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T.S.H Chapter 637: Finally


Ace didn’t speak, he just looked at the Whitebeard, his allies, and tears fell like rain. These tears weren’t sad tears but an awakening, the kind that cannot be described in words.

Is it okay for him to be in this world? Is there any meaning to his existence? This is the question Ace has always pursued.

The answer to this question is actually very simple.

In Naito’s view, everyone was born for a reason, but that reason is something you need to pursue by yourself because everyone has a different one.

Just like Kuina, pursuing the path of a swordsman is her reason. She exists for that reason, and she has been carrying on that path firmly to this day.

For Naito, getting enough power to protect those he loves was always the reason behind his existence, and it’s always what Naito thinks of.

After he fell on the execution stage, and while watching Kuina and Mihawk’s duel, he asked Ace casually… Do you know the reason for your existence?

And now, Ace has undoubtedly found the answer.


Followed by a glass-breaking sound, the sea stone handcuffs around Ace’s hands broke apart and scattered in all directions.

This scene, whether it’s Sengoku or Garp, it left them stunned.

Ace himself was shocked, even slightly at a loss, but he instantly looked at his hands that were finally free, then at his crew, who were struggling to reach him. Suddenly, the confusion in his eyes was gone.


Instantly, a ball of flame fell from the execution platform, crashing down like a meteor from the sky.


A moment of anger flashed in Sengoku’s watching this scene, yet what filled it was confusion.

He couldn’t understand Naito’s behavior at all.

“Hehe, this is fun, isn’t it?”

Naito laughed, but there was a hint of inexplicable meaning in it.


In Naito’s face, Sengoku finally took a deep breath and sighed.

With Naito’s power, it would have been easy for him to stop the war, but he didn’t.

He didn’t stop it, but he interfered yet again and freed Ace all of a sudden, which left Sengoku a bit unconfident of the final outcome of this war.

But since Naito didn’t do anything else, then he couldn’t just watch.

“Catch Ace immediately, and don’t stop firing at the Whitebeard Pirates!”

This was Sengoku’s order.

With the end of Mihawk and Kuina’s duel and the libration of Firefist Ace, the battlefield entered the second state of chaos.

No one knew Naito’s reasons.

Whitebeard’s purpose was naturally to rescue Ace.

The purpose of the Marine is to capture and kill as many pirates as they can, expand the loss of the Whitebeard Pirates, and even destroy them for good if possible.

Ace is a Logia Devil Fruit user, and soon he managed to reunite with Marco and the others.

However, it was already impossible to safely evacuate the Marineford and retreat with everyone.

This is already a full-scale war. No matter which side you’re on, it’s impossible to suddenly turn around and fall back. It’s equivalent to directly exposing your back to the enemy.

In this case, if you want to leave safely, they must leave someone behind.

Almost as soon as Marco and the other captains thought of this, a cry suddenly spread throughout the battlefield.


The air trembled crazily, the atmosphere was torn apart, and the entire ground shook and then burst apart.

The figure of the Whitebeard stood there like a mountain, behind which was a cracked abyss, and across it the Whitebeard Pirates.

The battlefield was instantly divided.

Since they needed someone to protect them, Whitebeard had to make this choice.

Although he also wants to go back with everyone and continue to ride on the sea, he cannot beat time and aging.

Instead of dying in a bed, it’s better to die fighting.

This is the choice he made in his heart before he came to the Marineford!

Life as a king, and die as a king!



The Whitebeard Pirates seemed a little at a loss in the face of this scene.

“This is not my time anymore, my kids… In this era, there is no ship that can any longer carry me…” The Whitebeard’s expression wasn’t sad or fearful. He actually looked full of life.

Facing the falling sky, his face remained unchanged.

“Marine, your opponent… is me!”

Looking at the admiral who wanted to chase his crew. Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, and countless others, the Whitebeard held his Naginata in both hands and waved it violently.


A terrifying shock force was released and slammed the front, forcibly preventing all the marines from pursuing.

Seeing how many people from his pirate group were still standing there. The Whitebeard turned his head and shouted, “Do you want to violate the captain’s order? Go now!!”

His anger voice finally awakened them.

The Whitebeard Pirates Group began to evacuate, accompanied by blood, fire, tears, and death.

However, on the other side of the abyss, there was no sadness or fear, only an aura that made people insurmountable.

Although it has been scarred.

But when the Whitebeard stood alone, it was like a huge mountain that couldn’t be climbed.

The ordinary marines were all shocked and didn’t even dare to attack. Akainu saw this, and after gritting his teeth, knowing that he couldn’t get around, he rushed forward with a roar.

Kizaru could bypass the Whitebeard, but it makes no sense for him to go solely. It’s impossible for one person to keep the entire Whitebeard Pirates Group. Their captain must be taken care of first.

No one knows what Aokiji was thinking. At this moment, he was also attacking the Whitebeard.

Face by the three Admirals attack, he suffered severe injuries.

Even so, the Whitebeard didn’t take a step back.

Even though he wasn’t strong enough, his aura didn’t diminish at all, but as if he had returned to his peak period, it became more prosperous, and his monstrous power that galloped across the sea felt unbeatable.

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