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T.S.H Chapter 629: Clearance

“Ho… Captain Hawkins!”

Someone’s eyes widened with an almost unbelievable look, and they couldn’t help but tremble.

At this time, Hawkins finally raised his head.

The moment he looked up, Hawkin’s pupils also shrank.

It turned out to be… him?!

In the middle of the street, and before Hawkins, a man dressed in white was walking slowly.

However, he didn’t walk toward them; he was just roaming around.

He didn’t look like much.

Even the people who were walking past him didn’t notice him. However, Hawkins, who was preparing to pass through the Strait of Gods and head to the new world, naturally recognized him. How could he not?!

He’s the reason that strait was called the Strait of Gods.

The man, the man who destroyed the government, and the make of the Strait of Gods… Yuu Naito!

No one, even Hawkins, wouldn’t think he would end up meeting Naito here, and the so-called dangerous man would be him out of all people!

This is even more incredible than meeting the Whitebeard or one of the Admirals in the street!

At this moment, almost all the pirates who could recognize Naito had their eyes widened, and their whole body was shaking in fear.

Although Naito didn’t reveal any killing intent or oppression aura, that calm and carefree presence what made them all tremble in fear and put them under pressure!

“Ha… Captain Hawkins…”


One of them trembled at Hawkins, but he reached out and interrupted him.

“He shouldn’t be here for us… It’s just that fate has been completely disordered. This is the first time I have encountered such a situation.”

At this moment, even Hawkins couldn’t calm down because the fate he saw was already in chaos.

It seems that after Naito was involved, fast was twisted and collapsed!

Looking at Naito from a distance, Hawkins’ forehead was overflowing with sweat.

Fate doesn’t apply to gods… what should he do then? Pray?!

The other side.

Naito didn’t care about Hawkins and his crew. He wasn’t here for them at all. At this time, after walking a few steps, Naito suddenly stopped, and a strange color flashed in his eyes.

“He’s really not here anymore… Silvers Rayleigh.”

He originally came to Sabaody Archipelago to search for Rayleigh’s whereabouts. As a result, even though he looked in every building using his perceptual, he couldn’t find him.

It seems that Rayleigh has left Sabaody Archipelago.

In addition, Naito also saw the news about Ace’s public execution.

It seems that some things have been changed because of him, while other things didn’t.

Naito didn’t come here specifically to find Rayleigh. His purpose was Sabaody Archipelago.

“Let’s clear then scene first.”

Naito glanced around randomly, and only then he looked in Hawkins’ direction, but he was randomly scanning the place without any intentional eye staring.


It was terrifying!

It wasn’t Haki or aura. It was another kind of terrifying pressure that directly pierces the soul. This faint glance made him feel for a moment the burning heat of hell!

Hawkins felt this way, but his subordinates behind him felt much worse. Everyone was sweating profusely, and others were even weakened and couldn’t help but kneel down directly.

There were some people who didn’t believe it at first; they simply couldn’t believe that they could really meet Naito. They thought he was just similar, but now it seems… to be really him!

Under Hawkins and the others’ gazes, Naito, in the distance, suddenly raised his foot.

Then, it fell lightly.


When Naito’s foot fell down, the ground under him didn’t break apart, but the entire island seemed to be suddenly alive, and it jumped up abruptly.


It felt as if Sabaody Archipelago had a heart, and it suddenly started beating. Under this shock, almost everyone bounced off their places.

“What happened?!”

This time, except for Hawkins and his crew, almost all people on Sabaody Archipelago looked at their feet in shock.

Suddenly, they all lost balance and were knocked off their feet, which is simply stunning.

The ground… felt alive?!


When everyone was still confused, a second shock followed.

Sabaody Archipelago suddenly was trembling. Under this shock, everyone, including the supernovas, couldn’t maintain their foothold and were knocked off the island!


The first shock wave was very weak, it just bounced most of the people up, but the second directly knocked them off their feet. As for the third, a lot of people were knocked off the island and fell into the sea.

At this moment, everyone who jumped into the sea was in a daze while looking at the Sabaody Archipelago ahead.

“Damn it!”

“What’s going on?!”

“Is this some kind of an ability?”

The supernovas, including Straw Hat Luffy, Kid, and Law, were forcefully kicked out of the island, but they were still feeling extremely blown up by the event.

At this moment, a fourth shock wave came.

This time, a few shock waves instantly destroyed all the buildings on the island.


Including Luffy, everyone was kicked out of the island. While flying in the air, looking at the island below, all the buildings were suddenly destroyed, and they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Some people, such as Usopp and Chopper, screamed strangely as if they saw some kind of a ghost.

Puff! Puff!

When the fourth one came, no one could resist it, and they all fell one after another in the sea.

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