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T.S.H Chapter 632: Mihawk And Kuina


In mid-air, and before it could even get closer to Whitebeard, the ice thorn instantly shattered, then the shock wave spread out, enveloping Aokiji in it.


Aokiji’s body suddenly cracked like a mirror, but these cracks didn’t spread, then he crushed into ice pieces and fell to the sea below.

This has reminded Naito of his old days. After all, all he did in his first years was copying Whitebeard’s fighting style. No matter what kind of attack he faced, he would shatter it all with one punch!

Although Naito’s current power has long overtaken the Whitebeard, the latter’s Earthquake ability is still beyond doubt!

Offensively and defensively, he’s invincible!


After falling into the sea, Aokiji instantly regained his form and directly froze the entire harbor.

With that, the Marienford vs. The Whitebeard Pirates Group’s top battle has finally broken out!

Countless pirates jumped from the ships onto the ice and rushed towards the marine army, roaring.

The marines met the pirates under cover of various artillery fires.

For a time, the sound of shouting rang into the sky.

And at this moment, one of the four Shichibukai, who had been watching from the sidelines, suddenly took a step forward. This subtle movement has already attracted everyone’s attention.

Amazingly, he’s the world’s strongest swordsman, Mihawk!

“This is really rare.”

The movement of his yellow eyes revealed a hint of surprise, even though his tone was as calm as ever.

Solely, without any help, he sits firmly in one of the seven warlords of the sea, Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman.

As for the fact that he once drew with Naito, it has been long since it became a legend.

There is no way to compare  Naito and any of the Shichibukai.

Mihawk was still Mihawk. Except for Naito, no one can surpass him when it comes to Swordsmanship. On this sea, he’s the strongest swordsman.

This title is also Zoro’s ultimate goal and also Kuina’s.

“Why are you making a move?”

Doflamingo looked a bit surprised.

“I’m just going to give it a try. The real distance between that man and us is… very close.” Mihawk stared at the Whitebeard, narrowing his eyes.

For Mihawk, it has been long since he stood at the apex of swordsmanship. There are no enemies in the way of his sword. And there are only a few who can defeat him. Whitebeard was one of them.

Of course, the Whitebeard is old now, and Mihawk doesn’t know how strong he is, so he was going to test him.

Mihawk gently pulled out his blacks sword.

Under the reflection of the sunlight, the surface of the black sword glowed mysteriously, and when it fell down, it seems that there was a kind of edge that can cut everything!

Staring at the Whitebeard, Mihawk’s mind cleared out, and without any distraction, he suddenly raised his black sword and struck down!


Instantly, a blue sword aura formed, and like an unstoppable dragon, it cut every ice layer in its way toward the Whitebeard as if it were connected to him.

Facing this sword aura, the Whitebeard didn’t move but stood there quietly on the side. The captain of the third division, Diamond Jozu, raised his sword, ready to block it.

The war has just started, so it’s natural that his crew won’t let anyone attack the Whitebeard. Only one Admiral was dispatched. If this requires the Whitebeard to intervene, then there’s no need to fight this war.

The look in Jozu’s eyes was solemn as he watched the blue dragon cutting his way through, and then he suddenly jumped out and came to the front of the Moby Dick.


Suddenly a figure flashed in front of Jozu and actually greeted Mihawk’s sword aura with its sword.

At that moment, almost everyone’s pupils shrank.

No one could see how this person came here. It felt as if he has emerged out of thin air, just to block Mihawk’s attack.

This person was faster than Jozu, so he shouldn’t be weak too.

Even Aokiji, Kizaru, and the others were amazed. Jozu was naturally more stunned. He couldn’t even react. Moreover, even if he could, it was already late.


A crisp sound of metal resounded on the battlefield.

The sword Ki that Mihawk sent for testing Whitebeard seemed like a piece of wood hitting a grinding wheel, and it was cut in half abruptly!

The two smaller swords Ki that were divided into two didn’t shatter but flashed to the sides, cutting the ice behind deeply.

Mihawk’s attack… was cut off?!

Everyone couldn’t help but look shocked, especially those who knew Mihawk’s strength.

The dust settled.

In front of Jozu, a beautiful woman holding a sword in her hand suddenly appeared.

“A woman?!”

If he was only surprised at the beginning, now he’s surely shocked.

No one expected a young girl to be the person who stopped Mihawk’s attack. This girl didn’t stand up to the wind, but in everyone’s eyes, she seemed to have a soaring aura on her body that wasn’t losing to Mihawk!

Whether it was Jozu, Aokiji, Kizaru, Gear, Doflamingo, Hancock, or the others, they all looked at this girl with a look of uncertainty.

“Who is she?”

Everyone was shocked when they saw that it was a young girl, then they felt stunned when they couldn’t recognize who she was.

In this sea, there are powerful women, but not too many. For example, Hancock may not be able to match an admiral in strength, but her reputation is definitely not inferior.

This girl is, without a doubt, strong.

A woman with such power shouldn’t be an unknown person in the sea.

However, no one could recognize her identity.

This girl who appeared is Kuina!

Only one person in Marine’s side stared at her, feeling puzzled, and it was Smoker.

No matter how long he looked at her, this girl looked a lot like Tashigi; however, this girl looked a bit different, and she also had long hair.

It’s just that the face is very similar, which made Smoker surprised.

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