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T.S.H Chapter 631: The War

No one knew the purpose behind Mihawk’s appearance and estimated that he was perhaps just interested in the Whitebeard.

Naito originally took away the title of the strongest in the world from Whitebeard, but later it became meaningless after they discovered that he was already in another realm.

Therefore, the Whitebeard was still the world’s strongest by default, even though no one mentions this title like they used to.

Doflamingo was simply idle. He hated the Celestial Dragons because of what he suffered in his childhood. When Naito destroyed them, Doflamingo was a bit happy.

This time he came to Marineford just to play around.

As for the empress Hancock, no one knew her intentions.

At this time.

No one could notice, even the marine’s hero, Garp, or the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, that there were three people standing quietly on the roof of a castle in the rear of the Marineford.

The three just stood there, but they seemed to be in another space. Neither the naked eyes nor the Observation Haki could perceive their existence.

No one knew when they came. It felt as if they just appeared there and also been there for eternity.

These three were naturally Naito, Kuina, and Ain.

“The Marineford, it really feels familiar.” Ain looked at the marines lined up below, with a strange and complicated look in her eyes.

“That… is the world’s strongest swordsman, Mihawk!”

Kuina looked at the forefront of the marine array from a distance, there was a man carrying a big black sword, and he seemed to have a sharp look in his eyes.


Standing in front of the marine army, Mihawk suddenly glanced back.

However, he could not see or perceive Naito and the other two’s presence. After scanning for a moment and finding nothing, he turned his head back, feeling a little bit strange in his heart.

In fact, the moment he turned around, Kuina was staring at him. The only difference, she could see him, while he couldn’t.

What a sharp look in his eyes.

This was Kuina’s first impression. Of course, she wasn’t frightened by his gaze, but Mihawk’s simple glance gives people a sense of sharpness, which made her wonder how amazing his swordsmanship is.

But even so, Kuina was still confident because… her master was Naito!

Kuina’s hand gently pressed her sword, then gradually calmed down.

She was adjusting her stance.

Naito was smiling from beginning to end while watching this scene below with interest and occasionally looking at Kuina beside her.

Can Kuina defeat Mihawk? At that time, even Naito didn’t know the answer. If Kuina had more times, a couple more years with him, refining her swordsmanship, she would definitely beat Mihawk; unfortunately, Naito had just finished everything he wanted to do in this world and was ready to leave.

“The Marineford war… I changed a lot. I didn’t expect that some things will still happen.” Naito looked down and couldn’t help but smirk.


Mihawk stood there quietly.

No one could figure out what he was thinking or that; most people didn’t dare to look at him.

Mihawk was still as calm as water, but when the Whitebeard finally appeared, his gaze fell on the latter, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

The Whitebeard knew that with his current situation and comparing the two sides’ forces, the odds of winning were too low.

But, he still came and didn’t hesitate.

Because he was the Whitebeard!


Facing such an army, the Whitebeard had no fear in his heart, only a kind of a strong aura soaring with pride.

His body was old, but his heart wasn’t.

The heart of a king will never be stained with dust.

Along with the Whitebeard’s laughter, there seemed to be a strong aura that swept across the battlefield, which made many people feel horrified.

This wasn’t Haoshoku Haki. It was just his pure aura.

Using the Haoshoku Haki will also affect the Whitebeard Pirate Group, and especially those who aren’t strong enough to withstand it. Therefore, what the Whitebeard chose to kick off this war wasn’t Haoshoku Haki, but… his Gura Gura no Mi.


The shockwave hammered both sides of the sea, causing a monstrous tsunami!


Almost immediately after the Whitebeard hammered the sea, the Marineford started trembling as if it was in fear of his monstrous powers.

Suddenly everyone looked up and saw two monstrous tsunamis hanging on both sides of the horizon, trapping the Marineford in the middle!

Facing such a terrifying attack from the kick start made many people look horrified.

Suddenly when they thought it was over for them before it could even start, a figure suddenly flashed out, and in the middle of the sky where the sun hanged, he shouted.

“Ice Age!”


The huge waves were instantly frozen into ice.

Facing the Whitebeard’s attack, there was no doubt that it was Admiral Aokiji who responded.

“Aokiji… that kid…” Whitebeard raised his head, looking at Aokiji.

When Garp crossed the sea to confront Roger and Whitebeard, Aokiji back then was just a follower, and he stayed a kid in the Whitebeard’s eyes.

Only a few years later, Aokiji now has become an Admiral.

“Two Thorn Spears!”

Aokiji took a deep breath, then a ray of light flashed in his eyes, and the moment he stretched his hands at the Whitebeard, two thorny spears of ice instantly were shot at him.

Facing this attack, the Whitebeard turned sideways slightly and suddenly hammered them with a punch.

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