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T.S.H Chapter 630: Disappear

Naito just kicked these people out without deliberately obliterating their thoughts, so most of them were not injured.

Those with the ability to fly in mid-air naturally didn’t let themselves fall into the sea.


Luffy saw his ship in mid-air, so he stretched his arms out, wrapped up Zoro and the others, then pulled his body and bounced back onto the ship, and luckily none of them fell into the sea.

Other supernovas and their pirate crew weren’t so lucky.

Although they all used their abilities, very few of them were able to return to the ship, while m-most of them fell into the sea with a splash.

Those who didn’t fall into the sea, and those who weren’t devil fruit users, weren’t afraid to fall into the sea, but both parties looked at Sabaody Archipelago with horrified expressions.

What happened?!

Many people looked at each other, and they could see the evident shock in their eyes.

And in the next moment, everyone saw something they will never forget.


This is the fifth shock.

This time along with this shock wave, the space around Sabaody Archipelago strangely twisted.

“Is the space getting distorted?!”

Law was stunned. He used his devil fruit ability, and just like Luffy, he managed to land on his ship unscathed and save his crew.

the ability of his devil fruit has the characteristics of space, but this kind of distortion is almost impossible for him to manipulate

He even tried, but it didn’t work!

In addition to Law, and some other supernovas, such as Hawkins, Apoo, and others. Although they didn’t have space abilities, they all watched this scene with chills on the back of their neck.

Under everyone’s gazes, the entire space around Sabaody Archipelago distorted, folding and twisting the island inside!

In the end, under the shocked gazes of countless people, Sabaody Archipelago continued to twist and shrink until it completely disappeared out of thin air!

If it didn’t happen before their eyes, none would have believed such a thing!

Many people wondered if they were daydreaming, and their minds went blank.

“What… Look, that’s…”

At this moment, someone managed to come back to his senses and suddenly said with a trembling voice, which caused everyone to recover for a moment and raise their heads to look to the sky.

In the sky, Naito was floating there quietly, and as the Sabaody Archipelago disappeared, he retracted his arm back.

After sending the Sabaody Archipelago into his own world, Naito glanced lightly at the people who had been kicked out of the island, then took a step and disappeared.

From the first shock wave to the disappearance of the Sabaody Archipelago, it was only a few moments.

And the time it took him to disappear after was even shorter.

It was only for a brief moment, but it made almost everyone lose their voices.

After a long time, someone finally came back to his senses.

“That… was God Naito, right?”

Kid suddenly said he didn’t know what to say, and he could only feel how dry his mouth was while talking.

On the other side, X Drake was still shocked and soaked with cold sweat.

“Did he destroy the Sabaody Archipelago?”

“No, it was more like… he took it away.”

Law suddenly spoke in a deep voice, with a hint of disbelief in his tone.

Destroying an island is always shocking, but making one disappear like a toy… is just unbelievable!

Is this the power of… God?!

Even though they saw Naito restore an island before, the Straw Hat Pirates couldn’t help but feel shocked watching this scene.

His power is simply out of this world.


On the eve of the war.

The Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the first half of the Grand Line disappeared out of thin air under Naito’s power.

Whether the Sabaody Archipelago was destroyed by Naito, or it was something else, no one knew, and it quickly turned into a myth.


Luffy and his group were about to leave the Sabaody Archipelago, so the disappearance of the island didn’t stop them for long. They soon regained their strength and rushed to Impel Down.

However, they didn’t know how strong the defensive forces of the Impel Down.

Magellan, the warden of the prison, who possesses the Poison-Poison Devil Fruit, was as powerful as an admiral and even stronger in some aspects. He could have wiped out the Blackbeard Crew in the original. If it hadn’t been for Shiryu, who joined them at the time, perhaps the Blackbeard Pirates would have been destroyed there at the spot.

In the original, Luffy made a big fuss in Impel Down. He also managed to sneak there thanks to the empress Hancock who caused chaos from the inside; thus, it was ten times more difficult to attack from the outside this time.

Due to the unbreakable walls of this underwater prison, even Luffy’s luck didn’t help him this time breakthrough and save his brother, Ace, directly.

Although he didn’t save Ace, Luffy didn’t even up being caught.

After they failed to save Ace in Impel Down, their target turned to the Marineford.

At this time, the Marine HQ has completed preparing all the arrangements for the Whitebeard.

After the collapse of the former world government, the current one’s dominance over the world has greatly declined, and the Shichibukai’s system has existed in name only; therefore, they only included them symbolically in the plan.

But what was unexpected is that not only one of these lawless arrogant pirates appeared, but a group of them too.

This surprised the world government and the Marine a lot.

They never expected to be able to summon them. Why would these guys come? The government had no clue, neither did the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, who received them.

But the only thing he knew is that as long as they are there, even if they’re just standing, they’re regarded as a deterrent, and they can play a certain role in this war.

At this moment, Marineford.

The execution platform has been set up on the square, and the three Admirals have also taken their seats, and at the forefront of the army are the Shichibukai.

Different from the original, only four of the Shichibukai came.

Moria, Mihawk, Doflamingo, and Hancock.

Because of the destruction of the former world government, Kuma’s undercover mission became meaningless, so he naturally stopped following the new government’s orders.

Besides, Moria was there because the new government rescued him after he was almost blown up by Luffy’s crew.

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