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New Version!!

Hello everyone, this is TranslatinOtaku!

I wanted to inform you that we’ve finally published our new version of the website, which is now a lot faster and enhanced!
We have a lot of new features, and to access them all and gain the most out of the website I highly recommend creating an account.

Current Features:

  • You can easily navigate through chapters using the keyboard Arrows.
  • You can adjust the size of the font from your profile
  • You can enable dark mode from your account
  • You can report for bugs/review/bookmark/see schedules and also find the Patreon of each novel easier now, just by clicking on the novel’s poster and open its main page.
  • Regarding Patreons: each novel page now has a button above for Patreon that explains each account’s benefits.

    Future Features:
  • You can leave a message for any other user on his profile page.
  • You can post your own translated/original novel!

    Please take note that we’re still working on it, and you might encounter some bugs, so use this post to report back to us, or just leave a message on the Discord.

    Thank You!


I'm currently Translating the following novels: HXH: god Of Choice Sysrem | Reincarnated With The Book Of Knowledge | HXH: Noah's Heart. If you want to support me and read more chapters please subscribe to my Patreon!