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T.S.H Chapter 624: Kemi


Ain had been here several times. This was the first time for Kuina, but she was obsessed with Kenjutsu, sure it was amazing, but the strange scenery didn’t shock her.

Naito didn’t board the Sabaody again but was about to directly enter Fishman Island. The last time he went to Fishman Island, he didn’t know the specific location. This time knew the way and directly used his space ability.

However, just when Naito was about to take Ain and Kuina to the Fishman Island, he glanced below, then couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“What… a coincidence.”

Seeing what was happening in the depth of the sea, Naito couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

Ain and Kuina noticed Naito’s expression and couldn’t help but look underwater, but the two of them didn’t see anything.

“Let’s go.”

Naito, who chuckled lightly, stepped into the water and directly led Aina and Kuina below.

After diving into the sea, the water was drained dozens of feet away.

Ain had gotten used to it by now, and Kuina was only a little surprised and then came back to her senses. Compared with what Naito had done before, this kind of little thing wasn’t surprising at all.

The difference is that the speed of this drive is very fast. The surrounding scenes are almost constantly flashing and changing like a slide as they sank for several kilometers in a moment.

At this time, seven kilometers below the sea, a mermaid with a graceful figure was chased by an ordinary sea king.

This ordinary sea king should be the smallest in his kind, but even the smallest was much larger than a mermaid. And this single mermaid was obviously not enough for a meal.

It seemed that this mermaid was treated as a snack.

The speed of this mermaid was fast, but the sea king was also fast, and under the horrifying opening of his big mouth, the swaying ocean current made it difficult for this mermaid to escape.

Almost when the mermaid was about to be swallowed in one bite, a white streamer suddenly appeared above and flashed instantly like a falling meteor.


The moment that white streamer stoped, an icy force suddenly rippled away, and the surrounding sea, together with the sea king, was instantly frozen.

Only the mermaid survived, but at this time, she still looked frightened.

The stream of light that fell was naturally Naito, Ain, and Kuina.

“Ah, we met again.” The moment she saw the mermaid, Ain couldn’t help but show a look of surprise on her face.

“Ai… Ain?!”

The mermaid gasped in shock, then turned her head to look over and saw Naito and Ain at a glance.

Surprisingly, it was the mermaid Kemi who was rescued by Naito from another sea king last time.

Unexpectedly, they actually met again under the same circumstances. Although she wasn’t eaten by the sea king this time, this coincidence left Naito a little bit dumbfounded.

In fact, it wasn’t so coincidental this time because Naito took a look before jumping into the water and saw Kemi being chased by the sea king, so he went straight down to help her.

Speaking of Kemi’s experience in life, it is really interesting. She often gets eaten, and after being eaten, she will be saved somehow every time before being digested.

“Why are you here? Are you going to Fishman Island?”

Kemi looked very surprised. She didn’t expect to meet Naito and others here again.

Although it has been a long time since they met last time, the impression that Naito and Ain left in Kemi’s heart cannot be more profound, and she certainly can’t forget it.


Ain nodded at Kemi and smiled slightly. She still has a good impression of Kemi, the cute little mermaid.

Kemi nodded in the same way, with a dull expression on her face, and then she seemed to have realized something and made an exaggerated expression instantly.

“Ah! I forgot I should salute!”

Kemi didn’t know what Naito did on the sea, but he was feasted on by King Neptune and later become the protector of Fishman Island.


Kuina was speechless while watching from the sidelines. At first, she felt for Kemi, the mermaid, since she was almost eaten by the sea king. Then she could help but think of how cute she was, watching how she acted so nervously.

Even Naito was helpless. Fortunately, he was used to Kemi’s character. In addition, although her thinking was a little jumpy, which makes people unable to keep up with her, she could still fall into the category of “cute” after all.

“Naito-Sama, do you need me to show you the way?” Kemi, who seemed to finally know what to do, saluted Naito respectfully and then said.

Naito smiled and shrugged at her casually.


Kemi chuckled, shook her cute little tail, and led Naito and the other to dive deeper.


Ten thousand meters below the sea.

This is the place where Fishman Island is. When you reach this place, it will be no longer dark, and the light will shine up every corner.

Fishman Island is actually very big. It’s said that it’s 10,000 under the sea, but in fact, the upper end of the island is 10,000 meters.

At this time, near Fishman Island, there was a group of Fishmen patrolling.

“Have you seen any humans?”

“Not yet.”

“It seems that few human pirates came here today. It’s a bit difficult to deal with Boss Hody, but thanks to him, we have also caught many human pirates.”

An octopus-like Fishman standing on the head of a giant sea king raised his head and said, “As long as we keep this going, our new pirate crew will rule the world sooner or later!”

Hearing these few words, the Fishmen around him all joined and responded.

At this time, one of the Fishman’s eyes lit up, staring in one direction, then he reached out and pointed with his hand, shouting, “Look over there!”

“Oh? Is that another human pirate?””

The leading octopus-like Fishmen suddenly smirked and shouted at the sea king he was riding, “Quick! Stop them before they escape!”

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