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T.S.H Chapter 633: Chaos

Mihwak’s sword intent rose to the sky!

For a long time, he said nothing, but the stare in his eyes expressed everything.

“Hey, who are you?!”

This sudden appearance means only one thing, this girl wants to challenge him. This meant that the Whitebeard’s side has just gained a sudden boost, which naturally cannot be taken lightly.

“Swordsman, Kuina.”

Kuina spoke calmly, her voice was light, and it spread throughout the field as if it was meant to ring in everyone’s ears, but in fact, this sentence was only spoken to Mihawk.

When Kuina appeared, Mihawk stared at her differently. The two looked at each other, but Kuina didn’t flinch, and there seemed to be a sharp look in her eyes that surprised even Mihawk himself.

It’s uncommon for a powerful swordsman to appear in such a war.

However, the sword intent soaring into the sky, and the breath around her body seemed to be condensing into a perfect blade on a beautiful young girl.

This was really strange.

If Kuina didn’t convince Mihawk when she first blocked his attack, now, after she has shown her sword intent, she had Mihawk’s full attention.

This seemingly weak girl… is actually very strong!

Mihawk’s eyes flickered, and suddenly he jumped and landed on the ice, facing Kuina from a distance.

The title of the world’s greatest swordsman is not self-proclaimed. No one can beat him, and this is why he’s the strongest.

Although he doesn’t know her origins, Mihawk has no reason to not accept Kuina’s challenge.

“Well, this is unexpected.” Kizaru looked at the situation in the field with an unhappy expression.

Since they were going to fight the Whitebeard Pirates, they will definitely be prepared to investigate all kinds of intelligence before the war. And Whitebeard Pirates definitely doesn’t have such a powerful female swordsman.


On Whitebeard’s side, some people looked puzzled.

The Whitebeard looked at Kuina’s back with a strange look in his eyes. Although he didn’t know Kuina at all, he felt an inexplicable familiarity with her, as if has seen her somewhere before.

However, Whitebeard couldn’t help but shake his head in the end. Rescuing Ace is the most important thing at the moment. As for Kuina’s origins, it doesn’t matter now.


The crisp sound of the sword rang throughout the battlefield.

Both figures of Kuina and Mihawk were flashing abruptly, and instantly they both confronted each other. At the point of impact, the two swords clashed, and the energy swept across all directions.

The silver and cyan sword aura circled and flew like two spiritual dragons, causing ravines on the ice.

No one came near to interfere in the battle between Mihawk and Kuina.

In other words, ordinary people aren’t qualified to do it, and those who have the ability to interfere chose not to.

Kuina’s sword intent was extremely condensed, and her Busoshoku Haki is top tier. Her physical strength was remarkable because Naito helped her unlock her Sage Body.

In almost every aspect, Kuina stands at the pinnacle of the swordsman realm.

Mihawk became more astonished as he fought this battle. Unexpectedly, Kuina, a young swordsman, didn’t have any shortcomings and was well-rounded in every aspect.

It’s not that there are no female swordsmen in the world, there were some records about powerful ones who could reach Kuina’s level, but they have never been seen in history!

This is an absolute rival!

Facing Kuina was Mihawk, who stood as the number one swordsman for countless years, and he finally felt the threat of losing that title for the first time, so he started getting serious as they carried on.


With a swipe of his black sword, an invisible sword aura suddenly cut through the sky. Kuina drew sideways, and thousands of blue silks flew. Time seemed to pass extremely slow, letting Kuina’s grace and demeanor appear.

The sword energy crossed, and the huge iceberg formed after Aokiji froze the tsunami, split directly into two, soared into the sky, leaving countless ice fragments crumbling.

The scene was extremely magnificent, attracting the attention of countless people and leaving them in awe.

In this sea, a great Devil Fruit Ability can make you the strongest, but a great swordsman like Mihawk is also at the top, or close to be the greatest!

Almost at that moment, what no one expected is that when the ice broke and shattered, a ship suddenly fell from the sky and crashed into the harbor of the Marineford.

This sudden drew countless people’s eyes wide.

Even Mihawk and Kuina couldn’t help but look up with a hint of surprise.

This ship that fell down was indeed the Thousand Sunny!

And the group of people who got off the boat was the Straw Hat Pirates!



On the execution stage, whether it was Ace, who was shackled, or Sengoku, almost everyone exclaimed at the same time, especially Garp, whose eyes widened and almost broke his chin.

The Straw Hat Pirates who fell into the battlefield were still a little confused at first, but as Luffy’s gaze fell on the execution platform, his confusion subsided instantly.


On this battlefield, Luffy’s voice may not be loud enough to catch everyone’s attention, but due to the fact that his ship fell down from the sky, everyone’s eyes were locked on him.

Under the surprised gazes of everyone, the mockery, and the cheers, Luffy ignored it all and head to the execution platform with his eyes locked on Ace, followed by his crew.

Zoro leaped forward, and defeated a group of marines almost immediately, then stopped for a moment to scan the battlefield, to find that everyone’s eyes were fixed in one direction, where two people were facing each other.

Zoro knew these two, and they were the most important in his life.

Mihawk and Kuina!

“Sure enough, you’re still ahead of me. Just like you used to be…”

Zoro looked at Mihawk and Kuina from a distance. There was no need to ask. He knew from feeling her sword intent that Kuina was definitely fighting Mihawk.

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