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T.S.H Chapter 95: Naito’s Kusanagi Sword

“Before you show up… I was an orphan in my previous life, and even after coming to this world, I was still an orphan.”
Naito looked at the Kusunagi sword in his hand, then whispered these words softly, with a complicated expression on his face.
The feelings he had were so emotional,
In the end, he turned and looked at Kinjin.
“These Kusanagi Swords belongs to me… I will take them back one by one.”
“Do you know the location of the other swords?”
Listening to Naito, Kinjin didn’t answer.
Actually, he couldn’t answer even if wanted, the expression on Kinjin’s face couldn’t be described in words anymore,  this was just too much on him, he just kept looking at Naito.
Naito is the successor of the Kusanagi Clan, this idea alone blew his mind.
He had the Kusunagi sword for years now, in fact, he always feared the idea of losing the sword to one of the Kusanagi’s members, his whole power is based on that sword.
But knowing that the Kusanagi Clan have been completely destroyed, made him gradually become more comfortable over the years.
But now, once again, this idea returned to hunt him down.
His heart can no longer calm down, the panic, the endless fear!
At this time, in a distance, two figures start to approach the battlefield a little by little.
It was Konan and Yahiko who couldn’t no longer stay away.
At first glance, they saw the destroyed ground, the cracks were everywhere.
Yahiko’s eyes revealed his shock.
Before he practice Ninjutsu, and before he becomes a Ninja, Yahiko didn’t have the ability to measure Naito’s strength.
But when he followed his steps, he understood that there’s a big gap between Naito and any other Ninja he saw, it was like the gap between the Heavens and Earth.
But this scene in front of him is just so shocking and amazing.
Konan on the other side had the same expression, but it was a beautiful one, suddenly she noticed Naito who was standing in the middle of the field.
“Yuu Naito-Sensei!”
She couldn’t help but scream.
This voice made Kinjin back to his sense.
He instantly narrowed his eyes.
Yuu Naito? it should be Kusanagi Naito!
Wait, these two kids are his students? this is great, if he catches both one of them, maybe he will have a chance to escape.
Kinjin is no longer thinking of retrieving the sword because it’s impossible to do it once it’s in the hand of one of the Kusanagi’s members.
He only thought of how he can escape.
Now, with the appearance of Konan and Yahiko, he saw a light of hope.
Without hesitation, Kinjin stood up enduring all the pain and suffer, then he immediately ran toward the two of them.
Even if he was injured, Kinjin’s speed was still too fast, the only thing Konan and Yahiko saw was a shadow approaching them.
Yahiko’s heart skipped a beat at that moment, and the fear controlled his movements.
On the other side, Konan who looked so beautiful until that moment, suddenly, looked surprised, her lack of experience made her unable to do anything, so she only closed her eyes.
But however you look at it, it was impossible for her to do anything in the first place.
However, the whole idea of capturing Konan and Yahiko is simply a coward move.
Just as he was rushing toward the two of them, he suddenly stopped.
Then a line of blood extended on his forehead.
In the distance, Naito looked calmly at their side, then he looked back at his sword.
He just tested the power of the Kusanagi sword.
The Kusanagi sword is a perfect weapon to carry the power of the shock, and the shock wave can be sent out in the form of energy.
And its speed is very fast!
After he got hit by Naito’s attack, Kinjin’s movements finally stopped, he got hit by Naito’s shock wave cut.
Kinjin’s face had that look of desperation, and suddenly, the blood splashed, and his whole body got cut into two halves.
Konan and Yahiko, who experienced a death situation just right now, didn’t get afraid after seeing Kinjin’s death, instead, they felt really relieved.
Both of them were grateful to see Naito on the other side.
“Naito-Sensei… Are you okay?!”
Konan ignored Kinjin’s body who dropped died on the ground and run toward Naito.
Yahiko followed her.
Naito shook his head and throw his broken sword directly, he bit his finger and gently dropped the blood on the Kusanagi sword.
Immediately, a scroll got summoned in front of him, to complete the contract between him and the sword.
He took the scroll then he signed his name and print finger in the scroll.
Then he gently grabbed the sword.
Suddenly, the Kusanagi sword directly turned into smoke and disappeared.
It’s sealed now in Naito’s palm, whenever he needs to use it he will only need to print a hand sign and the sword will appear right into his hand.
This is more useful than Orochimaru’s way of sealing the Kusanagi sword into his stomach, after all, Naito is a member of the Kusanagi Clan, he can use the sword more flexible than him.
Seeing this scene, Konan and Yahiko were slightly surprised, but they didn’t ask much, they just looked at the body of Kinjin.
Noticing the confusion of Konan and Yahiko, Naito said.
“The enemy is already dead, don’t worry.”
“But we cannot live in this place anymore, we’re changing the place.”
Naito said that then he started walking.
Konan and Yahiko nodded and followed him.
After cleaning the place, Naito left Konan and Yahiko, then wondered for a while in the Rain Village until he found a new place.
He continued on training the two of them, and also studied the abilities of the Kusanagi sword.
After getting the Kusanagi sword, Naito had inexplicable feelings about the whole matter.
The thing he said about reclaiming all the Kusanagi swords wasn’t just a hollowed words, he really wanted to find them.
But the only thing he was thinking of, was that little information he read on the scroll he had from Konoha.
Collecting all the Kusanagi swords will activate a unique ability, this may change everything, and it’s definitely a good change, otherwise, Orochimaru wouldn’t bother looking for the last Kusanagi sword everywhere, one should be enough for him to use.
Naito didn’t have a single piece of information about that ability, but since he’s the successor of the Kusanagi Clan, he couldn’t sit there and watch how his Clan legacy getting lost.
The Kusanagi sword is much stronger than the one he previously obtained from Uchiha Tsuki, the shock power doesn’t even affect the blade.
At the same time, it can stretch, shrink, and make illusions.
Without mentioning, that it has the ability to turn the shock waves into stronger shocking energy swords, Naito is so satisfied with this sword.
Moreover, it can be hidden and called easier, this sword is better than the former sword he had.
Although it didn’t increase Naito’s power a lot, yet the increase wasn’t small too.


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