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T.S.H Chapter 636: Win Or Lose

At this moment, the battle between Mihawk and Kuina was approaching an end.

Even if the sword realm of the two is almost comparable, their strength, Haki, reactions also close. At the end of the battle, only one person will be declared victorious.

It was like the battle between Akainu and Aokiji, the two are almost the same in terms of combat power, but in the original, after fighting for several days and nights, a winner was finally determined.


A cyan sword energy stretched vertically and horizontally, cutting the ground in half instantly.


A silver streamer cut through the sky, instantly chopping a white cloud in the sky into two, then flew to the endless horizon, bursting with bright light.

The movement between the two became slower.

In the beginning, their figure could only be seen interlacing constantly, and their swords flickering from time to time, but later, their speed seemed to drop.

In other words, at this time, it was a competition of Kendo.

No one dared to say close to them. They are around these two was nearly a hundred meters empty. Everyone was a hundred meters away, watching with horror.

Although the marines and pirates are still fighting each other, from time to time, when they are engaging, they couldn’t help but look at this side.

Kuina and Mihawk’s movements have changed from complicated to simple and from fast to slow, but the sharpness of their swords has become more and more condensed. Each swing seemed to contain hundreds of millions of strikes.

In the end, the two of them seemed to be sparring, using the simplest and most basic strikes.

But these simple moves seemed to traverse strange and invisible energy as if it contained the true meaning of “Ken.”

Suddenly, Kuina and Mihawk fell back at the same time.

The two were several meters apart, facing each other.

Aura, sword intent, everything was condensed to the peak state, and in the next moment, their eyes flashed sharply.


The two’s figures suddenly staggered in the field, and then they directly exchanged positions, with one back facing the other.

This collision didn’t cause any aftermath, and it seemed that all the damage was focused on each other.

Who… won?

This question emerged in many people’s minds.

Even though most of them didn’t understand swordsmanship, they could still figure out that this battle has already ended.

No one knows for how long they fought.

It seemed like moments, but also like a decade.

A part of Kuina’s beautiful long hair was suddenly cut and scattered on the ice.

On the other side, Mihawk had a cut in the collar of his shirt.


In addition, there was an evident crack on the black sword in his hand.

You can say that it was a… draw, or it can be said that Kuina won.

Kuina’s swordsmanship wasn’t superior, but her sword was compared to Yoru.

Other than that, whether it was swordsmanship or Haki, the two were almost the same.

“Is this the apex of swordsmanship?”

Mihawki suddenly turned around and looked at Kuina’s behind, with a pair of eyes that no one understood.

Mihawki has been standing in the position of the world’s strongest swordsman for a long time.

No one could surpass him in it, and even those who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him are a few, and now Kuina is one of those few people.

As a swordsman, the goal is naturally to climb the endless swordsmanship realm, and even though it never ends, he knew that he cannot make any further progress.

Whether it’s Shanks or Kuina, in terms of swordsmanship, they’re not considered to be superior to him.

This made Mihawki certain. This is… the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

Is there anyone that can break the limit?

Is there even a way ahead? This question has been pursuing him since becoming the world’s strongest swordsman.

Once, he asked Shanks this question but didn’t get an answer. Now he threw this question to Kuina.


This was somewhat unexpected to Mihawk. After she turned around and gently put her sword back into the scabbard, Kuina answered him decisively.

Kuina’s eyes were extremely clear as if she could see something he couldn’t see.

Mihawk stared into her eyes, and hen suddenly, as if he understood something, he turned his head and followed Kuina’s gaze.

At the end of her eyesight, there was a person.

Yuu Naito.

“You’re right.”

Mihawk turned his head, and the traces of confusion in his eyes has completely disappeared.

With Naito’s swordsmanship, he could cut half of the Grand Line with one strike. But this doesn’t belong to the mortals’ swordsmanship.

There is no doubt that this means that you can indeed go farther in the sword way, but he has not been able to cross the line.

“The world’s greatest swordsman… the title is yours.”

Although Kuina didn’t beat him, as long as she could surpass him in any aspect, it’s her win.

Hearing Mihawk’s words, Kuina was a little dazed.

The world’s greatest swordsman…

She finally achieved this goal. Her father once said that a girl will never be the strongest, and that’s why she pursued this goal.

But, what she really wants, is it really the world’s strongest swordsman title?


Kuina shook her head.

The blankness in her eyes disappeared, and she realized her heart again.

Lika Mihawk, pursing the way of swordsmanship, is what she really wanted to do.

Watching Kuina’s gaze change, the was a slight curve in the corners of Mihawk’s mouth, which no one could understand…

No one knows.

After that, Mihawk turned around and left the battlefield directly, no longer participating in the war.

Kuina stood quietly on the battlefield, then stepped forward. No one stopped her. No one dared to stand in her way until she reached the execution platform and stood silently behind Naito.

Naito glanced at her with a smile and then turned to look at Ace on the side.

“So, do you understand now?”

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