary member of the second division.

However, as far as the Blackbeard is concerned, for the sky of obtaining the Darkness Devil Fruit, whether it was a captain or an ordinary member, he still killed him.

In addition, Ace wasn’t the only one looking for Blackbeard, Marco the First division captain, and the third division captain, Diamond Jozu, also came in pursue.

The three of them together looked for him separately.

This time, when he was distracted, Ace had the opportunity to contact Marco and Jozu, but if he doesn’t catch him, he wouldn’t be Fire Fist Ace.

Therefore, it was once again a duel between him and Blackbeard.

“This is the end, Blackbeard.”

Ace didn’t hesitate and replied with a pair of eyes burned with decisive flames.

Upon seeing this, Blackbeard finally gave up on luring Ace, knowing that it was impossible soliciting him.

“It’s a pity, Ace. I’m going to bury you in the darkness!”


The darkness and the flames collided.


The Age of Gods, the end of the first year.

Fire Fist Ace and Blackbeard Titch met on Banaro Island, and the first was defeated.

Blackbeard Titch caught Ace and gave him to the Marines, which shocked the Marines’ upper ranks.


“This bastard Blackbeard Titch, what is he trying to do?!”

The Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, groaned then slammed the table fiercely.

“Although he offered to give him in exchange for being one of the Shichibukai, his real purpose shouldn’t be this. The Shichibukai now is only a name.”

Great Staff Officer Tsuru sat there at the shaking table, with a calm expression on her face, gently taking a sip of her cup of tea.

The Shichibukai was proposed by Sengoku and implemented by the former world government.

Since the destruction of the world government, this system has actually existed in name only. Although more than a hundred countries have established the new world government with the support of the Marines Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the newly established world government dominance was far from being comparable to the previous one.

If it was said that the Shichibukai previously would give the world government a bit of face, then now, it’s a fantasy dream.

The current world government is focusing all of its force to suppress the revolutionary army and has no time to take care of the sea.

“We have three options.”

“First, let Fire Fist Ace ago, second, execute him secretly, and the third, execute Ace publicly.”

After the Great Staff Officer Tsuru took a sip of tea, she put down the cup, stood up, and with a serious expression, she spoke solemnly.

Letting Ace go is tantamount to showing weakness to Whitebeard, and Sengoku didn’t consider this option even for a second.

Secretly executing him will prevent a head-on conflict with Whitebeard.

Once Ace is dead, Whitebeard will focus on the Blackbeard since he caused his death.

But even so, it’s impossible that the Whitebeard will completely ignore the fact that the Marines killed one of his sons. Even if he won’t fight them head-on, he would still destroy several marines’ strongholds.

As for the third option, it would completely break out war with the Whitebeard.

“Damn it!”

Sengoku knew he couldn’t take the first option; thus, he clenched his fists and hammered the table, and then a flash of sternness and determination flashed in his eyes.

“Since we have to do it, let’s do it thoroughly!”

“The Age of Gods… it’s said to be the most chaotic era! If this continues, sooner or later, the entire world will fall. Only the Marines can bring the balance to this era!”

Sengoku raised his head with resolute and determination on his face.

“Have you decided yet?”

Hearing Sengoku’s words, Tsuru also looked solemn.

Sengoku took a deep breath, nodded, and said, “No matter how much it will cost, it must be done!”

“Then… Fire Fist Ace will be executed publicly at the Marineford!”

The moment he shouted this order, the sound of the floor cracking emitting outside the room.

There was an old man standing outside the door. He was about to go in, but when he heard the order, her turned around and left.


Naito’s World.

This world was constructed by Naito. It wasn’t in the form of a planet, but a large area, about one-fifth of One Piece’s world.

This is also the limit that Naito’s current strength can create and endure.

The sea area and the land area were almost equal to each other.

In the center of this world, there was a grassy area with a strange luster that only Naito or the people, who he gave permission can step into it.

In the sky, there is an empty floating island. The size of the empty island can cover one-third of the sky in this world. The size of this island can cover one-third of the sky in this world, and it’s just not too big, not too small.

However, compared to the world, it was, in fact, very big. At least the Skypieans didn’t realize that they were no longer in the One Piece’s world anymore.

Other than that, it was Fishman Island.

The Fishman Island was directly placed on the shallow sea beach and not on the bottom of the sea. Nothing can harm them while they’re here in this world.

“This seems right.”

Floating in the sky, Naito nodded while Kuina and Ain were standing next to him.

After the initial shock, this wasn’t surprising anymore to the two girls.

Speaking of it, watching the world being built from where they were standing wasn’t an ordinary feeling.

If it weren’t for Naito, they wouldn’t have dreamed of living such an experience.

“Unexpectedly, it took such a long time to settle the Fishman Island…” Ain standing aside, couldn’t help but say.

Skypiea was only moved from a sky to another soundlessly. People of Skypiea don’t go to other places; thus, they never noticed the difference. But the Fishman Island was on the bottom of the sea, and Naito wanted to put it beside the beach of the shallow sea, which is, of course, different.

Speaking of it, Naito was really catching the mermaids, but he wasn’t a slave seller. He actually caught the entire island, if you think about it.

Neptune, of course, didn’t refuse this because he naturally can’t.

On the contrary, Shirahoushi was rejoiced by the news, and she even encouraged Naito to put the Fishman Island beside the shallow sea’s beach. Compared to the deep sea, she really loved the place.

“It took a long time, but it’s pretty, isn’t it?” Naito was also quite satisfied with the new placement.

Except for one thing, the original bubble is gone.


Naito pondered.

Naito could create a plant that specializes in making these bubbles and even directly constructs a rule to this world.

But this is obviously very troublesome. One Piece World has the ready answer, which is the Sabaody Archipelago. This was what Naito wanted to take last.


Sabaody Archipelago.

In the Age of Gods, in the chaotic sea, there were still countless pirates roaming.

Although the first half and the second half were opened up, Sabaody Archipelago was still a place where all the pirates must gather. Corresponding to Loguetown, it was another starting island.

He, the eleven members of the new nova with bounties of over 100 million and have conquered the first half of the Grand Line, are gathering here at this time.

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