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T.S.H Chapter 625: Conflict

“Is that the Fishman Island?”

Standing next to Naito and Ain, Kuina looked at the huge bubble that seemed to be close and couldn’t help but feel surprised.

The Fishman Island is indeed as beautiful as the Sabaody and Skypiea.


Naito nodded slightly.

Kemi turned around and turned with a happy face as she completed the task: “We’re here!”

The sea outside Fishman Island was so clear, and there were countless fish swimming, large and small, many of which are extremely large, but they were in a state of peaceful coexistence with each other.

Naito didn’t go directly to the Fishman Island but stood there and examined the surroundings, wondering where to take this sea area away too.

After all, Fishman Island is different from Skypiea. The white sea is a very special thing; sure, Naito can also create it, but why bother? He thought he can just pack it up and take it.

However, if it’s just ordinary seawater, this seems unnecessary.

This was the plan, but if he were going to take the Fishman Island directly and put it into his world, he would scare the residents on the island, so it’s best to say hello to Neptune first.

Thinking of this, Naito was about to enter Fishman Island.

However, almost when Naito was about to take Ain and Kuina directly into the Fishmen Island, a large group of huge sea kings suddenly appeared from one side.

This large group of behemoths suddenly surrounded Kemi. Of course, it was very frightening, so the little girl subconsciously retreated to the rear and fell into the waterless area around Naito.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Ain patted her shoulder lightly, smiled at her, then a slight coldness flashed in her eyes as she turned to look to the sea kings surrounding them.

Kuina’s hand has been pressed on the hilt, showing a slight sense of vigilance.

In the face of so many huge sea kings, despite her strength, Kuina, who wasn’t as familiar as Ain, was a little nervous and unnatural.

On the contrary, Naito, facing these sea kings, there was no expression of alertness.

The sea kings surrounded Naito and the others, and then a strange voice emitted.

“Boss! Only people, no ship!”

“Did their ship got destroyed by the ocean current? Interestingly, they still managed to reach the island without the ship. They were lucky.”

Several ferocious Murlocs appeared on the head of the sea kings, looking at Naito and his party.

Suddenly someone spotted Kemi, and he was a little surprised and said, “Boss, there is a mermaid!”


The octopus man in the lead was also taken aback. After seeing Kemi, he suddenly looked angry.

“Damn you! So you humans want to secretly catch mermaids, you’re one of those guys that sell slaves?!”

The Murlocs got more ferocious, especially when they thought they were here to catch the mermaids. Although their relationship with the mermaids isn’t very good, they belonged to the same race after all.

The leading octopus man looked angry and said, “In this case, you don’t need to be imprisoned. You will be directly executed on this spot!”

“Wait! I wasn’t caught by them!”

Seeing how things got escalated quickly over a misunderstanding, Kemi tried to clear things out, but she was a little bit panicked, “You need to stop this. They are the quests of his Majesty the King!”

Unfortunately, since Kemi looked a little scared, but these Murlocs thought she was being threatened by Naito and the others, and they all became angrier.

“Don’t worry, we will save you from these humans.”

After one of the Murlocs roared, he rose up directly from the head of the sea king, holding a trident, while rushing towards Naito and the others.

Kemi is a mermaid and doesn’t need air, but these humans will be immediately be crushed in the water if they lose air.

The Murloc’s plan was very clear; burst the huge coated bubble around them so that Naito and the others would die instantly, then save Kemi.

However, when his trident pierced the “coated bubble,” it was instantly blocked by a sword.

Said it’s a sword, but in fact, it’s only a scabbard.

Kuina didn’t even pull out her sword. She just blocked him using her scabbard.

At this time, Kuina didn’t know the relationship between the Murlocs and Kemi, so she didn’t kill him immediately.

“Hey, you’re misunderstanding. We aren’t here to catch mermaids.” After she blocked his attack,  she spoke to him with a serious face.

Kuina was calm, but the Murloc was surprised.

“This human… is weird!”

He’s a Murloc, his own wrist strength is ten times that of a human, and the power he can exert in the sea is far more than a human.

However, he slashed with all his strength, but he was easily blocked by the female human in front of him without even pulling out the sword.

This scene naturally fell in the eyes of other Murlocs, and they couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“It seems that these humans aren’t normal. No wonder they could survive without a ship and even caught a mermaid.”

“Attack them together!”

Under the order of the leading Murlocs, all of them rushed out while waving their weapons.

From the beginning to the end, Naito didn’t even have any desire to shoot. He stood there indifferently; however, the stare in Kuina’s eyes was so cold, and she suddenly drew her sword out.


As soon as Kuina’s sword was out of its sheath, there was a silver sword aura that suddenly formed an arc.

This silver arc just passed all the weapons in their hands, and instantly all the weapons in front of her were cut into two.

“I have already said that were are not here to catch mermaids. Do we need to say it a third time?” Kuina cut off all the Murlocs weapons with one strike, then put her sword back into the scabbard, and said with a cold stare in her eyes.

The whole audience was silent.

These Murlocs were all taken down by Kuina’s sword.

Although her strike didn’t harm them, only cut their weapons, the surrounding seawater suddenly formed an arc, and the scene was very shocking.

More importantly, at this time, these Murlocs were shocked to discover that there were no coating bubbles around Naito and the others.

If there were a coated bubble around them, that silver arc would have definitely burst, but there were no movements in the air around Naito and the others.

At first, they didn’t see clearly, but now they took a closer look. There is no coating bubble!

How in the world are they breathing!

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