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T.S.H Chapter 626: Destroyed

“Boss, these humans are weird.”

By this time, most of the Murlocs were already shocked, none of them dared to attack again, and they all turned to look at their leader.

After a bit of hesitation, a sharp look appeared in his eyes, then he shouted in a deep voice, “Stay back, let the sea kings eat them!”

By this time, it was obvious that he didn’t care about Kemi anymore.

In the eyes of these ferocious Murlocs, it was worthwhile to sacrifice the life of Kemi to kill these humans.

At the order of their leader, all the Murlocs immediately fell back.

Instantly, the sea kings that surrounded them all roared and rushed over one by one, opening their huge mouths only seconds before swallowing Naito and his party.

“It seems that these guys aren’t good people after all.”

Kuina looked at this scene with a calm, cold stare in her eyes.

“Let me handle it. We don’t want to turn this place into a sea of blood.”

Ain grabbed Kuian’s arm and spoke softly, and then with a light wave of her hand, several pink halos suddenly flew out in all directions.

These halos didn’t change in the air, but the moment they entered the sea, they seemed to be contained and began to decay rapidly.

In a mere second, the pink halos reached the bodies of those giant sea kings and disappeared completely.


A pink halo light suddenly covered their bodies, and then they disappeared out of thin air in an instant!

“Huh? It turned out that these guys aren’t too old. I didn’t expect them to disappear directly.”

Ain was a little surprised. She originally thought that these sea-kings were very old, and coupled with the restriction of the seawater, she urged her ability to the maximum, but she didn’t expect to directly erase their existence.

Ain was originally slightly surprised, but she quickly recovered her calm. However, the Murlocs had their eyes widened instantly, with stunned expressions.

“What is going on?!”

These giant sea kings disappeared out of thin air! Are you joking?!

Is this a dream?!

The field fell into a weird silence for a moment. This time all the Murlocs seemed to have entered a petrified state, falling into a dilemma. No one knew what to do or say.

Naito never turned to look at these Murlocs from the moment they appeared. However, he suddenly glanced in a certain direction, then smirked, revealing a slightly mocking expression.

“The last time I came to the Fishman Island, I forgot about you, the most capable Fishman…”

Naito caught a glimpse of another group of Murlocs rushing here from a distance.

Naito had a slight impression in his memory of the Murloc leading them.

It seems to be that the captain of the new Fishman Pirate Group is Hody Jones, who killed the mother of Shirahoushi, Princess Otohime, many years ago.

After Fishman Arlong was defeated by Luffy’s gang, a new pirate group was formed by the Murlocs, and their main targets were the ordinary human pirates who passed through the Fishman Island to expand the power of their new pirate group.

In the original work, when Luffy arrived at Fishman Island, they had a force of 100,000.

Of course, one hundred thousand people, in Naito’s eyes, aren’t much. Even a million won’t do in his face.

The Fishman Island is quite beautiful, Naito is going to take it to his own world, but these Murlocs who like to mess things up, well… they can go to hell.

Finally, after a moment of silence in the court, a group of Murlocs in the distance finally appeared.

And they were headed by Hody Jones.

“Boss Hody.”

Shocked by Kuina and Ain, the Murlocs who didn’t know what to do for a while saw Hody Jones and the others swimming toward them, and they suddenly came back to their senses.

“You… why are you here?!”

“Why am I here? You can’t even handle a small matter, trash!”

Hody was very dissatisfied with the number of human slaves caught in the past few days, so he came to inspect them in person today. Unexpectedly, he found that his subordinates were confronting several humans at a distance.

This is a great humiliation for Hody, who thinks that Murlocs are better than any other race, and especially that Murlocs are completely superior to humans.

“You can’t even handle a few humans?!” Hody didn’t even look at Naito and the others but looked at his subordinates with an angry expression.

“Boss Hody… These guys aren’t ordinary humans!” The subordinates were all trembling with fear and couldn’t help but explain.

Hody became angrier when he heard this. Just he was about to explode, a Murloc next to him suddenly poked him, and at the same time, he whispered.

