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T.S.H Chapter 622: Miracle

It felt like being in a world of fantasy, walking on the surface of the White Sea. In the Shinobi World, it’s not that Naito has never been above the clouds; however, it doesn’t have a white sea 10,000 meters in the sky.

Skypiea is divided between islands clouds and sea clouds. The islands and the various buildings inside it are built out of clouds. The white sea clouds have the same characteristics as the seawater, but it is lighter.

Naito suddenly appeared on the White Sea out of thin air, and the clouds rippled continuously under his feet. Due to its hovering, the water fell into the huge hole left by the disappearance of Angel Island.

Looking down from this huge hole, you still can’t see Jaya 10,000 below because the depth of the hole was only 7,000 meters.

Three kilometers apart.

After taking one step to the edge of the hole, Naito felt as if thousands of images were circulating in his eyes, then he suddenly stretched his hand and stroked the huge hole lightly.

It was this simple. It looked as if he was wiping off the dust, which directly caused the huge hole to suddenly wobble for a while.

This wave mark instantly enveloped the entire hole, and a strange force suddenly rippled away.

Naito’s hand fluttered lightly as if it was touching an invisible thread, and in an instant, he came in contact with the most chaotic force in this world, time.


Almost instantly, the expansion of the black hole suddenly stopped, and the white sea clouds that poured down began to flow backward abruptly!

This entire Angel Island was covered by a strange force of time going backward!

If it were Naito who hadn’t recovered his peak, it would have been impossible, but for the current Naito, this was an easy thing to do.

In this world, Naito really loved Skypiea, Fishman Island, and Sabaody Archipelago. The scenery of these three islands is like a fantasy wonderland, which Naito wants to take away with him.

Skypiea is large, and it contains several islands, but Naito wasn’t planning on taking all of it away. From Naito’s point of view, Angel Island is already good enough, but it happened to be destroyed by Enel.

In this case, Naito didn’t mind restoring it.

For Naito, it was as simple as pouring out a glass of water.

As a result, under the shocked gazes of countless people, the Angel Island that was destroyed by Enel, under the power of time backward, was completely restored!

Enel’s Raigo was naturally restored as well, but at this time, the huge Thunderball was fixed on the top of the island.

Upon seeing this, Naito stopped the flow of time and waved lightly at the huge Thunderball.


It was as if a stain was wiped off; the huge Thunderball disappeared without leaving a trace instantly!

If Kuina cut it easily in half and let destroy the island, then the case with Naito was even simple, which showed how big the gap between the two is.

Moreover, in this instant, the completely destroyed island was restored out of thin air. If Kuina’s power can be described as monstrous or invincible, then Naito’s power cannot even be described!

Because… this is simply a miracle!

“Such a large range of time going backward, this is the true power of Naito-Sama. I really can only look up.”

Ain had been following Naito for a long time and was the first one to come back to her senses. However, even she couldn’t help but sigh. Her eyes were filled with endless respect and worship.

In fact, her ability can also restore Angel Island, but the problem is that she can’t apply her force to cover the entire island all at once.

If she would restore it, it will take her a long time to recover it little by little.

“It seems that Master likes this island very much.”

Kuina looked at the fully restored Angel Island from a distance and couldn’t help but smile.

Except for the two women, Kuina and Ain, who were just a little surprised, the other didn’t take this very well.

Usopp’s chin fell and almost touched the ground; he simply couldn’t believe what he was watching and couldn’t help but break his nose to see whether he was dreaming or not.

The expressions of Luffy and Nami were similar; even though the latter has heard of the legend of Naito, seeing him restoring the island out of nothing with her eyes, she was still shocked.

Only Robin could remain calm, but her eyes couldn’t conceal her shock, and she muttered subconsciously.

“This is his power.”


Zoro didn’t know when he put his hand on the hilt.

He wasn’t hostile to Naito, but when he heard that Naito is Kuina’s master and saw how young he looked, he was a little bit unconvinced, but now…

Zoro’s goal is to be the world’s strongest swordsman, not to kill God, so he remained silent and kept his composure.

The other side.

Whether it was the Skypieans or the Shandia people who lived on the island for generations, they were shocked for a long time and couldn’t come back to their senses.

They even knelt down directly, bowing towards the direction of Angel Island to the man who saved their island, Naito.

If one person kneels down, there will naturally be two and three people.

Soon, almost all the inhabitants of Skypiea, including the former ruler, the “God” Gan Fall.

Skypiea calls their supreme rulers by God, which is actually equivalent to the king of emperors of countries in the East Blue.

However, the thing that Naito did just now is without a doubt a real miracle!

Then Naito, without a doubt, must be a god!

In the eyes of these people in Skypiea who often pray to the gods, Naito is one that descended to save them.

Facing God, they were truly grateful.

Naito, who restored the Angel Island, didn’t respond to the Skypieans kneeling but instead glanced at the Straw Hat gang in the distance.

“They’re still here if that’s the case…”

Naito seemed to be thinking about something, and then he looked like he has made up his mind and nodded.

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