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T.S.H Chapter 91: Exposed!

At the same time when he was training Yahiko and Konan, Naito didn’t waste time and completed his own training too.
Naito stopped at the half of the second stage of the Thunder Armor Technique when he left Konoha’s camp.
He took this opportunity to complete it.
During the practice of Konan and Yahiko, Naito didn’t forget to take care of his mission, he will often enter and exit nearby towns to hunt some Ninja and gather information.
At the same time, he will deliver the good information back to the camp.
Shortly, more than half a month passed, and the war became more and more fierce.
And this will only mean that Naito will encounter more and more enemies.
There may even be some Ninjas spies that Naito didn’t even notice.
The Rain Village at that time was under the leadership of Hanzo the Salamander, who started his counterattack against the other villages.
This second war broke because of a conflict between the three great villages.
The Rain Village was the main battlefield of this war, all the other village wanted to take this land for themselves, but of course, Hanzo didn’t sit there and watch them do whatever they want.
Because if he did, sooner or later his village will get destroyed.
The war was so fierce, and Naito was still living a normal life, he trains, he helps Konana and Yahiko on their practices, and sometimes he goes out and does some missions.
In this half-month period, Naito focused on mastering the first stage more and made it really strong.
It’s not like the first stage is hard, actually, it’s really simple, but Naito wanted to master it since he has the strong body to achieve that.
Therefore, he mastered it until it became almost impossible to level up anymore.
With the further enhancement of his physical strength, the power of the shock become stronger, now the most important thing is that he became physically stronger to open the next Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.
As for Yahiko and Konan, they also learned how to control Chakra, the Chakra amount of Yahiko was the same as the original story.
Although Naito didn’t have the Water property, it was too simple to teach it to Yahiko.
As for Konan, she didn’t want to learn Taijutsu or any of the normal properties, she wanted to develop her own technique the Paper Ninjutsu.
Although it’s always rainy in the Rain Village, there’s sometimes where there’s no rain.
However, it still will be very cloudy.
In an open space, there were countless pieces of paper flying in the air conjured by Konan, but some of them didn’t have power in them.
She’s only capable to control a little number of papers now.
“Chakra Control is very good, it’s much better than Yahiko.”
Standing behind Konan, Naito couldn’t help but admire this scene in front of him.
In fact, Konan’s control over Chakra is even better than Naito, which can only be attributed to her talent.
If you don’t have a great control it will be impossible to use such a technique like the Paper Ninjutsu.
Konan turned around and smiled at Naito when she heard his sound.
All the papers around her lost control and fall to the ground.
After he started teaching Konan and Yahiko, the two of them start to call him Sensei.
Although the three of them are ten years old, the psychological age of Naito is indeed much older than them.
Therefore, Naito got quite used to this title.
Konan was very used to call him Sensei, but Yahiko found it really weird, so he always tries to avoid calling him.
“Naito-Sensei look.”
Konan was always acting like a little baby, she will often run and wave at Naito showing off her skills.
She was running toward him with a floating paper in front of her, then under her control, it started to bend and fold it, and finally, she turned it into a small paper flower.
This time, Naito got really amazed.
Konan’s Chakra Control is really something, she may have a weak chakra for now, but she was able to achieve such a fine control.
“Sensei take it.”
With a blush on her cheeks, she controlled the flower to float toward Naito.
However, her chakra is still very weak after all, when she reached half of the distance the paper start to lose control and fall down.
But Naito walked a few steps toward it and took it.
“Keep the hard work.”
Looking at the paper flower in his hand, Naito gently nodded at Konan, then turned and left.
Konan responded and continued to practice her Chakra.
Then he went to the other side to look at Yahiko’s practice, the Rain Village is a good environment for the Water Techniques.
Therefore, Yahiko’s progress was fast.
However there was nothing unusual with Yahiko, after all, he didn’t have the Rinnegan, and he wasn’t Pain.
At this time.
Not far away from the place where Naito and Yahiko were standing there was a person wearing a black cloak slowly approaching the place.
He’s a Ninja.
And from the first look, he’s not a normal Ninja.
He’s an Anbu from the Sand Village, his status is even better than Naito, Although his the second after the Anbu Captain, his status is above most of the team leaders.
He’s a ninja who specializes in assassinations, and he always works solo.
“According to the information, it should be around this place.”
He looked straight ahead, his face under the mask didn’t have any expression, but his eyes were as sharp as a blade.
Naito stayed in this area because he wanted to help Yahiko and Konan on their training.
Although he does his missions only at night time, it appears he couldn’t avoid the eyes of the scouts all the time.
In particular, this has happened because there was a lot of missing Ninjas at the Sand camp, there was even a group of Ninjas who were recently all killed, this is caused the attention of Sand Village.
So after they gathered some information, they sent Kinjin.
The thunder and the Shock were constantly conjuring around Naito’s skin, but it wasn’t only on his skin, it was also in his flesh and bones.
If he was an ordinary person, he would have been paralyzed, he could even getting explode into pieces.
But Naito’s body was strong enough to withstand such pressure.
But even him will feel some numbness, but there’s no pain at all.
Using the power of the shock or the lightning alone won’t put pressure on his body, but combining the two will give you the feeling that your body is hollowed out.
In short, it’s strange.
Finally, after controlling his power, Naito opened his eyes, and the Aura around his body finally calmed down.
Feeling this new power for the first time, Naito’s didn’t help but smirk.
And in the next moment, Naito frowned then looked at a distance.


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