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T.S.H Chapter 634: Prevent

However, this is just this time, and until next time, it’s his duel!

Zoro’s eyes flashed with an awe-inspiring color, then he suddenly drew out his sword. The Busoshoku Haki colored the blade with a black, and then he swept it down with a single move.


Horrible sword energy of dozens of feet in vertical and horizontal was suddenly released, directly finishing all the enemies on Luffy’s left side while he was running.

“Thanks, Zoro!”

Luffy looked a bit surprised watching this scene, but there was no time to look back, and he continued to rush forward.

The battlefield was instantly heated up!

When Luffy and his group entered the battlefield, both Mihawk and Kuina paused their duel for a moment.

However, neither of them turned around but just glanced at each other with the side of the eye.

“Did you also get distracted?”

After glancing at Zoro, Kuina fixed her eyes on Mihawk, then spoke calmly.

After hearing Kuina’s words, Mihawk retracted his gazes after taking one last look at Luffy’s straw hat.

“I just remembered something.”

The brim of Mihawk’s eyes was slightly lowered, blocking his eyes, and when he raised his head again, he already restored his firm posture again.

For a great swordsman like him, it couldn’t be hard for him to regain his focus because for the profound meaning of “Ken,” concentration is a necessary condition.

“Warm-up is finally over, right?”

Kuina gently held her sword with both hands and placed it in front of her, then a ray of sword intent came out through the blade.


Mihawk held his black sword with one hand and place it diagonally beside him. The sunlight reflected on the blade, then a black pitch color rippled gently on it.

The sword in Kuina’s hand was similar in shape to Mihawk’s, but it’s a two-hand sword.

Mihawk’s sword was big and heavy, but he held it with one hand.

The way they held their swords was different. Their postures are different, but… the two belonged to the pinnacle of swordsmanship, and both looked like they can cut everything in their way!


As if their minds were connected, the two rushed out at the same time, and their figures collided together again.


A clear sword sound resounded throughout the battlefield.

Kuina’s sword and Mihawk’s sword clashed together, and the two of them seemed to be completely frozen and motionless.

Suddenly the bright light burst from underneath them, then countless scattered sword aura rose to the sky, tearing the endless ice layer and rushing in all directions.

This is the effect caused by the clash of two great swordsmen’s swords.

Under this collision, the two’s condensed sword light and sword energy finally broke apart and scattered in all directions.

In the original, Mihawk didn’t go all out in the war, and he didn’t even take it seriously.

In fact, a great swordsman’s destructive power is absolutely terrifying, let alone two swordsmen!

Crack! Crack!!

The ice layer continued to shatter, and the impact bombarded in all directions, swaying through the entire battlefield almost instantly.

At this time, many people’s expressions changed abruptly.

“Hey, what are these two doing?”

Doflamingo, who was fighting one of Whitebeard’s captains, frowned when he saw the shock wave coming, and he instantly created a wall of spider webs to stop it from hitting him.

“Ararara, this is a bit too much.”

Aokiji also instantly formed an ice wall, blocking part of that sword energy.

In addition, all the strong individuals on the battlefield used their abilities to escape or block the aftermath.

At this time, everyone looked anxious, whether it was a marine or a pirate.

In fact, the people present, such as Aokiji or Akainu, have the ability to directly shake the entire island.

However, this is a melee battle.

Whether it’s one of the admirals or the Whitebeard, they can only rely on their devil fruit abilities. It’s impossible for any of them to cause such destructive power relying only on their physical strength or skills.

Of course, there are exceptions like Hancock.

Kuina and Mihawk went all out, so obviously, none of them cared about the battlefield or the sake of the war, and if they continued, they absolutely have enough strength to tear this island directly into pieces.

In this case, it’s not good news for the marines or the Whitebeard.

“If you continue to fight like this, this old man will really have to find a way to stop you. It’s really troublesome.” Kizaru glanced at Kuina and Mihawk.

In addition to Kizaru, the other admirals and Whitebeard himself also looked at Mihawk and Kuina. They obviously felt that they couldn’t be allowed to fight like this.

The entire battlefield was suddenly stagnated because of an all-out confrontation between Mihawk and Kuina.

However, whether it’s Kuina or Mihawk, both of them were unmoved by the outside world.

At this time, the two of them have already entered the realm of the heart sword with only the word “Ken” in their hearts. In other words, only the sword of each other is in their eyes.

Even if the outside world collapses, the two will not be distracted.

Suddenly, the two clashed again.


There was another shock wave that burst in all directions.

These sword shock waves aren’t strong. As long as it’s one of the marine captains or the Whitebeard team leaders, they can almost easily block them, but it will mean the end to an ordinary marine or pirate.

The second sword shock wave shook the battlefield again.

“Swordsmanship… It’s so terrible. I can’t let you fight like this anymore.

Kizaru blocked the shock wave, then he looked down and noticed how it caused some damage to the marine; thus, with a helpless expression, he stretched out his fingers towards Mihawk and Kuina.


A golden stream of light converged instantly at Kizaru’s fingertips.

Kizaru was about to use his laser to target their position and forcibly breaking them apart.

In addition to him, other people, such as Aokiji and Marco, also made their own moves to prevent Mihawk and Kuina from fighting.

But Kizaru’s movement was undoubtedly the fastest.

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