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T.S.H Chapter 623: Pack

If Naito met Luffy and the others earlier, maybe he would be interested in chatting with them for a while; however, the current Naito isn’t very fun of small talks.

Long after Naito’s disappearance, the kneeling Skypieans stood up one after another, looking at the restored Angel Island with great joy.

After that, Naito never appeared again.

As for the two girls, Ain and Kuina, they were naturally worshipped as the two messengers of God. Ain was okay with that, but Kuina felt a bit uncomfortable.

A few days later, Luffy and his gang left Skypiea.

And when Luffy and the others used the octopus hot air balloon to float down from Skypiea to land on Jaya, in a void somewhere close to that area, Naito suddenly opened his eyes.

“Are they leaving?”

It wasn’t until Luffy, and his friends landed on Jaya below that Naito glanced at the surrounding scenery.

Naito was going to take the Angel Village but didn’t want to take Luffy and his friends with him too. He was too lazy to send them out, so he just waited for a bit.

This waiting was like a minute to him. He who mastered the power of time can either slow it down in his dimension or even speed it up.

“Then what follows…”

Naito’s gaze seemed to have directly crossed an unknown distance. Not only did he put the Angel Island and the holy land Vearth in his eyes, but his sight also crossed the white sea and saw other empty islands in the distance.

He looked as if he was calculating something, and when his eyes stopped flickering, his expression suddenly became solemn, then he stretched out his hand and gently held it in the void.

“Kami, Amenominaka!”


The Angel Island and Earth, as well as the area where the White Sea is located in a radius of nearly a hundred miles, trembled suddenly for a moment.

Almost all the creatures in this area felt strange, but they couldn’t tell what was wrong, and they all looked around strangely.

After discovering that there seemed to be no change in the surroundings, many people regarded it as an illusion.

Only the two girls, Ain and Kuina, reacted at the same time when they felt the trembling of the void.

After he restored Angel Island, Naito didn’t reappear. Kuina and Ain didn’t know how to find Naito, so they had been waiting for his call.

Now that they felt this sudden trembling of the void, the two girls were sure that the cause of it is Naito.

After, there’s no doubt that the only man who’s capable of such a thing in this world is Naito!

“What is master doing?!”

Kuina looked around in confusion, she didn’t notice any strange changes, and Ain also didn’t notice any changes.

Just when two girls were puzzled, an illusory shadow appeared in front of them, and then it became solid instantly.


Seeing Naito appearing, the suspicion Ain felt in her heart subsided.

“Let’s go. We’re leaving.”

Naito didn’t say what he did, just smiled at the two girls, and then waved his sleeves towards the void beside him, and a black space channel opened.

Seeing this spatial passage, Ain and Kuina felt even more strange, but of course, they would never question Naito and directly followed him in.

Soon, the two women followed Naito and appeared on the other side of the space channel.

On the other side, a clear blue sky appeared above their heads, and distant clouds beneath their feet, it seemed that they suddenly came to a place more than 10,000 meters higher.

However, bother Kuina and Ain weren’t ordinary people. After a bit of astonishment, they immediately reacted. This isn’t a higher place. It’s still the white sea of 10,000 meters in the sky!

The distant cloud below is obviously not a 10,000 meters White Sea, but 7,000 meters one, and the two girls in this area feel a very familiar feeling.

Although the environment has become different, the two almost feel the same. This place… seems to be where Angel Island and Vearth were before.

However, the Island Village and Vearth that she be located here disappeared!

Together with the White Sea, the entire place disappeared!

In addition, the two women came here after walking through the space channel created by Naito. They also thought of the spatial tremor that they felt suddenly before. The two women almost thought of something at the same time, and their faces were instantly dull.

Could this be…

As if he read their minds, Naito smiled at the two and said, “You seems like you’ve realized it, yes, this where you were before.”

It’s just that the empty island and the white sea that were here before have been taken into my world.”

Naito spoke casually, but Kuina and Ain, even though they knew Naito’s power, couldn’t help but feel stunned.

It would be too unbelievable to take an island and a piece of the sea away!

In fact, this is what Naito just displayed, The Amenominaka.

The Amenominaka forcibly pulls a person or a group of people into the user’s space, and Naito’s power has surpassed Kaguya. He cannot only pull people into his own space but even an island or the sea itself.

Naito wants the Fishman Island and the Sabaody Archipelago. Naturally, it was going to come to this.

Fortunately, Naito had already been placed in the position of an omnipotent god in the girls’ hearts. Although they were stunned, Kuina and Ain quickly adapted to it.

Levitating in the sky under Naito’s power, Ain looked at the clouds under her feet and then asked softly, “Naito-Sama, where shall we go next?”

“Fishman Island.”

Naito didn’t expect that Luffy and his gang would still go to Skypiea. The plot seems to haven’t been changed when it comes to them. In this case, there might not be any changes, and perhaps the war will also break out.

If this is the case, the Summit War of Marineford is the best stage for Kuina to be the world’s number one swordsman. Otherwise, if she’s going to fight in a deserted place where no one is there, even if she wins, she wouldn’t be recognized by the entire world as the world’s greatest.

Kuina’s goal was to become the strongest swordsman and make her name be heard in every corner of this world, and Naito naturally doesn’t mind helping her.

Of course, all of this will take place after going to Fishman Island. Ain and Kuina didn’t mind going, so they went down, passed through the clouds, and finally landed at sea.

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