“Boss Hody… Look at them, that human seems to be…”

There seemed to be a hint of inexplicable fear in the Murloc’s tone.

At this time, Hody finally turned his head and looked at Naito and his party. The moment he saw Naito, he suddenly narrowed his eyes.

As the captain of the Fishman Pirate Group, he tried to conquer Fishman Island first and then conquer the world. Of course, he could recognize Naito?

Since Naito destroyed the original world government and cut open the first and second half of the Grand Line, the pirate force on the sea suddenly broke out.

Although the name of this era has been called the Age of Gods, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the most prosperous period of the Great Pirate Age.

The newly formed world government of more than one hundred countries deployed extremely strong troops at the gap in the Red Line that Naito opened up to defend and prevent the pirates from entering the new world and contain the power of the pirates.

They couldn’t allow all the pirates to flood into the new world.

Many powerful pirates tried hard to break through, and some of them succeed, but others couldn’t.

There are also some weak pirates who were unwilling to directly conflict with the New World Government, so they still took the route of the Fishman Island, which is 10,000 meters under the sea.

Anyone who chose such a route naturally knew the legend of Naito. Thus, after coming to Fishman Island and get caught by Hody, this information reached the latter.

In addition, Naito was also the protector of Fishman Island, so none of the previous slave traders and pirates dare to easily invade the island like they used to do.

In this way, Hody is no stranger to Naito.

But, even after knowing all of this, Hody had no awe of Naito. In his opinion, he was just named a god because of those human pirates. They are just weak.

And he himself is stronger than those human pirates, so Naito that these people are afraid of is probably just average.

At this moment, a Murloc standing next to Hody hesitated, then couldn’t help but whisper as he asked, “Boss, what shall we do?”

“Kill them.”

Hody said calmly.


The Murlocs next to him instantly widened their eyes, thinking they had heard it wrong.

“I said, kill them! Is there any problem?!” Hody glanced at his crew members around him coldly.

These Murlocs were all frightened by Hody, but they were indeed not as lawless as him. After all, they were somewhat afraid of Naito’s name, so they all froze there, at a loss.

Upon seeing this, Hody got mad.

“You guys, are you afraid of a human being?!”

“You thinks he’s a god?! He’s just slightly stronger than an ordinary human being. If you think about it, we, the stronger race, should be gods above all humans!”

Hody yelled, then suddenly took out a handful of weird pills and swallowed it fiercely.

Watching this scene, the other Murlocs were immediately taken aback, and all we silent.

“Power… a steady stream of power is surging inside my body…”

“Join me to kill that human being. Then no one will dare to stop us. By then, the Fishman Island will be mine, then the world!”

Hody clenched his fists, and blue veins popped in his arms, throbbing with terrifying power, then a touch of evident madness appeared in his eyes.

Watching this scene, the other Murlocs looked at each other, swallowed, and then gritted their teeth, and all followed Hody.

Kuina put a hand on the hilt, then suddenly turned her head to look at Naito and whispered, “Master, is it okay to kill all of them?”

“No problem,” Naito responded faintly.

After getting Naito’s permission, Kuina’s eyes were cold. No matter how arrogant these Murlocs are, she wouldn’t be angry; however, she would never tolerate humiliating Naito.

Those who dare to insult Naito, whether it’s humans or any kind of creatures, will be sent to hell by her sword!


Kuina’s sword was suddenly pulled out, and then she lightly swept it while her hair danced gently in the opposite direction, connecting into a beautiful circle.

Then, Kuina gently put the sword back into the scabbard.


This is the sound of the sword entering the scabbard, and it’s also the last sound emitted in this area. Other than that, all other sounds disappeared instantly.

The silence controlled the field.

Finally, after a long while, a faint voice emitted.

“Let’s go to Fishman Island.”

This was Naito’s voice. Instantly after this voice emitted, the space around Naito, Ain, and the other suddenly became illusory, then the group disappeared out of thin air in the sea.

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