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T.S.H Chapter 68: Fierce Battle

“Not good!”
Uchiha had three temoes in his Sharingan, at the moment when Naito clenched his fist, he knew what he will do next.
He knew, but he couldn’t do anything!
In the beginning, he was sure that he can cut off anything Naito will throw at him, but now after he got blocked, the situation has changed.
Naito embarrassed him the moment he blocked him.
“Earthquake Release: Brutal Force!”
Naito will have no mercy in these kinds of situation, it was a blow with full force!
When he saw the white halo on Naito’s fist, Tsuki who has his sword still pressed against Naito thought about retreating.
But this has already been calculated by Naito.
Naito pressed him with his Kunai more, he didn’t want him to escape and waste the opportunity!
Under these circumstances, Tsuki didn’t only failed on retreating but also got his guard more open!
His Sharingan can predict the movement of the enemy, but it can’t read Naito’s thoughts!
“Shit! this kid…”
Uchiha Tsuki didn’t expect that Naito would actually do this, or even dare to do it!
Naito’s Kunai and Tsuki’s sword we’re still clashing against each other, but Naito was trying to press his Kunai against Tsuki more so he can’t retreat without losing his balance!
However, Uchiha Tsuki was an experienced Shinobi who fought countless battles, so he didn’t panic at that time.
If this is the case, then he will just push him back!
Uchiha Tsuki used all of his power and pushed Naito’s Kunai the moment he was focusing all of his power in his fist, then he mobilized his chakra flow into his sword.
At that time, Naito’s punch was already here!
It was impossible to retreat now, so he used his sword to strike Naito punch!
The air got shattered like a broken ice.
The cracks in the air spread out like a spiderweb until it surrounded Uchiha Tsuki.
Tsuki’s sword got stopped inches short of Naito’s fist, then he couldn’t press down any longer!
“Give me a break!”
Tsuki started to feel his body getting trembled by the power of the shock, and this is made him angrier.
However, he could do nothing more.
He couldn’t fully stop it!
Even if he was using all of his Chakra he could only stop Naito’s punch.
But Naito didn’t need the impact to do damage.
In the next moment, Uchiha Tsuki could no longer stop this monstrous power, and he got thrown away by Naito.
In midair, blood came out of Tsuki’s mouth.
His eyes had incredible colors the moment he hit the ground.
He… got injured!
He got beaten by that little devil!
In the distance, Dai who was ready to open the Seven Gate and rush in had his mouth wide open from his shock.
In fact, he felt that Naito was doing great by just blocking Tsuki’s sword.
But now, Naito managed to even rubbish Tsuki and injure him.
This is incredible!
After all, Uchiha Tsuki… is a Jonin.
At this moment, Uchiha Tsuki understood the feelings of Uchiha Samui who was in his shoes before, he got filled with crazy murderous feelings, and he almost got blinded by anger.
But in the end, he took a deep breath and calmed himself.
After all, Uchiha Tsuki is not Samui, he’s stronger and he has a better mentality.
“Very good, you’ve actually hurt me, aren’t you proud.”
“aren’t you?”
Naito looked quietly at Tsuki, his eyes looked dull and unmoved.
Tsuki suddenly smiled.
That smile is hard to describe in words.
“But, this is stops here, I have already seen through your technique, and now you must die.”
“Your tricks look very similar to Chakra’s flow, but it not the same thing… it’s just a normal blow, right?”
Uchiha Tsuki narrowed his eyes and wiped the blood on his mouth.
Naito didn’t speak.
Tsuki’s conclusion was right, after all, you can’t underestimate his eyes, even if they weren’t a Mangekyou Sharingan, you can’t ignore what three temoes can do.
If Tsuki didn’t have those three temoes in his Sharingan, he would be already died by now.
Of course, there wasn’t any reason for Naito to speak, Tsuki already knew too much.
But since the beginning of time, villains we’re always only talks.
They always have the same thinking.
Naito found that people in this world always seemed to like to introduce their abilities and explain it and to analyze the capabilities of the opponents.
And Uchiha Tsuki is not a special case.
However, it seems that Uchiha Tsuki thought that he already saw everything Naito has and he thought of a way to handle him. He will win.
“Easy to talk about, hard to do it.”
Naito looked at Tsuki while he whispered that, then he suddenly stepped forward and pressed the ground with his hands.
“Earthquake Release: The Art of Moving!”
The ground started trembling from where he was standing then swaying in all directions.
The entire ground started waving like an ocean.
Tsuki got a little bit surprised by Naito’s technique, the moment the waves reached him his feet start to shake.
The fissures of the shocks continued to spread out in all directions.
At the end, when the trembling stopped, countless of cracks appeared in the ground.
Some of them were extremely dark and deep.
Suddenly, Naito fell into one of these cracks, and disappeared completely underground!
Tsuki didn’t have any expression until that moment, and it was horrified expression.
Didn’t expect that Naito could pull something like this out?!
Tsuki eyes start following Naito’s movements in all of those cracks, his brows became tighter.
Can’t see!
He can’t see clearly.
If he had a Byakugan he could easily find Naito.
But this is was… the limit of his Sharingan!
The bottom was too dark, he couldn’t know where Naito was now, but he could vaguely feel his position based on his chakra.
Silent moments.
“I need to change this situation…. that little devil, with his Earthquake Release, all that i need is to catch him one time then it will be the end.”
Uchiha Tsuki was a little bit worried.
But this situation where he could change the field to his advantage is really annoying.
But he’s a Genin, after all, he would only be able to use C-Class Ninjutsu, which will have no effect on him.
The only opportunity for Tsuki to attack is when Naito will be focusing on printing to cast his Ninjutsu.
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